just built a Chinese Website Business School (what domain name does not say, anyway, we will know what to do, not AD). Ha ha), see Figure Wang brother article on January to do 3000IP training articles, inspired. A careful analysis of my user groups, decided to go deep into the Admin5, and my site close to a user.

      come for several days, see all kinds of website operation experience, also learned a lot of things. See the article below, occasionally capricious, quickly put the open domain agent platform, I actually found out, qikoo.cc has not been registered, so unexpected.         Admin5 global in a few days, finally grab our qikoo.cc domain name. Oh, thanks to the information provided by king. Thanks to the author. The excitement, I again registered two domain qikoo.bj.cn/qikoo.sh.cn. 2008 got off to a good start. Oh, this want to write an article wrote, but today on the 30, wife urged me to go to the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Well, next time McCain registered cool experience. read more


technology news (Zhu Xudong) November 2nd news, recently, "No. 1 store customer information, the police have control of the relevant personnel", shop No. 1 vice president Liu Tong said, shop No. 1, the first time to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the internal system, process and authority of the clean-up, upgrade, in order to stop the day after the occurrence of similar incidents.

at the same time, said Liu Tong, the matter has been brought to some consumers uneasy, shop No. 1 express sincere apology. read more

choose goods, cold chain, continuous marketing to maintain demand, which requires a large capital behind.

some people may still enjoy the fun of shopping, but not to go out to buy food, buy fruit is becoming more and more convenient. As long as a mobile application can get.

according to IT orange data, only in 2015 to enter the fresh electricity supplier market, the company has 34. 4.5 tons of China’s cold chain food market demand is expected, so that fresh electricity supplier market in the last year, unusually lively. read more

domain name is a domain name before being registered, leading to this domain name to register the name registration down behavior.

1 select the day of good rice

can go to the golden rice network or rice network selection day good m



2 can be found here as one of the criteria for judging the history of the domain name:

http://s.web.archive.org/web/*/http://s.www.jn001.net registration time 3

http://s.web.archive.org/web/*/http://s.www.xaes.com registration time 5 read more


network promotion new regulations implemented this month, will not be allowed to set up a "supplier of promotional refundable deposit, the pre-sale for seven days no reason to return and other restrictive conditions; since the implementation of the new" food safety law ", the individual terms of operators into a shield, consumers worried about the obstacles to consumer rights; through the" intermediary "Car Buying the purchase index of others, due to the sale of standard debt vehicles seized by the court, the vehicle license trade secret risk index. Every day 315 focus on consumer complaints hot this week. read more