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YES! PPG officially linktech on-line platform! Join the PPG, the gift is waiting for you!

PPG is now in a series of men’s clothing products as the core, makes the innovation of the modern and traditional retail e-commerce model, with modern network platform and call center services to the core, advanced direct marketing concept, with superior supply chain management mode and efficient distribution system to provide high quality. Clothing products and services for the protection of consumers.

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network to make money by people referred to as Wangzhuan, is through the use of network to get paid, roughly divided into the following categories:

a group of people: mainly by working for others to make money, such as when the network management, customer service, etc..

two categories of people: webmaster group. Mainly engaged in their own operating stations, including garbage stations, product stations, industry stations, portals, enterprise stations, etc..

1 some friends directly into the ranks of the webmaster, began to do stand. Start the dumpster, but do not know how profitable? So to learn master practice, slowly stepped in the ranks of webmaster, every day on SEO, busy awfully; read more

news July 15th, at the end of June after announced a high-profile merchant commission free policy, said the beautiful days before also announced the implementation of free commission policy for businesses. The two have been "concomitant" women electricity supplier in terms of the investment competition began to upgrade.

billion state power network to understand, said the beautiful days before the news release, the official start of the implementation of free commission policy from July 1st this year, covering all businesses. Prior to this, the beauty of the commission charged to merchants for the transaction amount of 5%. The beautiful mountain is expected to say that business operations director, commission free spending will bring in 500 million yuan. read more

the evening of August 4th, micro-blog V@ "left hand" issued a "left hand to teach you to identify online shopping trap" of Naga Emihiro, in addition to recommend a darling cosmetics, but also specifically mentioned in the cross-border electricity dragons and fishes jumbled together in a news report, citing the screenshot display, "XX was really fake with superior products a reporter asked a dozen times to sell, can not be connected".

in the news pictures, XX "XX" is hit the mosaic, but everything is in fact completely bared there and then. read more

network marketing has become the inevitable choice of enterprise marketing, how to carry out e-commerce network marketing and achieve the ideal network marketing effect has become the focus of attention of the enterprise. According to the characteristics of network marketing and IT based business process, put forward the concept of network marketing outsourcing model, and constraints on the popularization and application of the necessity, existing network marketing outsourcing mode and the application of value analysis, for enterprises to develop Internet marketing to explore a simple and effective way. read more

shop promotion I have done almost half a year. There are some small experience, today to share with you. First of all, I think do shop promotion. Product positioning is very important. Have a unique product. Quality is more important than anything else. Followed by shop decoration. Good decoration is your authority. The other is service. Customer service professional. Service in place. Good service can win reputation. The most important one is the shop promotion. In fact, with the site to promote almost. read more

        just built a Chinese Website Business School (what domain name does not say, anyway, we will know what to do, not AD). Ha ha), see Figure Wang brother article on January to do 3000IP training articles, inspired. A careful analysis of my user groups, decided to go deep into the Admin5, and my site close to a user.

      come for several days, see all kinds of website operation experience, also learned a lot of things. See the article below, occasionally capricious, quickly put the open domain agent platform, I actually found out, has not been registered, so unexpected.         Admin5 global in a few days, finally grab our domain name. Oh, thanks to the information provided by king. Thanks to the author. The excitement, I again registered two domain 2008 got off to a good start. Oh, this want to write an article wrote, but today on the 30, wife urged me to go to the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Well, next time McCain registered cool experience. read more


technology news (Zhu Xudong) November 2nd news, recently, "No. 1 store customer information, the police have control of the relevant personnel", shop No. 1 vice president Liu Tong said, shop No. 1, the first time to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the internal system, process and authority of the clean-up, upgrade, in order to stop the day after the occurrence of similar incidents.

at the same time, said Liu Tong, the matter has been brought to some consumers uneasy, shop No. 1 express sincere apology. read more

choose goods, cold chain, continuous marketing to maintain demand, which requires a large capital behind.

some people may still enjoy the fun of shopping, but not to go out to buy food, buy fruit is becoming more and more convenient. As long as a mobile application can get.

according to IT orange data, only in 2015 to enter the fresh electricity supplier market, the company has 34. 4.5 tons of China’s cold chain food market demand is expected, so that fresh electricity supplier market in the last year, unusually lively. read more

domain name is a domain name before being registered, leading to this domain name to register the name registration down behavior.

1 select the day of good rice

can go to the golden rice network or rice network selection day good m

2 can be found here as one of the criteria for judging the history of the domain name:*/ registration time 3*/ registration time 5 read more