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December 3rd, the Alibaba held in Hangzhou Taobao "double 12" Strategy Conference, said Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report, and in previous years, sales of innovative marketing play different, Taobao this year, double 12 is intended to provide consumers with new and unexpected life experience.

if you double 11 belong to Tmall, for the brand, then double 12 belong to Taobao, for small sellers.

Alibaba’s competitors focus on sales and marketing innovation, Jingdong said it would launch an angel to send love, lucky draw, membership service upgrades, let "four heavy gift" in December, the "angel sent love" quite a concern. 10, ~12, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, the consumers of the four places, in the mall to buy a single commodity, there will be an opportunity to receive the gift of a beautiful angel composed of love angel handed the package. read more

yesterday to login member center. Submission service support. Waiting for their treatment. Reply said let me delete my written posts. I replied that the editor. Then customer service reply. Want to delete all. So. You directly to my regret past doings. The domain name password to I don’t get why the simple? It is now asking the complex problems? I put the end to delete my password. Then contact her QQ. results or failed.

business Internet -006 13:57:33

actually want a password is very simple, good talk, I will give you read more

March 31st news, informed sources, Jingdong from the beginning of April 2, 2015 to implement a new free shipping standards, the overall increase of 20 yuan.

figure Jingdong logistics warehouse

it is understood that, in accordance with the new standards, ordinary members (including gold, silver, Bronze Member Member Member, registered members) consumer need at least 79 yuan square free shipping, Diamond Membership spending 59 yuan free postage, did not reach the threshold of 5 yuan charge free postage postage. The adjustment is only for the pre-sale freight standards, aftermarket and POP freight no change. The new standard will come into force on April 2nd, the next few days, the user is still in accordance with the current 59 yuan /39 yuan standard implementation. read more

According to the analysis report of

Protection Commission recently released the third quarter of this year, consumer complaints consumer complaints network group purchase of Suzhou City, a linear upward trend, has formed a new category, and the complaint sites for big well-known sites.

we see from the nature of the complaint, there are 7 complaints for the group to buy product contracts and after-sales service. What is the cause of the lack of network group purchase service, in further investigation, found that "only the price first", "lack of communication with the business" and "industry unspoken rule" is the result of the lack of service network group purchase three read more

A5 webmaster network ( May 11th news, 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs (webmaster) conference held today at the Beijing International Convention center. In the new media forum, afternoon meeting, Jiyang founder Xu Zheng brought the theme of "platform and service" era forum keynote speech, and the owners and entrepreneurs to share local portal and how the community in the era of mobile Internet platform and services, and we discussed the mobile Internet era where website how to change the way of thinking to do the layout. read more

more than five years ago, what shop No. 1 is? Just a concept, a dream, a vision, and put this concept into reality there is a huge gap, because the concept of if parked in the mouth is always just a concept.

: from the first threshold occupation manager to entrepreneur

in 2008, and my partner Liu Junling are DELL executives, a DELL global annual $18 billion purchase, a DELL China tube region sales, then we often get together, most of the time is to talk about work. Once, he pulled me to lunch together, this time did not talk about the work, but I hope to go out with him. read more

on the site there is no brand promotion is no keywords ranking so terrible, because the brand promotion can introduce real user groups; to make the brand publicity started from here, the best promotion link and we do is "brand promotion" Wei Wei speaking solution it’s scary:

a. Publicity brand

but we started doing publicity for yourself: essential to promote the brand, of course, is the best site for publicity; start the promotion when a lot of people do not think to do publicity for their own brands, will only make the link to your site is not required; link to do brand promotion, this is one of the most important points. Wei Wei to teach you how to do the promotion of the brand: read more

yesterday, the Internet technology circle, circle, venture capital circles are tiger sniffing to three new board news scraper. No wonder, this is known as the fixed assets of only light office furniture company, 2014 income of less than 10 million yuan, even a lot of cattle from the media are not as large income, valuation has to be ran 300 million yuan, naturally led to a controversy. But there are still a lot of people optimistic about the growth of tiger sniffing.

tiger sniffing can have today’s results, it is the founder and founder team to spell out the results. Tiger sniffing early founding team member Wu Shu had been on the back of the tiger sniffing the early stages of the hardships: read more

Abstract: particle loan is the only micro lending products. May 15, 2016, the first anniversary of the loan on the line, the cumulative lending over 40 billion, the number of loans over 5 million pens, a single amount of 7000-8000 yuan between. Total lending by ants chant a year on the line for 49 billion 400 million yuan, two matched.

micro public bank financing news since the beginning of the spread, and finally finally to the Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau approved the red chapter. According to the approval document, micro congregation of the capital increase is not more than 1 billion 200 million shares, the subsequent need to audit the qualification of shareholders. Although there is still to go through, but the micro public financing has been declared a success. read more

from idea to product, the middle is going through a few twists and turns, product positioning to determine product life, determine the product function requirement determines the development cycle and the cost of trial and error, the Internet fight is fast, so do MVP (minimum viable product), of course, before this, you can also go to by way of high fidelity prototype demo products.

sort out some of the working methods and tools from the product concept to the project execution phase, the prototype delivery phase: read more

is China Wanda offline retail giant’s largest, commercial real estate, hotels, cinemas, chain stores, tourist resort five main business across the country, many users remember as can be imagined, and a friend talking to Wanda, Wanda said in the five industry investment in the service, each to a place that must be near the shopping district, business fast line, visible Wanda led economic benefits.

remember Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin said that China’s more than 4 thousand and 800 electricity supplier, only Ma to make money, the 4799 are losing money. 2012 double eleven day, Taobao + Tmall day sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, this is a day coming ah, so that the line is too much to handle most of the retail giant, Alibaba announced again in 2013 when the future, the Alibaba has 10000 million is accounted for, this figure is equivalent to GDP in China the 2%, ranking in the provinces of GDP are in the top ten, the infinite charm of e-commerce so that the line retail giants envy. read more

all passengers aged CEO (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) November 23rd news, CEO aged Eslite today at the seventh session of Chinese online retail annual meeting, B2C platform competition or stay in a very simple price war level, and have not formed the real core competitiveness.

business platform for the dispute between the old, that is at the core of the double eleven, Tmall’s win is flow plus price war. About China business platform and the American Amazon difference, Chen said, Amazon in the United States is the core competitiveness of the market, rather than Amazon itself is so magical. read more

Sina Technology Tracy

is a Jingdong 618 anniversary, is also the world cup every 4 years, then 6-8 months with the traditional sales season, the electricity supplier website certainly will not miss this marketing opportunity, have launched various marketing activities. Not the same as in previous years, the mobile terminal becomes Jingdong and Ali fight focus, and at the siege of Jingdong, O2O testing has become a new hotspot.

mobile terminal wars

mobile electricity supplier is a new battlefield, who can ultimately grasp the initiative in the mobile electricity supplier market, will affect the future pattern. read more

        this article is some ignorant media’s speculation, whether in Sina or newhua, or the traditional media, often appear a certain domain name, so the garbage, suddenly hundreds of thousands, millions of price. Remember, just like the price, whimsical bubble. Let the media and the ignorance of the speculation, more ferocious in floating in the shadow. While some real people familiar with the chilling and feel shame. I hope that after the media and the webmaster attention, not to be proud, and to despise such ignorance. Here is a media analysis.

      read more

recently, D& N; domain name from the Arbitration Commission Office was informed that the well-known online video website and two limited recapture trademark domain name from the Beijing nets of hands, reason is a trademark registered in the company to get than before the domain name dispute.

in the end, the panel believes that the complainant on YouTube since March 1, 2006 to enjoy the exclusive right to use a registered trademark, the complaint was registered in April 17, 2006, the domain name". If the complaint is directly caused by the complainant’s inability to use the disputed domain name on the Internet to use the name or logo of the prior legal rights and interests, the complainant’s behavior is malicious. The complainant shall be transferred to the complainant. read more

[Abstract] Zhang Mao said that SAIC has issued a network transaction management approach, but it is not perfect, is now actively promoting e-commerce legislation.


technology news this morning, the three meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held a press conference, the director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhang Mao, antitrust issues such as selling electricity supplier to foreign reporters to answer questions.

electricity supplier price, Zhang Mao said SAIC has issued a network transaction management approach, but it is not perfect, is now actively promoting e-commerce legislation. read more

double eleven major electricity providers are struggling to compete marketing ideas, in order to get the most attention to consumers, but sometimes win too much attention is not necessarily a good thing. Electricity supplier competition is from before to after the comprehensive strength, in the case of homogeneous goods, service experience is particularly critical. There is no research shows that: a dissatisfied customer to at least 11 other people to tell a highly satisfied customers should be recommended to at least 5 people around. So there are still much more ability to stop living, otherwise may The loss outweighs the gain. read more

whether the micro business or business or! If you do not know how to package their products, then you will be very tired, but also can not get the corresponding return! If you are electricity providers, may also enter the price war.


as the first marketing circle of friends and I often visit other silent circle of friends, which found a particularly interesting phenomenon, many micro business release information about the products in the circle of friends, or before the kind of old-fashioned way, is free to introduce myself in the effectiveness of the product and how good read more

Zhang said earlier in other platform shop never met someone bad being the deposit. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal.

Beijing Morning News Hotline 96101 (reporter Fan Yijing) Zhang in the fold of the network to open a shop, through the quality of the products on the line after the platform is based on the user’s feedback to the poor quality of goods by 27%, deducted a margin of $1000 800. Mr. Zhang said, had never met someone on other platforms shop being poor margin situation. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal. read more


marketing platform Mary billion company, CEO overall, fine Ke Xing said that during the double eleven flow price to rise more than doubled. Usually 0.5-0.6 yuan a single click, rose to about 1.5 yuan during the double period of eleven.

trainee reporter Wang Chuanhong Beijing reported

Cao Yining, vice president of

bags seller UTC remember, in 2010 when the double eleven, the main business activities through the main venue to get traffic. With the increase in the number of players, since 2013, Tmall began to form personalized customization page in the user’s home page, there is no longer a fixed main venue page for businesses to get traffic. read more