海洋考古学家从sjhistoriska博物馆(海事博物馆在斯德哥尔摩发现了卡尔斯克鲁纳附近的海军基地,并相信它是有历史意义的军舰布莱金厄沉船,沉没在1713。不仅是布莱京将在卡尔斯克鲁纳造船厂的第一艘,也参加了对丹麦的战争1700。这艘军舰是在同样大小的臭名昭著的瓦萨号战舰沉没仅1300英里,在1628首航,而现在陈列在斯德哥尔摩的vasamuseet,斯堪的纳维亚访问量最大的博物馆。 read more

the number of cars is now soaring, and all kinds of pollution is becoming more and more serious, more and more dust, so the car wash will become a problem every car owners will face. Some people choose to go to a professional car beauty shop cleaning, while others choose to clean their own. Either way, the washing device has become the required tools.

and the so-called car washer is made up of the kettle body, the inflator, the exhaust valve, the outlet pipe, the handle switch and spray brush, etc.. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model adopts the manual inflating pressure to make a high pressure in the kettle, and then through the water outlet pipe, the water column is ejected from the spray gun or the atomized water is sprayed out by the spray brush. In order to achieve different cleaning purposes. read more

in the world of women, beauty is the nature of every woman. Of course, we not only have a beautiful appearance, we also need to have fashion women’s choice. How Miss Luo Ya ladies? Elegant woman the best choice, but also a very powerful choice. Join Miss Luo Ya ladies? Are you ready?

Miss Luo Ya will present

women’s romantic, noble, elegant, simple, classic characteristics to the modern urban women, creating a new era of fashion style. Miss Luo Ya dress with the most popular elements of lace, leopard, Tassels and other elements, novel style, and update speed, will be updated weekly to a dozen clothes at the end of the season is more, it also caters to the needs of the people on the "fast fashion". Miss Luo Ya, including women’s fashion casual fashion jeans, fashion and beauty with a variety of bright Jazz arranged by trendy women’s favorite fashion cool. read more

snacks investment entrepreneurs in recent years to join the barbecue industry a soft spot, and the food and beverage market also appeared in a different form of barbecue projects, each big city can see a variety of barbecue grill, visible how popular the brazier is a kind of brand-new barbecue grill, let people feel to the original passion, now city began to spread rapidly, then joined the brazier grill like


choose barbecue barbecue join the brazier form?

as a new brazier barbecue barbecue buffet, barbecue is similar with other regions are not the same, very unique, is placed in the brazier grill healthy and delicious the same range, a new technology approach and strict on the barbecue itself, the product quality is guaranteed. A barbecue with ingredients, delicious heritage. read more

the past two years, the global economic development into a bottleneck, further increase the pressure on employment. China has adopted a policy to encourage entrepreneurship and employment, so as to solve the problem of unemployment and promote economic development. According to the latest news, 2015 graduate students start the same period the proportion nearly doubled, hit very fruitful activities.

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university graduate, for more people will choose a stable job, and then go to work. Even if you start a business, most of them will choose a career related to science and technology. However, Cai Anni, the hero of this article, has chosen to start a month club, which has been a great success.

25 year old unmarried girl Cai Anni, is the assistant director of Taizhou City Department of maternal and child care in Zhejiang province Jiaojiang a professional confinement club, assist in the management of more than 30 men with yuesao. read more

hotel chain need to understand those? With the diversification of China’s economic development, the hotel chain store is the dream of many people. Below let us understand, open chain hotel to join, the entrepreneur how to do?

What is the first


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in today’s fast-paced life, delicious and convenient fast food restaurant is very popular, has a very high popularity, while the low threshold of fast food restaurants, so many businesses heart, become the preferred number of entrepreneurs. Want to open a profitable fast food restaurant, whether you want to own a shop, or join a strength brand, must do a good job site selection, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the future. Fast food restaurant to join the site notice what? As described below. read more

in recent years, Hangzhou has always attached importance to female entrepreneurs. On the basis of practice in the classroom, the city on the 27 day of the official launch of a female exclusive entrepreneurial service platform, training to adapt to the requirements of the innovative entrepreneurial women.

"Iran + dreamate sink" female entrepreneurial creative services platform, is sponsored by the Hangzhou City District Women’s Federation, Wu Yue family · female entrepreneurial front service platform in the new city square, founder of intangible cultural heritage center and other units jointly build. read more

the concept of social entrepreneurship in China has begun to change the behavior of this, no longer believe that entrepreneurship is a shameful thing, with the improvement of awareness, the number of entrepreneurs is also rising rapidly. Guizhou implementation of the four projects to promote entrepreneurship, the establishment of hundreds of entrepreneurial incubation base to support entrepreneurs.

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shop location has been considered a very important thing, because a lot of good not only for you to bring a steady stream of tourists, but also for you to establish a good foundation for your brand. The catering franchise store location is very important, determines the future franchise business is good or bad, Xiao Bian summed up the five skills of catering chain stores site evaluation in here, hope to help a friend in need!

how to evaluate the location of the franchise is good or bad

, a store structure read more

now society, people for their own investment management more and more, especially people are beginning to pay attention to their appearance, so the entire beauty industry also began to hot up, the beauty salon is produced, in a social demand such as, beauty salons are what shop guide?

see partners is a well managed enterprises. Strict management links, product quality up to national or international standards, business ideas, and keep pace with the trend, it can ensure that the company and its partners to develop steadily. read more

air pollution is very serious, a lot of people in order to maintain fresh air, will buy air fresheners products. However, if the product quality is not pass, not only can not clean the air, but also may cause two pollution. Therefore, if you want to buy air fresheners, naturally you need to choose a higher brand awareness of the industry. Next, let Xiaobian secret air freshener ten brands list.

air freshener ten brands list NO.1, Belle Glade: founded in 1886, the United States, personal care products and insecticidal products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Sino US joint venture, Shanghai Zhuang Co., ltd.. read more

will not speak, not only to people’s daily lives have a great impact on the operation of a store is a remarkable influence. So, shop business, talk is the key. It should be said that should not say not to say, to encounter the situation to skilly say, in a word, talk to make customer satisfaction, so that customers happy for the principle.

one day, neighbors Wang couple to my store to buy things. When did the door, Wang daughter-in-law dudunangnang to complain about Wang, Wang is a face of impatience, said: "what do you want to buy to buy, buy to go, not in this long winded!" read more

college graduation season again, just graduated from college students in the confusion of life, may not find their own life orientation. Many college students want to venture into the market but no money, in fact, college students can not afford money business, the following methods can try.


financing way

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When it comes to repeat customers, almost every

owner wants to have, however, want to have such a kind of guests can not casually say live can be achieved, we also need to do the work. In short, business is inseparable from a flexible mind. In the market competition, the retail customers can be described as "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, all in their own fields and give play to their ability and cleverness. "A brave man", "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest". read more

snack market, unlimited business opportunities. There are many franchisees are snacks to join the project, very exciting. Of course, we all know, snacks to join the project, has been very choice of business opportunities. Spring baked potato? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship.

how to join the snack items? Spring baked potato open market nuggets feast. Now the continuous development of food and beverage industry, the characteristics of snacks has been a lot of people’s favorite, so it also promoted the development of specialty snacks industry. Jinan baked potato special snack is produced in such a market environment, with a more superior taste, became the best-selling brand special snack shop to join! Roast sweet potato to make money? To build three specialty products line, to break the traditional baked potato single bottleneck, new product collocation, comprehensive care of seasonal changes in consumption demand. read more

many friends want to open a dry cleaning shop in their own neighborhood, on the one hand is because the market demand for dry cleaning is now growing, on the other hand is a dry cleaners in the vicinity of the district is relatively easy to attract customers. So, how to run a dry cleaners? Dry cleaners need to pay attention to these matters:


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many people are frustrated in the business field in the company or give up the self turning into self abandoned, do not know the market situation changes is a business opportunity in front of people, but most people have no lofty ideals and high aspirations of self pity!

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