The greats of Europe raffle off Rachide, the pearl of Mauritania

first_imgHaraune Rachide. Stay with this name. He is a boy who was born on September 20, 2005 in Mauritania and that two years and two months ago he came to Spain to study and play soccer. Coming from an upper middle class family (his father has a company), he wanted to come to Spain for training. And two years later he is the young player with the most offers from the big clubs in Europe.Rachide is breaking it at Cornellá. Play in the Catalan cadet honor division. Carries 36 goals in 24 games. He is right-handed, but he seems left-handed (as you can see in his plays on the video of this news). At 14 years old, he plays with older players, but there is no difference in him. At the age of 14 he has been called up by the national team Under-17 from Mauritania and by the Catalan Under-16 team.He is a powerful, fast and decisive striker. The last speed test they did was 33.9 km / h. Therefore Atlético, Madrid, Barça and Valencia want to sign him now. But in addition to the four greats of Spain they also want to hire the most powerful teams in England and Italy. At 12 he wanted to sign Bordeaux, but it was not possible by FIFA regulations, which as is known is very strict with minors. Haraune Rachide left Mauritania in 2018 and landed on the Marcet Foundation where he combined his studies with school football. Francesco D’Argenio, Ansu Fati’s agent, removed him from the Marcet Foundation and I become a legal guardian to have a residence and continue my studies. It was then that the owner of Cornellá, Andrés Manzano, bet on him and gives him a monthly help.His great performances, in addition to arousing the interest of a lot of clubs, have led people from Adidas make him a four-year contract with an economic endowment. Those who have dealings with him assure that he is an intelligent, educated, humble boy who lives for soccer.The scouts of all the European clubs are squeezing their agent so that Rachide starts next season in a new team. Now soccer has stopped, but the offers kept coming until yesterday. He is 14 years old and must continue his training, but Rachide, the pearl of Mauritania, if his injuries respect him and he follows this progression. he is called to be a great in world football. Haraune Rachide. Follow this boy.last_img

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