July 2019

first_imgAdvertisement • Indian dance styles• Sahara Desert• Sydney Harbor• Oud• Chili pepper• Venice gondolas• Nepal• Chilean vineyards• African kanga• Up on the House Top• Henna lampChief Doodler, Micheal Lopez, and five artists spent over 250 hours working on those doodle, which loosely (very loosely, actually) re-creates the Google logo with various images across the world. I’m interpreting the unrelated images as a message as to celebrate, wherever you are (or celebrate as one?).Anyway, all of the portraits are wonderful and clicking each one will lead you to learn more about the item (like any other basic doodle). Doodles have gotten more ambitious this year with Pac Man, video playing logos and other crazy ones being introduced, so it’s sort of fitting that we end the year with such a different logo. [Google via WSJ] – Advertisement – Source: Gizmodo.comlast_img read more

Open Data for African platform to Boost Access to African Stats

first_imgAdvertisement The Open Data for African platform, funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB), seeks to improve evidence-based decision-making, policy formulation and overall good governance in Africa. 20 African countries are set to benefit from the data platform on developmental issues such as the Millennium Development Goals aimed at improving access to quality information.It will also provide members of the public with easy access to official statistics online.The director of the statistics department of the AfDB, Charles Lufumpa Leyeka, says that the initiative provides a unique opportunity for African countries to implement international statistical standards for greater comparability of data at regional and international levels, as the countries will now all be linked to each other via a common platform. – Advertisement – The initiative will also address the challenge of submitting data from national statistical officers to international development partners and organisations.“Officers will only need to upload data and [make it] available to the various development partners and users [thus], significantly reducing the data reporting burden,” says Leyeka.The platform offers a unique opportunity to various users such as policymakers and partners around the world to gain access to reliable and timely data on Africa.“Users can perform comprehensive analysis at country and regional levels, and share their views thereby creating an informed community.These diverse groups can now contribute effectively to decision making thus leading to more transparency, accountability and improved governance.”One of the challenges to this initiative, according to Leyeka, is poor Internet connectivity in some African countries.The AfDB has made plans to assist those countries with limited information technology (IT) capacity. “The Bank will host platforms for countries that cannot do their own for a period of at least two years, during which they will be supported to strengthen their IT infrastructure and technical staffing.”Robert Masinde, an IT lecturer at Kenya’s Moi University tells SciDev.Net that the initiative will revolutionise how development projects ought to be identified, prioritised, executed, monitored and evaluated in Africa.He says that with huge investments in the IT sector, especially in data transmission via fibre optics, and the expanding supply of electricity, the open platform already has a reliable infrastructure.Masinde adds that data security is the main challenge to this initiative. “The end users of this data must be adequately protected as they access this info and the platform should also be secured from hackers who are likely to invade and corrupt this invaluable data.”The platform was launched in Tunis last month (14 March). The twenty countries are Algeria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Republic of Congo, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.Credit: SciDev Net.last_img read more

Meet Storipot A One Stop Website For All Ugandan Blogs

first_imgAdvertisement Storipot, a Ugandan-based news and blog aggregation service that helps online visitors discover and read local content from over 250 curated blogs has today been launched.The online service is a brainchild of Dignited,a blog that’s about news, reviews and analysis of Technology in Uganda and wider Africa.The team came up with the idea after finding it hard to keep track of a vast amount of local content that is continuously published by local newspapers and blogs.“There is a lot of great content that is published every day by mainstream media houses and more recently bloggers. However, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of great stories because of  the ‘noise’ generated by social media and millions of sites on the web”, David Okwii, the Editor-In-Chief of Dignited said. – Advertisement – Storipot which currently is a web application found at www.storipot.com seeks to find the signal in the noise thanks to clever computer algorithms and human editorial oversight. The new aggregator aims to provide readers with headlines of the latest stories curated from websites and blogs by or about Uganda and help readers avoid the ‘noise’ that internet has becomeThe website follows a simple, highly textual, minimalistic design aimed at helping users quickly find stories they care about. The design also organizes stories in various categories such as Politics and current affairs, Entertainment, Literature and Arts, Technology to further simplify discovery of stories on the site. The site is initially giving more attention to blogs rather than mainstream media since the majority of great blogs remain largely unknown to online visitors. That is why the site has also included a directory of more than 250 Ugandan blogs in addition to the aggregator.However, the real kernel behind storipot is a developing community of enthusiastic bloggers who submitted their blogs to the aggregator during a data crowdsourcing campaign the team embarked on 3 months ago.“There’s a growing community of bloggers in Uganda who are increasingly churning out great local content. However, this content often goes unnoticed because of their small distribution channels and growing ‘noise’ on the web. We hope to solve this with storipot. “ Onyait Odeke, the project manager said.Storipot hopes to count on its growing following on social media, emailing list and direct visits on the site to help bloggers reach and engage a wider audience.last_img read more

Uganda Telecom gets New Managing Director

first_imgThe new appointed Managing Director of Uganda Telecom Mr. Mark Shoebridge. Image Credit: chimpreports Advertisement The Board of Directors, Uganda Telecom has appointed Mr. Mark Shoebridge as the Managing Director. Mark Shoebridge will assume the new role effective February 8th, 2016, taking over from Mr. Godfrey Kisekka who has been heading the Executive Management Team that has been in place since July 21st, 2015. The appointment of Mr. Shoebridge has been hailed by staff.“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome him back to the UTL family at this time. I am personally excited about UTL’s future and look forward to the continued rescue push. I remain confident that our strategy and investment plan that is being discussed by the shareholders, will allow UTL to recover and retain its competitive position in the market, as we endeavor to deliver on our commitment to create value for our stakeholders,” said Stephen Kaboyo, the Board Chairman, Uganda Telecom.In his recent role, Mark Shoebridge has been the Executive Head of Operations at Vodacom Business in Nigeria. Before that he was a substantive Chief Fixed Services Officer, heading the fixed line and ISP divisions of the Company since 2013. He is a highly qualified telecommunications and IT professional with over 20 years’ experience in diverse business conglomerates including Nostracom Telecomunicaciones, SDL plc, Modus Media International, R.R. Donnelley Global Turnkey Solutions and Lionbridge.[related-posts] – Advertisement – Commenting on his new appointment, Mr. Mark Shoebridge remarked: “I am delighted to accept the role of Managing Director of Uganda Telecom and welcome this exciting opportunity to lead the team to deliver continued business development and success of the company.”last_img read more

Facebook Launches WORKPLACE by Facebook

first_imgFacebook Workplace is about more than just communicating between desks within the walls of an office. Image Credit: Facebook Newsroom Advertisement Facebook Inc. on Monday launched a communications tool for businesses, nonprofits and other organizations, dubbed ‘Workplace‘.The platform is not connected to users’ existing Facebook accounts but instead, businesses sign up for an account as an organization and pay a monthly fee based on the number of users.It’s free for nonprofits and educational institutions. – Advertisement – According to Facebook, Workplace will be priced competitively and companies only pay for people who are actively using the product and won’t charge for inactive users.For Up to 1000 monthly active users, Workplace will cost $3, $2 for 1,001 to 10,000 monthly active users, and $1 for more than 10,000 monthly active users.Julien Codorniou, head of Workplace at Facebook, said in an interview that the tool’s aim is to connect everyone in all sorts of workplaces – from desk-bound professionals to on-the-go employees who don’t have email or a computer. Think baristas at a coffee shop, field workers for a disaster-aid charity, salespeople at a clothing store or people making electronics at a factory.Comparison between the two: Using WorkPlace for Facebook, the background is gray and users can build profiles and see updates from co-workers on their news feed, while with the regular Facebook, the company will display posts that are more relevant based on its own formula. The idea is that because more than 1.7 billion people already know how to use Facebook, and Workplace, which works much in the same way, will be easy to learn and use.However, according to Facebook, more than 1,000 organizations around the world are using Workplace. Nearly 100,000 groups have been created and the top five countries – India, US, Norway, UK and France, are using Workplace.The Best of Facebook, Plus New Features: The company has brought the best of Facebook to it’s Workplace — whether it’s basic infrastructure such as News Feed, or the ability to create and share in Groups or via chat, or useful features such as Live, Reactions, Search and Trending posts.This means you can chat with a colleague across the world in real time, host a brainstorm in a Group, or follow along with your CEO’s presentation on Facebook Live.Facebook in a statement said, it has built unique Workplace-only features that companies can benefit from; such as a dashboard with analytics and integrations with single sign-on.source: Associated Press and Facebook Newsroomlast_img read more

How to enjoy Uber over the festive season

first_imgAdvertisement As the party season kicks off, we are faced with the perennial challenge: how are we going to get home once the celebrations are over?Although it is much easier to be responsible, many people still drive under the influence. Uber has covered the basics of getting around over the festive season, so you can always make the safe choice.Plan ahead Think your after-work drinks may include a few more glasses than expected? Plan in advance and take an Uber to work. You can even schedule your ride in advance so you don’t have to worry about breaking the festivities until your driver comes. Or, if the party takes you by surprise, rather Uber home, leave your car at the office and pick it up over the weekend. While this may seem like extra work at first, it is a lot less costly than compromising your safety and the safety of others by drinking and driving. – Advertisement – Know that you’ll get a driver, even in peak times Over festive periods, there is often a fear that there won’t be enough drivers to go around. As an ever-growing and evolving platform, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Uber runs a successful model called dynamic pricing, which allows users to get a ride when they need it most – especially during the busiest nights of year, like New Year’s Eve or after a big sporting event.During times of peak demand, it is important that there are enough driver-partners on the platform to accommodate those looking for rides. For this reason, Uber increases fares to encourage more drivers to come onto the platform.The dynamic pricing algorithm automatically increases prices to encourage more driver-partners to come onto the platform and cater for the demand. When demand and supply are in line, prices quickly return to normal. You will know when dynamic pricing is in place, because you will be notified from the moment you open the app, and reminded as you request your trip. Dynamic pricing ensures there are cars available whenever you open the app.Safety features Uber is committed to safety and want everyone to feel confident that it is a reliable choice this festive season. The technology makes it possible to make safety improvements that were never before possible prior to Uber. When a driver-partner accepts your request, you see his or her first name, photo, and license plate number. All rides are tracked using GPS and you can share your ETA allowing loved ones to see your trip in real time (even if they don’t have the Uber app themselves).Cash is safe Don’t have a card? No problem! You can still ride and pay in cash. Simply choose the CASH option, take a ride and pay the fare directly to your driver at the end of the trip. All trips with Uber are GPS tracked and we know your location throughout every trip to ensure safety for both sides. Riders are encouraged to do regular deposits and keep as little cash on them as possible (by using their cash to pay for fuel and supplies).Need help?  There may be times when you need to get in contact: a purse left in a car or possibly an incorrect fare. Now, getting in touch is as simple using the platform. Uber has created a global network of support centers to provide 24/7 support. The simple, easy to use in-app Help function answers all your questions. Just tap “Help” and all the information you need is right there at your fingertip.Have fun, without worrying about your ride When it comes down to it, the festive season is all about being carefree. It’s about taking care of the little things so you can have a good time. By taking advantage of ride-sharing options at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about parking, tipping the driver (our partners  keep most of the fare), being ‘over the limit’ or how you’re going to get home. When it is this fun, easy and available, there is no reason not to make the responsible choice.last_img read more

DFCU Bank Launches A Revamped OmniChannel eBanking Platform

first_imgDenis Kibukamusoke; Head of Consumer Banking at DFCU bank Uganda speaking at the launch of the revamped omni-channel ebanking platform at the DFCU Bank Uganda head offices in Nakasero on Wednesday 16th, May 2018. Advertisement DFCU bank has on Wednesday launched a revamped eBanking platform for its Omni-Channels called Quick Banking to enable its customers make their transactions faster, safer, and simpler banking. The Omni-Channel consists of three channels to say; the use of USSD codes for feature phones, use of a mobile application for smartphones, and internet banking.The announcement of the revamped was made by the Head of Consumer Banking at DFCU bank Uganda; Denis Kibukamusoke who reiterated the bank’s commitment to improving customer experience across all touch points.Denis pointed out that the revamped platform will provide a great user experience as well as ensure an enriched customer experience for their retail and corporate customers. – Advertisement – “As technology continuously changes the way we live, banking is also changing. Our customers are more concerned about how they use their time and therefore how banking can be more convenient, fast, safe and simpler,” he said.Omni-Channel is providing multiple ways for customers to transact using USSD codes, mobile application, and via the internet with simply one password and username. With a one time OPT to verify that you’re the rightful owner of the account.A live demonstration of the new product was done in front of the press which promises customers a life uninterrupted by banking.last_img read more

A Brief Understanding on eSIM Technology

first_img(Photo Courtesy: Wccftech) Advertisement Apple Inc. on Wednesday launched their newest iPhone models; the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. While they all looked astonishing, awesome, and pricey (as some of us reviewers expected), what had many talking, and up to now some have no idea what it is, was the company’s adaption of eSim (Embedded SIM) technology.After leaks claimed that that the Cupertino-based tech firm had a dual sim variant(s) lined up, they confirmed their new iPhone models do come with Dual-SIM functionality. However, the tricky part is that only in China where users will be able to use two physical/regular sims while in other markets will use one physical SIM and one eSIM.So what is this eSIM “thing”? What we know is that it’s not 2018 technology since we’ve heard it back in Barcelona at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, seen it in the Samsung Gear S2 3G in 2016, and in the Apple Watch 3 that really brought eSIM technology into the spotlight. With eSIM, there are no physical SIM cards involved and no physical swapping over required by you. eSIM is basically a small chip inside your phone and works in a similar way to the NFC chip. – Advertisement – But first things first, eSIM needs to be supported and enabled by the your network/carrier. A few of the networks/carriers that support eSIM are; Airtel, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Reliance Jio.The fun part of this technology is that the information on an eSIM is rewritable. You can decide to change operator(s) at any one point in time. For instance; if you have a physical MTN SIM, and your handset supports eSIM, and you want to allocate it to Airtel, you simply call/go to any of their service center and have it activated, if you want to change to a different operator, you call Airtel first to deactivate the eSIM so that you can be in position to have another operator activate it. One other honorable mention is that they’re really easy to add to a data plan – connecting devices with eSIMs to a mobile account can be done in minutes.What are the advantage were looking at with the eSIMGreat for regular travelers You could go to another country and simply add a roaming eSIM to your handset in that particular area/city/country you’re currently in while retaining access to your home number.Design point of view With the design point of view, smartphone manufacturers will make a smaller device because there’s no need to accommodate a SIM card or the tray that holds it as its space can be used for something else.According to Vodafone, eSIMs will enable more connected devices simply because eSIMs don’t require so much room inside a device, enabling fitness trackers or even glasses to have stand-alone 4G connectivity in a way they just weren’t able to before, Pocket-lint reports.last_img read more

STAR PREVIEW Man City v Everton

first_img[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ohn Wayne et al starred in the classic 1960’s film The Longest Day and it felt a little like The Longest Match at Anfield last night with Liverpool eventually prevailing 6-5 in the penalty shoot-out. Justice for Liverpool after Stoke’s first half goal from Marko Arnautovic was well offside, but no so just for punters (including me) who were on the DRAW at half-time.Now the very real prospect of the first Merseyside final in 27 years if Everton can progress against Man City tonight.There’s a reasonable chance too as Everton hold a 2-1 lead from the first leg at Goodison.That could well dictate tactics from Everton who need just a draw to get to Wembley and draws are what Everton do for fun. They have now drawn eight of their last 13 away games!Everton will be without both midfielder Muhamed Besic (hamstring) and winger Kevin Mirallas (tendon) but Man City have bigger problems with Eliaquim Mangala, Vincent Kompany, Aleksandar Kolarov, Wilfried Bony and Samir Nasri all sidelined.City boss Manuel Pellegrini has said that Willy Caballero will take over from Joe Hart in goal.Pellegrini added: “It’s the third time we’ll play Everton in one month – we know their team. The most important thing is to try to play another final at Wembley. That is our target. After we lost to Everton 2-1, I said that if we don’t qualify for the final, it’s not because of that game but because we can’t win at home at least 1-0.”Man City v EvertonCapital One Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg19:45 Sky Sports 1 / Sky Sports 1 HDHEAD TO HEAD RECORD(Maximum 10 matches)Jan 2016 PREMIER Man City 0-0 EvertonJan 2016 CAPITAL ONE CUP Everton 2-1 Man CityAug 2015 PREMIER Everton 0-2 Man CityJan 2015 PREMIER Everton 1-1 Man CityDec 2014 PREMIER Man City 1-0 EvertonMay 2014 PREMIER Everton 2-3 Man CityOct 2013 PREMIER Man City 3-1 EvertonMar 2013 PREMIER Everton 2-0 Man CityDec 2012 PREMIER Man City 1-1 EvertonJan 2012 PREMIER Everton 1-0 Man CityThe DRAW is tempting at 7/2 with Star Sports.RECOMMENDED BETS (scale of 1-50 points)BACK DRAW for 6 points at around 7/2 with Star SportsRETURN SINCE START OF WORLD CUP: LOSS 4.51 POINTSWhat’s your view? CALL STAR SPORTS 08000 521 321last_img read more

STARTERS ORDERS Tues Movers Specials

first_imgHORSE RACING2.40 BathElieden 5/1 > 7/23.50 ChelmsfordCoastal Cyclone 12/1 > 7/24.00 BeverleyMywayistheonlyway 5/2 > 15/84.20 ChelmsfordFakhoor 2/1 > 11/87.10 ThirskHelioblu Bareliere 7/1 > 9/2FOOTBALLNO TV GAMESBET NOW starsports.bet or 08000 521 321 Welcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Tuesday 17 Julylast_img