first_img1983 receptions of subionospheric signals radiated from Siple, Antarctica (L = 4.3) to neighboring stations Palmer (L = 2.3), Halley (L = 4.3), and South Pole (Λ = 74°), each ~ 1500 km from the horizontal (magnetically east-west) VLF transmitting antenna at Siple, were found to be strongly dependent upon azimuth and upon signal frequency. At Palmer, located equatorward in the broadside direction with respect to the antenna, signals near 2.5 kHz were often well defined, while the third harmonic of the transmitted signal, near 7.5 kHz, was not detected. Meanwhile, at Halley, the third harmonic was regularly observed and directionally stable, while the fundamental was often weak or undetectable. The field strength of the third harmonic component at Halley exceeded by ~ 40dB the level of the fundamental, when both were normalized to the same antenna input power. The large size of these effects is attributed in part to antenna properties that favor the endfire direction (toward Halley) at the 3d harmonic of the antenna half wave resonance frequency, and in general provide greater efficiency at higher frequencies. Other factors are high waveguide attenuation in the 2–4 kHz range and azimuth dependent differences in the propagating modes. The observed effects represent a way of extending the effective frequency range of the narrowband Siple antenna system, and also, by using the new crossed dipole configuration at Siple, of selectively probing certain regions of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide.last_img read more

first_imgTHE REAL SBOA AUDITS FINDINGS IS IN THE “SUPPLEMENTAL COMPLIANCE REPORT”Last Friday, the news we have been waiting for finally broke. The results of the 2014 State Board of Accounts Audit of the City of Evansville’s books were made public. The City County Observer finds no joy in having been right about what those results would be, but we are proud that we told our readers the pure, unvarnished truth about the state of Evansville’s finances.We are proud to have stood up for the truth offered to us by former 5th Ward Councilman John Friend, CPA, former 3rd Ward Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, and Mayoral Candidate, State Rep. Gail Riecken. We gave these conscientious public servants the respect they deserve for doing due diligence in their positions while the Mayor and his political appointees discredit them in a very personal and mean-spirited manner. We will always be proud of offering them a non bias platform to speak the truth from.We hope that all of our readers take the time to read the SBOA findings on the state of City of Evansville  finances as of the end of 2014, which can be accessed through links we posted on Friday, February 26. It is clearly stated that the SBOA made an “adverse” finding, but we are already reading the Mayor and his chief “spin masters’” versions of the findings in the Courier and Press. It appears the local main stream media has again fallen into line with the “propaganda machine” of the Winnecke Administration.Two quotations about the outcome of the audit appear to be red flags waving in the breeze for all to see if only they open their eyes. The first is a part of the audit findings by SBOA: “The cash balance of any fund may not be reduced below zero. Routinely overdrawn funds could be an indicator of serious financial problems which should be investigated by the governmental unit.” It is no secret that our accounts are routinely overdrawn, but City Controller Russ Lloyd’s response is rather alarming. Lloyd’s response: “The city is aware that certain cash balances in particular funds may fall below zero on a given day. This is due to sporadic revenue streams and constant disbursement requests. Is is the city’s established policy that each department director and correlated fund manage their budget throughout the year to ensure all funds begin and end the year with a positive cash balance.”We are not CPAs, but we are reasonably certain that the layman’s translation of that statement is “We do all we can to juggle the books so they appear balanced on the first and last days of the year.”City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr in his “Plan of Correction” (which would not be necessary in an acceptable audit) makes mention of ways to lessen the City’s financial shortfalls. He suggests that payroll can be lessened by a hiring freeze and reduction in the number of employees through attrition and job reclassification. Those are the exact solutions that SBR, John Friend, and Gail Reicken warned voters about, but they were dismissed by Mayor Winnecke, Controller Russ Lloyd Jr as something that was absolutely not in their plans for our “vibrant city.”We also take note that there is no discussion of cutting back on the expenses involved in the planned dog park and bike trails, but there is talk of cutting the number of employees who deliver city services. We are especially concerned that there could be a reduction in the number of public safety employees. Only last week, the City Council meeting had a number of Jacobsville residents speak about the high crime rate and the widespread blight in their neighborhood. It’s reasonable to wonder if they would have supported the North Main renovations, if they had been aware that our finances are dicey enough that we could be facing a possible reduction in the number of firefighters and policemen.It becomes evermore clear to us, and to other reasonable minds, that Evansville is being lead by a less than truthful City Controller who was also was a failed Mayor.  We can only hope he don’t guide Evansville down the path to failure similar to Detroit. It is time for the people of this city to unite in a movement to demand transparency and accountability from both our officials and the local main stream media.Oh, the SBOA SUPPLEMENTAL COMPLIANCE report for the CITY OF EVANSVILLE dated January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 concerning the Overdrawn Cash Balances for the General Fund shows a balance of $307,140 as of December 31, 2014, the fund would have shown a deficit balance of $5,888,660 as of December 31, 2014, if not for the following items:1. The Wastewater Utility prepaid the 2015 payment in lieu of taxes payment totaling$2,428,0002. The City did not pay the General fund’s portion of hospitalization bills for the 3rd quarter of2014 totaling $3,767,800.FOOTNOTE: Our next “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Wednesday?If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the main stream media failed in reporting the real facts concerning the 2014 SBOA audits short falls of the City of Evansville?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributedFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

first_imgAs of 5 p.m. Friday, the contrast between the rebuilt beaches at 56th Street and 57th Street and the eroded beach at 58th Street is dramatic. Check OCNJ Daily for updates and photos of the Ocean City beach replenishment project for 2015 in the south end between 37th and 59th Streets.DATE: Friday, Sept. 4PROGRESS: As of Friday at 5 p.m., the advancing edge of the project area is just north of the 58th Street beach entrance walkway. The beaches at 56th Street and 57th Street are closed, though it’s likely the 56th Street beach entrance will reopen on Saturday.Beaches between 37th Street and 55th Street are now complete, and the pipeline feeding that part of the project has been removed.WHAT’S NEXT: Work will continue in the area between 55th Street and 59th Street in the final phase of the project. Sand-pumping is expected to be complete within another week or two. Dune crossover work will follow. And the planting of dune grass is scheduled for November.READ MORE: Ocean City NJ Beach Replenishment 2015 Daily UpdateFOR DAILY UPDATES by E-MAIL: Sign up for freelast_img read more

first_img== WENDEL ==What’s new?Danish machinery firm Diosna has developed a new kneading tool for its Wendel Mixer, distributed in the UK by Benier. This allows bakers to process batches of dough requiring just one-third of the mixing bowl’s capacity. Anything from 160kg to 600kg of dough can now be processed and it can handle up to 5,000kg of dough an hour.OK, but what are the other benefits of a Wendel?Patience! The mixer has two kneading tools installed off-centre. As they turn in opposite directions, the kneading action encourages rapid development with minimal shear damage and low temperature gain.What about efficiency?You are tough to please! Standard UK mixers tend to have a ’dead’ area beneath the mixing posts or centre columns which may reduce the yield, but the Wendel doesn’t.Does Diosna have any other mixing options?Its recently launched PSPVW Spiral Mixer has special tooling, that combines the functions of a classic mixer with beating machines and planetary mixers. This allows it to stir, mix and beat in pastes, batters, creams and butter for cakes and SANCASSIANO ==Impress me!Alright, here goes. Traditionally, the dough for high-volume biscuit plants is produced using horizontal mixers, but the clever engineers at Italian firm Sancassiano have come up with a swanky ’double force’ vertical mixer with two mixing tools. The fully automatic 800kg batch system can handle up to 10 tonnes of dough an hour.What’s all that about?Horizontal mixers do not allow mixing action flexibility. But the Sancassiano Vertical Mixer enables you to change mixing tools depending on the dough, thanks to a quick-lock tool changeover device. It is suitable for biscuit doughs for wire-cut, depositing, rotary moulding or rotary cutting, as well as for cracker doughs.Keep going.Working more frequently with smaller batches lessens the amount of moisture lost from the dough during processing. Vertical Mixers are also gentle on delicate inclusions such as choc chips.What outputs can it handle?The machine is sold as a unit mixer with 200kg to 800kg batch bowl sizes and can be set into a carousel operation. A robotic version can produce up to 10 tonnes of dough per hour.Sancassiano is represented in the UK and Ireland by Sollich AQUAMIX ==What’s the latest?The Aquamix, designed by VMI to knead highly-hydrated doughs, has a flat-bottom bowl, fitted with a half-twist expanded spiral and a round centre post, with a scraper. This means it kneads without sticking. Good news for ciabatta and focaccia producers.I’m a control freak.No problem. The Aquamix is fitted with a frequency variator allowing bakers to change the kneading intensity according to the water percentage of the dough. This allows the mixing profiles of recipes to be personalised. Its touchscreen control panel can store up to 99 recipes.What if I’m into cakes?Optional interchangeable tools means the Aquamix can be changed from a spiral mixer to one with a flat beater, suitable for mixing cake and muffin batters. An all-stainless steel option is also available for high-risk operations.Tell me more about VMI.The firm supplies craft and plant bakers with removable bowl spiral and double spiral mixers with individual dough batch capacities up to 900kg. Automated mixing solutions range from 500kg to 1,500kg per hour. European Process Plant supplies the mixers in the UK and BAKER PERKINS ==Why so excited?There’s a new control system for Tweedy mixers from Baker Perkins, designed for both standard and pressure-vacuum mixers. It has clearer, more intuitive graphics, better recipe management and upgraded historical data trending. This all helps enhance quality and consistency in the final product.I see. Any more details?Sure. The system offers intelligent alarm handling, including suggested actions to guide operators to the source of problems. Simpler communication also enhances the recipe and schedule management for plants with multiple mixers.Sounds like a big project.Not as big as you might think. To minimise installation times Baker Perkins has significantly reduced site wiring, and software interfaces are tested prior to shipping to site.What else should I know?Baker Perkins says the Tweedy can mix 14 batches of dough an hour (up to 5,400kg). The pressure-vaccuum model improves oxidisation leading to better product texture and colour and can be used to vary texture from very small cell size to more open structures.www.bakerperkinsgroup.comlast_img read more

first_imgMarko Josipovic, a bakery and patisserie student at University College Birmingham and a Dawn Foods student ambassador, on how to make your bakery photos stand out online. ”As a bakery student and keen food photographer, I often post photos of my creations on my Instagram feed @Marko_bakes.When I started my food photography and food blogging journey, I just had an iPhone 4 and an old wooden table. I would take photos of food, not really caring about what was in the whole photo. Soon I learned that it wasn’t the camera that was doing the bad job, it was me.You don’t need fancy camera equipment, especially if you’re just starting out. Get a few nice plates, paint a wall white, or invest in a good backdrop, and you’re set.Here are some of my top tips:Tip 1 – LightingI always use natural light, taking photos right next to the window of my kitchen. However, make sure that when you are taking photos, you look through the camera’s eyes first, and see how the lighting actually looks in the photo.Tip 2 – Styling and angleAs a rule of thumb, I have three different angles from which I like to shoot: the overhead angle, the 45-degree angle, and straight on.The overhead angle is great for desserts, where you want to show off shapes, symmetry, or patterns.I usually use the 45-degree angle if I want to show depth or highlight a specific part of the dessert, such as a bite out of a sheet cake.The straight-on angle is great for stacks of foods, such as cookies or pancakes, and it’s great for capturing drips or drizzles.Tip 3 – PracticeYou’ll never get an amazing photo on your first try, but if you keep trying and researching bloggers to see what they’re doing, you’ll adapt, learn and, eventually, find your own style of photography.Also, never underestimate the power of a good filter. Editing photos is my favourite part of food photography. I am not very skilful in Photoshop, so I use editing apps on my phone to edit my photos. The app I use most is called ‘A Color Story’, but I also use ‘Lightroom’ with it.Once you edit that photo and it looks even better than you expected, that’s when the magic happens.”last_img read more

first_imgOn Wednesday, High Sierra Music Festival expanded their 2019 lineup. Following the California music festival’s initial lineup announcement back in December, the new batch of artists now set to perform at this year’s event includes Dispatch, Steel Pulse, Manic Focus, Pnuma (Live), Stanton Moore and Skerik’s Emerald Quintet featuring Scott Metzger, Robert Walter, and Chris Stillwell, Too Many Zooz, TAUK, Natalie Cressman, John Kadlecik’s Fellowship of The Wing featuring Jay Lane, Reed Mathis, and Todd Stoops, Star Kitchen, Gaby Moreno, Andy Frasco & The U.N., Royal Jelly Jive, The Suitcase Junket, Mapache, Valley Queen, Templo, Diggin Dirt, and Rainbow Girls.High Sierra Music Festival will also feature previously announced performances from Umphrey’s McGee, Greensky Bluegrass, Jim James (Full Band), St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Galactic, The Del McCoury Band, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe presents Eat a Bunch of Peaches, The Marcus King Band, Leftover Salmon, Mandolin Orange, Del & Dawg (Del McCoury/David Grisman duo), ALO, The Polish Ambassador, The New Mastersounds, The Travelin’ McCourys, Sisters of the Strawberry Moon feat. Luther Dickinson, Birds of Chicago and Sharde Thomas, The Nth Power (Marvin Gaye Tribute), The Lil Smokies, Big Something, Jennifer Hartswick Band, Reid Genauer & Folks, Songhoy Blues, Joe Craven & The Sometimers, Cris Jacobs Band, Amo Amo, Cha Wa, Ron Artis II & The Truth, Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra, and Let’s Be Leonard.The 2019 event will once again take place in Quincy, California on July 4th-7th this summer. Fans can head over to the event’s ticketing page for various package options, which are on sale now.last_img read more

first_img View Comments Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. The Sting Could Be a Broadway MusicalThis new tuner from the creative team that brought you Urinetown has Broadway-aimed written all over it. A stage adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1973 movie The Sting, which starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman as a pair of professional grifters and featured music arrangements by EGOT winner Marvin Hamlisch, is in the works. Directed by John Rando, with original music and lyrics by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann, a recent workshop’s cast included Shuler Hensley as the mob boss (Robert Shaw in the film), the New York Post reports. We’re keeping a close eye on buzz about this one.Lisa Kron Tapped by Women’s Voices Theater FestivalFun Home Tony winner Lisa Kron will be a featured guest and participant at the launch party of the Women’s Voices Theater Festival on September 8. The event at the National Museum of Women in the Arts kicks off the beginning of the Festival, which is set to include the presentation of more than 50 world-premiere productions of work by female playwrights, taking place this September and October in the nation’s capital region.Jeremy Jordan’s Night at the Oscars Broadway favorite Jeremy Jordan will team up with Sheléa Frazier for the Pasadena Pops’ final concert of the summer season on September 12. Conducted by Michael Feinstein, A Night at the Oscars! will remember the winners, the losers and everything in between with an evening of Hollywood favorites. The event is set to take place at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden and, just because, here’s Jordan’s killer rendition of that Oscar-winning tune you might have heard of, “Let It Go.” You’re welcome. Happy Friday!last_img read more

first_imgFocus Acquisition Partners is pleased to announce that CEPS, Inc. of West Lebanon, NH has completed its acquisition of Johnson Precision, Inc. (JPI). CEPS is a global provider of highly engineered plastic injection-molded components and sub-assemblies. JPI, based in Amherst, NH, is one of New England’s leading full service and vertically integrated custom mold manufacturing, machining and injection-molding companies.Focus Acquisition Partners consulted with CEPS on the transaction, which closed on January 22, 2010. Terms were not disclosed.The combination of CEPS and JPI will offer new and existing customers ongoing gold-star service and quality, together with expanded custom and value-added injection molding solutions. Jim Umland, CEPS’ CEO, will lead the combined companies, which provide highly engineered manufacturing services to a wide range of industries. About the transaction, Umland said:These two companies are a perfect fit; our combined experience and complementary capabilities enable us to offer current and new customers a broader range of services, the benefits of scale and more globally competitive pricing and lead times.About Focus Acquisition PartnersFormed in 2009, Focus Acquisition Partners is a buy-side merger and acquisition advisory firm with offices in Hanover, NH and San Diego, CA. Focus works with private equity groups and corporate clients to identify and invest in privately held companies.About CEPSFormed in 1982 as an engineering focused firm, CEPS has evolved into a full service injection molder, offering design assistance, tool building, custom injection molding, and electronic and mechanical sub assembly services. CEPS is an ISO 9001:2000 certified, global supplier with 75 percent of its sales to the scientific laboratory and medical diagnostic equipment markets.   CEPS also serves original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and contract manufacturers in other industries including aerospace, electronics, defense, industrial and transportation. About Johnson PrecisionFormed in 1981 as a manufacturer of injection mold tooling, JPI is a full service design, custom mold manufacturing, machining and injection/insert molding company serving the life science, medical, and high-end electronic and specialty device markets.  JPI is ISO 9001:2000 certified and serves a wide range of regional and national original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers.Source: Focus. 2.16.2010.last_img read more

first_imgYJOANNE R. BATCHELDER8369 Route 2(802) 372-4077North HeroVT05474(802) 372-4077For Assistant JudgeLamoilleDemocratic1,682100.00%YYDAVID A. WILLIAMS83 Emery Hill Road(802) 635-7044JohnsonVT05656(802) 635-7044For Assistant JudgeLamoilleRepublican929100.00%YYKAREN BRADLEY1725 Sterling Valley Road(802) 888-0643MorristownVT05661(802) 888-4341For Assistant JudgeOrangeDemocratic2,348100.00% OFFICIAL REPORT OF THE CANVASSING COMMITTEEUNITED STATES AND VERMONT STATEWIDE OFFICES Primary Election, August 24, 2010 YVALERIE A. STUART520 Meadowbrook Road(802) 257-0249BrattleboroVT05301(802) 257-0249For State RepresentativeWindham 3-1Republican112100.00% YFRANCIS KINNEYPO Box 341(802) 442-2841North BenniVT05257(802) 442-2841For State RepresentativeBennington 4Democratic306100.00%YYJEFF WILSON307 Bromley Brook Road(802) 362-1516ManchesterVT05255(802) 362-3786For State RepresentativeBennington 5Democratic261100.00%YYCYNTHIA BROWNINGPO Box 389(802) 375-9019ArlingtonVT05250(802) 375-9019For State RepresentativeBennington 5Republican138100.00% YBOB JOHNSON368 Read Lane(802) 524-5743St. AlbansVT05478(802) 782-7957For Assistant JudgeGrand IsleDemocratic51740.64% NPATRICK MARTELL146 Briere Patch Lane(802) 673-0115NewportVT05855(802) 673-0115For State RepresentativeOrleans 2Republican29748.29%YYDUNCAN F. KILMARTIN76 Widgean Drive(802) 249-1808NewportVT05855(802) 334-7883For State RepresentativeOrleans 2Republican31851.71%YYMICHAEL J. MARCOTTE106 Private Pond Road(802) 334-2132NewportVT05855(802) 334-6302For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Democratic56855.25%YYJOHN S. RODGERSPO Box 217(802) 525-4182GloverVT05839(802) 525-4182For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Democratic46044.75% YANDY MONTROLL409 South Union Street(802) 383-0730BurlingtonVT05401(802) 658-2478For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,50916.24%                                           1.      Registered Voters                                                                   442,783                                          2.      Votes cast, Democratic Party                                                   74,633                71%                                          3.      Votes cast, Progressive Party                                                        553                  1%                                          4.      Votes cast, Republican Party                                                    30,058                29%                                          5.      Absentee votes counted                                                            18,120                17%                                          6.      Total votes counted                                                                 105,281                24% YBRIAN E. DUBIEPO Box 133(802) 272-3796Essex JuncVT05453(802) 272-3796For Lieutenant Governor YASHLEY D. WAITE324 Danby-Pawlet Road(802) 325-3118PawletVT05761(802) 325-3118For State RepresentativeRutland-Windsor 1Democratic377100.00%YYMEGAN SMITHPO Box 1411(802) 775-0759 Ext.RutlandVT05701-(802) 770-0159 Ext.For State RepresentativeRutland-Windsor 1Republican371100.00% YMICHAEL BAYERPO Box 15(802) 279-2481MonktonVT05469(802) 453-7372For Auditor of Accounts NCHARLES MERRIMANPO Box 632(802) 249-8096MontpelierVT05601(802) 229-2643For Secretary of State YKEVIN “COACH” CHRISTIE682 Christian Street(802) 295-1066White RiverVT05001(802) 299-0598For State RepresentativeWindsor-Orange 1Democratic38963.77% YGERALYN SNIATKOWSKIPO Box 159(802) 348-7274East DoverVT05341(802) 380-6428For State RepresentativeWindham-Bennington-Windsor 1Democratic345100.00% Democratic24,63040.79% YDON SCHRAMM4 East Village Drive(802) 399-2493BurlingtonVT05401(802) 399-2493For State Treasurer YCLAUDE DELUCIA106 Grandview Street(802) 442-4361BenningtonVT05201(   )    -For State RepresentativeBennington 2-2Republican184100.00%YYMARY A. MORRISSEY228 Dewey Street(802) 379-5439BenningtonVT05201(802) 379-5439For State RepresentativeBennington 3Democratic363100.00%YYALICE MILLER88 Horton Hill Road(802) 442-9825ShaftsburyVT05262(802) 442-9825For State RepresentativeBennington 3Republican107100.00% YMARTHA ABBOTT119 Stevensville Road(802) 373-1624UnderhillVT05489(802) 899-4740For Governor Republican12,38943.67% YBRUCE A. MCCLURE927 US Route 2(802) 229-0834BerlinVT05602(802) 229-0834For High BailiffWindsorDemocratic3,21170.43%YYMICHAEL MANLEYPO Box 342(802) 356-2379QuecheeVT05059(802) 356-2379For High BailiffWindsorDemocratic1,34829.57% YTHELMA “KITTY” OXHOLM25 East Street(802) 877-2880VergennesVT05491(802) 877-3779For State RepresentativeAddison 4Democratic99349.53%YYMICHAEL FISHER364 Cobb Hill Road(802) 989-9806LincolnVT05443(   )    -For State RepresentativeAddison 4Democratic1,01250.47%YYDAVE SHARPE1209 Meehan Road(802) 453-2754BristolVT05443(802) 453-2754For State RepresentativeAddison 4Republican27534.85% YMICHELE FERLAND KUPERSMITH23 Brewer Parkway(802) 863-1814South BurliVT05403(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-8Democratic684100.00%YYANN PUGH67 Bayberry Lane(802) 863-6705South BurliVT05403(802) 863-6705For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-8Republican204100.00% NCAROLYN SCHWALBE25 Sugar House Lane(802) 773-0882South ChittVT05701(802) 773-0882For State SenatorWashington SenateDemocratic3,57617.34% YBRIGID E. FAENZA1214 Branch Brook Road(802) 259-4100Mount HollyVT05758(802) 259-4100For State RepresentativeWindsor-Rutland 1Republican210100.00%YYDENNIS J. DEVEREUXPO Box 1(802) 259-2460BelmontVT05730(802) 259-2460For State RepresentativeWindsor-Rutland 2Democratic228100.00% YDAVID YACOVONE452 Washington Highway(802) 223-3461MorrisvilleVT05661(802) 888-5958For State SenatorLamoille SenateRepublican905100.00% YPHILIP WINTERS1374 Chelsea Road(802) 433-5590WilliamstoVT05679(802) 433-5590For State RepresentativeOrange 2Democratic426100.00%YYSARAH L. COPELAND HANZASPO Box 43(802) 222-3536BradfordVT05033(802) 222-3536For State RepresentativeOrange 2Republican191100.00% NDANIEL FREILICHPO Box 1410(802) 380-9510WilmingtonVT05363(802) 380-9510For US Senator YREGINALD GODIN173 Duffy Road(802) 893-1208MiltonVT05468(802) 922-3535For State RepresentativeChittenden 9Republican38047.44%YYRONALD HUBERT68 Woodcrest(802) 578-5801MiltonVT05468(802) 893-4844For State RepresentativeChittenden 9Republican42152.56%YYDON TURNER JR.PO Box 487(802) 373-5960MiltonVT05468(802) 893-1419For State RepresentativeEssex-CaledoniaDemocratic275100.00% YNANCY POTAKPO Box 278(802) 533-9206GreensboroVT05841(802) 533-9206For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Republican32535.06% NKEITH STERN188 Main Street(802) 384-4873North SprinVT05150(802) 384-4873For Governor Democratic65,920100.00%YYPETER WELCHPO Box 1682(802) 264-9069BurlingtonVT05402(802) 272-0162For Representative to Congress YJOHANNA CRANE-GODIN777 Dandurand Road(802) 285-6338FranklinVT05457(802) 285-6338For Assistant JudgeFranklinDemocratic1,39827.53% Democratic26,32848.63% YWILLIAM “BILL” MANCHPO Box 302(802) 380-2149VernonVT05354(802) 380-2149For SheriffWindsorRepublican1,713100.00%YYMICHAEL CHAMBERLAINPO Box 525(802) 296-1026WoodstockVT05091(802) 296-1026For High BailiffAddisonRepublican1,418100.00%YYDONALD M. KEELER, JR.68 Ellen Drive(802) 388-2981 Ext.MiddleburyVT05753-(802) 388-7760 Ext.For High BailiffBenningtonDemocratic2,199100.00% YSTEWART SKRILL2745 South Randolph Road(802) 728-5814 Ext.Randolph CVT05061-(802) 728-5814 Ext.For State RepresentativeOrange-Addison 1Republican25130.39% YMICHAEL J. BENEVENTO8627 Williston Road, Apt. 2(802) 660-2800WillistonVT05495(802) 872-1513For State RepresentativeChittenden 2Republican31849.38% YERIN BESSY92 Deer Lane(802) 288-9638ColchesterVT05446(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-1Democratic46055.96%YYJIM CONDON500A Dalton Drive(802) 655-5764ColchesterVT05446(802) 655-5764For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-1Republican20664.17% YDUSTIN ALLARD DEGREE31 Bank Street(802) 782-4507St. AlbansVT05478(802) 782-4507For State RepresentativeFranklin 4Democratic284100.00% NSUSAN BARTLETTPO Box 70(802) 279-7222Hyde ParkVT05655(802) 888-5591For Governor                   A          Democratic Party                                          Daniel Freilich, Wilmington                                                         7,892        10.9%                                          Patrick Leahy, Middlesex*                                                       64,515        88.9%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                175          0.2%                              Total votes counted                                                                              72,582                  B          Progressive Party                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                171      100.0%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   171                  C          Republican Party                                          Len Britton, Pomfret*                                                              22,750        95.1%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                             1,176          4.9%                              Total votes counted                                                                              23,926                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For US Senator                                                               96,679 YED CLARKPO Box 2(802) 676-3967GuildhallVT05905(802) 676-3967For State RepresentativeEssex-CaledoniaRepublican333100.00%YYJANICE L. PEASLEEPO Box 12(802) 328-4452GuildhallVT05905(   )    -For State RepresentativeEssex-Caledonia-OrleansRepublican243100.00%YYWILLIAM “BILL” JOHNSON3603 Route 102(802) 277-8329CanaanVT05903(802) 277-8329For State RepresentativeFranklin 1Democratic52958.91%YYGARY GILBERT45 Sand Hill Road(802) 849-6333FairfaxVT05454(   )    -For State RepresentativeFranklin 1Democratic36941.09% YHARVEY T. SMITH2516 Lime Kiln Road(802) 877-2712New HavenVT05472(802) 877-2712For State RepresentativeBennington 1Democratic245100.00%YYBILL BOTZOW1225 S. Stream Road(   )    -BenningtonVT05201(   )    -For State RepresentativeBennington 2-1Democratic50841.10%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Edward Flanagan, Burlington                                                     24,630        40.1%                                          Doug Hoffer, Burlington*                                                          35,750        58.2%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                             1,065          1.7%                              Total votes counted                                                                              61,445                  B          Progressive Party                                          Michael Bayer, Monkton*                                                            278        84.5%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                 51        15.5%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   329                  C          Republican Party                                          Thomas M Salmon, St. Johnsbury*                                          25,333        99.2%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                214          0.8%                              Total votes counted                                                                              25,547                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Auditor of Accounts                                                    87,321 YMIKE BRANON22 Old Schoolhouse Road(802) 373-8750South BurliVT05403(802) 658-4658For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,46816.05% YJASON GIBBSPO Box 79(802) 274-2722BarreVT05641(802) 274-2722For Secretary of State YPEG BOYLE SINGLE58 Case Parkway(802) 862-4699BurlingtonVT05401(802) 862-4699For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-4Progressive1045.45% NBRYAN SHOHET23 Ellis Street(802) 376-5100SpringfieldVT05156(802) 885-3722For State RepresentativeWindsor 2Democratic361100.00%YYERNEST W. SHAND46 Old Bridge Road(802) 674-5021WindsorVT05089(802) 674-5021For State RepresentativeWindsor 2Republican173100.00% YDOUG HOFFER161 Austin Drive #71(802) 864-5711BurlingtonVT05401(802) 864-5711For Auditor of Accounts Progressive302100.00% YGORDON H. GILBERT200 Woodbury Road(802) 862-7816BurlingtonVT05408(802) 862-7816For High BailiffEssexRepublican463100.00% III.              For Governor YDIANE T. GOTTLIEB473 North Street(   )    -BurlingtonVT05401(802) 863-2325For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-4Progressive1254.55% YANNETTE ROQUE RENAUD8 Aspen Drive(802) 999-7436Essex JuncVT05452(802) 878-7033For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,71817.21% YMAC ROODPO Box 307(802) 496-5200WarrenVT05674(802) 496-5200For State RepresentativeWashington 2Democratic684100.00%YYMAXINE GRAD301 Paddy Hill Road(802) 496-7667MoretownVT05660(   )    -For State RepresentativeWashington 2Republican345100.00%YYANNE B. DONAHUE148 Donahue Drive(802) 485-6431NorthfieldVT05663(802) 485-6431For State RepresentativeWashington 3-1Republican209100.00% YSTEVE HOWARD41 Washington Street(802) 773-1226RutlandVT05701(802) 236-5123For Lieutenant Governor The Secretary of State’s office has posted the official results for the primary conducted August 24, 2010, for all the statewide races. Further below are results for all Vermont primary races. Republican22,750100.00% Republican10,79745.04% YCHRIS SANTEEPO Box 86(802) 849-2758FairfaxVT05454(802) 782-0406For State RepresentativeFranklin 2Democratic61654.85%YYRICHARD J. HOWRIGANPO Box 16(802) 827-6513FairfieldVT05455(802) 827-6513For State RepresentativeFranklin 2Democratic50745.15% YJIM CONDOS84 Chestnut Hill Road(802) 238-3809MontpelierVT05602(802) 238-3809For Secretary of State NJOHN M. MITCHELLPO Box 560(802) 747-3595RutlandVT05702(802) 770-4721For Representative to Congress NJAMES GREGOIRE2671 Pumpkin Village Road(802) 933-2667 Ext.EnosburghVT05450-(802) 933-2667 Ext.For State RepresentativeFranklin 3Democratic53756.47%YYKATHLEEN C. KEENAN8 Thorpe Avenue(802) 524-5013St. AlbansVT05478(802) 524-5013For State RepresentativeFranklin 3Democratic41443.53%YYJEFF YOUNG12 Forest Hill Drive(802) 524-5284St. AlbansVT05478(802) 363-8039For State RepresentativeFranklin 3Republican17945.43% August 24, 2010 Primary Election ‘ Canvassing Report ‘ Page 2 YPETER SHUMLIN345 Hickory Ridge Road(802) 380-3654PutneyVT05346(   )    -For Governor YJOHN “PEEKER” HEFFERNAN8069 Plank Road(802) 349-6876BristolVT05443(802) 453-2221For State RepresentativeAddison 4Republican18723.70% YTIM ALLARDPO Box 591(802) 535-7882Essex JuncVT05453(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-2Republican28948.33% NRALPH PACE1 Whispering Pines(802) 228-7239LudlowVT05149(802) 228-7239 NPAUL K. MORITS3371 Tyler Branch Road(802) 933-5229Enosburg FVT05450(802) 933-5229For SheriffGrand IsleDemocratic902100.00%YYCONNIE ALLEN156 South Street(802) 372-4482South HeroVT05486(802) 372-8361For SheriffLamoilleRepublican828100.00%YYROGER M. MARCOUX, JR.PO Box 377(802) 888-2561Hyde ParkVT05655(802) 279-2991For SheriffOrangeRepublican1,329100.00%YYBILL BOHNYAK960 Hebard Hill Road(802) 685-4875RandolphVT05060(802) 728-4322For SheriffOrleansRepublican1,058100.00%YYKIRK J. MARTIN19 School Street(802) 334-3333OrleansVT05860(802) 754-6616For SheriffRutlandRepublican2,687100.00%YYSTEPHEN P. BENARD, SR.PO Box 122(802) 342-0019ClarendonVT05759(   )    -For SheriffWashingtonRepublican2,565100.00%YYW. SAMUEL HILL188 Berlin Street(802) 223-3001MontpelierVT05602(802) 793-8570For SheriffWindhamDemocratic4,675100.00%YYKEITH CLARK2181 Kurn Hattin Road(802) 289-1180PutneyVT05346(802) 722-9509For SheriffWindhamRepublican1,008100.00% Progressive278100.00% NMICHAEL R. MAJOR128 Maple Leap Lane(802) 316-0816ShelburneVT05482(802) 985-8774For High BailiffChittendenRepublican4,001100.00% YJAMES “JIM” SAULT194 Tatro Hill Road(802) 728-9694 Ext.RandolphVT05060-(802) 431-3425 Ext.For State RepresentativeOrange-Addison 1Republican25330.63% Democratic17,60532.57% Progressive282100.00% NBOOTS WARDINSKI629 Saxie Welch Trail(802) 584-3029South RyegVT05069(802) 584-3029For Lieutenant Governor NDAN NUGENTPO Box 105(802) 363-3553StarksboroVT05487(802) 453-2099For State RepresentativeAddison 5Democratic517100.00% YPHILIP BARUTH87 Curtis Avenue(802) 656-3298BurlingtonVT05408(802) 864-6821For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic11,03315.20% NDOUG RACINEPO Box 746(802) 343-5417BurlingtonVT05402(802) 434-2013For Governor YNEWELL H. DECKER4 Calvary Street(802) 782-8435St. AlbansVT05478(802) 782-8435For State RepresentativeFranklin 3Republican21554.57% YVICKI STRONG1367 Creek Road(802) 754-2790IrasburgVT05845(802) 754-2790For State RepresentativeOrleans-Franklin 1Democratic301100.00% YJEFF WHITTEMORE960 Upper Falls Road(802) 263-9310PerkinsvilleVT05151(207) 576-5975For State RepresentativeWindsor 3Democratic358100.00%YYDONNA SWEANEY2 Runnemede Lane(802) 674-5175WindsorVT05089(802) 674-5175For State RepresentativeWindsor 4Democratic746100.00% NEDWARD FLANAGAN131 Main Street #702(802) 862-3203BurlingtonVT05401(802) 233-3357For Auditor of Accounts YRICHARD A. WESTMAN2439 Iron Gate Road(802) 338-5116CambridgeVT05444(802) 644-2297For State SenatorOrange SenateDemocratic2,203100.00%YYMARK A. MACDONALD404 MacDonald Road(802) 272-1101WilliamstoVT05679(802) 433-5867For State SenatorOrange SenateRepublican948100.00% YLEO M. VALLIERE15 Delmont Avenue(802) 479-2419BarreVT05641(802) 479-2419For State RepresentativeWashington 3-2Democratic254100.00%YYTESS TAYLOR45 Granite Street #2(802) 479-8505BarreVT05641(802) 476-4235For State RepresentativeWashington 3-2Republican151100.00% YNELSON J. TIFTPO Box 166(802) 446-2663WallingfordVT05773(802) 446-2663For State RepresentativeRutland 4Republican357100.00%YYJAMES L. MCNEIL137 Ruth Avenue(802) 775-2665RutlandVT05701(802) 775-2665For State RepresentativeRutland 5-1Republican288100.00%YYPETER J. FAGAN17 Clinton Avenue(802) 342-1214RutlandVT05701(802) 773-7446For State RepresentativeRutland 5-2Democratic328100.00%YYMARGARET “PEG” ANDREWS82 Jackson Avenue(802) 747-6916RutlandVT05701(802) 747-6916For State RepresentativeRutland 5-2Republican206100.00% ALL Vermont Primary Races NPATRICIA E. RUSSELL1791 Hollow Road(802) 525-6600BartonVT05822(802) 754-2310For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Republican40643.80% YSHELLEY PALMER874 N Williston Road(802) 324-5777WillistonVT05495(802) 324-5777For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,37815.63% YCLAIRE TRASKPO Box 157(802) 824-6304LondonderrVT05148(802) 824-6304For State RepresentativeWindham-Bennington-Windsor 1Republican257100.00%YYOLIVER K. OLSENPO Box 186(802) 444-9004JamaicaVT05343(802) 874-4079For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-1Democratic402100.00% Progressive318100.00% YPAUL D. BEAUDRYPO Box 39(802) 782-0141SwantonVT05488(802) 782-0141For Representative to Congress II.               For Representative to Congress YCHARLES DELANEY49 Leonard Street(802) 863-6002BurlingtonVT05408-2705(   )    -For Assistant JudgeChittendenDemocratic2,65612.15% YSTEVE SCHLIPF3328 Highbridge Road(802) 893-3007FairfaxVT05454(802) 893-3007For State RepresentativeFranklin 1Republican29755.00%YYCAROLYN WHITNEY BRANAGAN1295 Ballard Road(802) 527-7694GeorgiaVT05478(   )    -For State RepresentativeFranklin 1Republican24345.00% YDENNIS B. BEDARD96 Twin Oaks Terrace(802) 264-4871South BurliVT05403(214) 385-8797For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,63816.84% YGAILA S. GULACK1350 Grafton Road(802) 365-9536TownshendVT05353(802) 365-9536For State RepresentativeWindham-Bennington 1Democratic288100.00%YYJOHN MORAN58 Hi-Hopes Road(802) 896-9408WardsboroVT05355(802) 896-9408For State RepresentativeWindham-Bennington 1Republican124100.00% YMARVIN MALEK212 Richardson Road(802) 223-7375 Ext.BerlinVT05602-(802) 223-7375 Ext.For State RepresentativeWashington 3-3Republican156100.00% YGEORGE “RON” ALLARD224 Read Lane(802) 527-7105St. AlbansVT05478(802) 527-7105For State RepresentativeFranklin 2Republican52348.88%YYEILEEN “LYNN” DICKINSON69 Button Road(802) 524-3404St. AlbansVT05478(802) 524-3404For State RepresentativeFranklin 2Republican25623.93% NCHARLES RUSSELL142 Windswept Lane(802) 425-4757CharlotteVT05445(802) 425-4757For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-2Democratic38748.38% NCHRISTOPHER A. BRAY829 South Street(802) 371-8183New HavenVT05472(802) 453-3444For Lieutenant Governor YLIZ MARKOWSKI462 Monkton Road(802) 877-6523VergennesVT05491(802) 877-6523For State RepresentativeAddison 3Republican40653.42%YYGREGORY CLARKPO Box 198(802) 877-2531VergennesVT05491(   )    -For State RepresentativeAddison 3Republican35446.58%                   A          Democratic Party                                          William H Sorrell, Burlington*                                                 60,011        99.0%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                635          1.0%                              Total votes counted                                                                              60,646                  B          Progressive Party                                          Charlotte Dennett, Cambridge*                                                    282        87.9%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                 39        12.1%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   321                  C          Republican Party                                          Aaron Michael Toscano, Burlington*                                       21,208        96.0%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                888          4.0%                              Total votes counted                                                                              22,096                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Attorney General                                                        83,063 NMIKE KURT481 Hills Point Road(802) 425-3214CharlotteVT05445(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-2Democratic33241.50% YJAMES A. GULLEY, JR.881 Townline Road(802) 753-7172BenningtonVT05201(802) 999-9944For High BailiffBenningtonRepublican860100.00% YNICOLE F. LING329 Archory Avenue(802) 533-2930East HardwVT05836(802) 533-2502For State RepresentativeCaledonia 3Democratic33547.59% YCHARLIE SMITHPO Box 5792(802) 598-2255BurlingtonVT05401-5792(802) 598-2255For State SenatorChittenden SenateRepublican3,89618.03%YYDIANE B. SNELLING304 Piette Road(802) 482-4382HinesburgVT05461(802) 482-4382For State SenatorEssex-Orleans SenateDemocratic2,654100.00%YYROBERT A. STARR958 Route 105 West(802) 309-3354North TroyVT05859(802) 988-2877For State SenatorEssex-Orleans SenateRepublican3,574100.00%YYVINCENT ILLUZZI527 Ridgehill Drive(802) 673-9030NewportVT05855(   )    -For State SenatorFranklin SenateDemocratic2,81355.08%YYSARA BRANON KITTELL437 Chester Arthur Road(802) 827-3274FairfieldVT05455(   )    -For State SenatorFranklin SenateDemocratic2,29444.92% YDAVID LEWIS334 Karen Drive(802) 773-9455RutlandVT05701(802) 773-9455For Assistant JudgeWashingtonDemocratic4,93851.41%YYBARNEY BLOOM25 Summer Street(802) 828-2091MontpelierVT05602(802) 229-5049For Assistant JudgeWashingtonDemocratic4,66748.59% YJOYCE MCKEEMAN513 Round House Road(802) 439-5280CorinthVT05039(802) 439-5280For Assistant JudgeOrangeRepublican1,273100.00%YYMAURICE “MOE” BROWNPO Box 133(802) 685-4610 Ext.ChelseaVT05038-(802) 685-3383 Ext.For Assistant JudgeOrleansDemocratic1,540100.00%YYROBERT GOODBY218 Whetstone Brook Road(802) 586-9948CraftsburyVT05826(802) 586-9948For Assistant JudgeOrleansRepublican1,270100.00%YYBEN BATCHELDER144 Batchelder Drive(802) 766-5538DerbyVT05829(802) 766-5538For Assistant JudgeRutlandRepublican1,47325.67%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Jeb Spaulding, Montpelier*                                                     62,319        99.4%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                402          0.6%                              Total votes counted                                                                              62,721                  B          Progressive Party                                          Don Schramm, Burlington*                                                           302        89.1%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                 37        10.9%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   339                  C          Republican Party (No candidate name on ballot-Write-in with over 250 & most vote wins)                                          Write-in, Jeb Spaulding, Montpelier*                                        1.357        65.3%                                          Other Combined Write‑in votes                                                       721        34.7%                              Total votes counted                                                                                2,078                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For State Treasurer                                                          65,138 VI.              For Secretary of State YSTEPHEN W. WEBSTERPO Box 267(802) 728-3361RandolphVT05060(802) 728-3894For State SenatorRutland SenateDemocratic2,74228.05% YROY MOFFITTPO Box 135(802) 436-2084Hartland FoVT05049(802) 436-2084For State RepresentativeWindsor 5Democratic682100.00%YYALISON H. CLARKSON18 Golf Avenue(802) 457-4627WoodstockVT05091(   )    -For State RepresentativeWindsor 6-1Democratic446100.00%YYMARK B. MITCHELLPO Box 1125(802) 234-9165BarnardVT05031(802) 234-9188For State RepresentativeWindsor 6-2Democratic51649.38%YYCHARLES W. BOHI156 Manning Drive(802) 295-5596White RiverVT05001(802) 295-5596For State RepresentativeWindsor 6-2Democratic52950.62% YGALE G. MESSIER68 Smith Street(802) 524-2494St. AlbansVT05478(802) 524-2494For SheriffFranklinRepublican49136.56% OfficeDistrict NamePartyVotesPercentINCWinnerCandidateAddressDay PhoneCityStateZipEvening PhoneFor US Senator YJAMES P. MERRIAM4 Dunpatrick Circle(610) 755-5875MontpelierVT05602(610) 755-5875For State RepresentativeWashington 6Democratic820100.00%YYJANET ANCELPO Box 123(802) 223-5350CalaisVT05648(   )    -For State RepresentativeWashington 6Republican224100.00% NJOHN A. NOBLEPO Box 4(802) 535-4222GranbyVT05840(802) 328-4422For Assistant JudgeFranklinDemocratic1,68533.18% YPETER A. COOPER736 Bonnyvale Road(802) 257-0639BrattleboroVT05301(802) 257-0639For Secretary of State YTHOMAS DEPOY145 Stratton Road(802) 786-3599RutlandVT05701(802) 786-3599For State SenatorRutland SenateRepublican2,50229.97%YYMARGARET “PEG” FLORY3011 Route 7(802) 775-3229PittsfordVT05763(802) 483-6854For State SenatorRutland SenateRepublican2,12925.51%YYKEVIN J. MULLIN118 Oxyoke Drive(802) 353-6770RutlandVT05701(802) 353-6770For State SenatorRutland SenateRepublican1,47517.67% YANTHONY POLLINA93 Story Road(802) 229-5809North MiddlVT05682(   )    -For State SenatorWashington SenateRepublican2,74939.37%YYWILLIAM “BILL” DOYLE186 Murray Road(802) 223-2857MontpelierVT05602(802) 371-7898For State SenatorWashington SenateRepublican2,17731.18% YDONNY OSMAN3132 Lower Road(802) 479-0819BarreVT05641(   )    -For State SenatorWashington SenateDemocratic4,90223.77% Republican11,12743.25% YCARL HOUGHTON10 Lincoln Street(802) 878-8113Essex JuncVT05452-3634(802) 878-3551For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-3Democratic552100.00%YYMARTHA HEATH342 Rollin Irish Road(802) 893-1291WestfordVT05494(802) 893-1291For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-3Republican248100.00% NTOBY YOUNG905 Old Athens Road(802) 387-4098WestminstVT05346(802) 387-4098For State SenatorWindham SenateRepublican1,105100.00% YMONIQUE BREER302 Cattail Lane(802) 238-0727HinesburgVT05461(802) 482-2945For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-2Democratic8110.13% YFRANK DAVISPO Box 232(802) 873-9131Derby LineVT05830(802) 873-9131For State RepresentativeOrleans 1Democratic48158.09% Republican28,452100.00% YHENRY L. HOLMESPO Box 11(802) 234-9790BethelVT05032(   )    -For State SenatorWindsor SenateRepublican1,52336.69% In accordance with the provisions of the 17 V.S.A. 2368‑2371, we have met and canvassed the returns of votes for the United States Senator, United States Representative to  Congress and State Officers cast at the August 24, 2010 Primary Election in Vermont as filed in the Office of the Secretary of State. is external) YLINDA JOHNSTONPO Box 47(802) 533-9239GreensboroVT05841(802) 533-9239For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Republican19621.14% YAARON MICHAEL TOSCANOPO Box 144(802) 479-4220BurlingtonVT05401(802) 656-4782For State SenatorAddison SenateDemocratic4,627100.00%YYCLAIRE AYER504 Thompson Hill Road(802) 545-2142WeybridgeVT05753(802) 545-2142For State SenatorAddison SenateRepublican1,03737.12% YLEN BRITTONPO Box 10(802) 772-7043TaftsvilleVT05701(802) 772-7043For Representative to Congress Democratic3,7595.15% YSPENCER C. PUTNAM575 Morgan Horse Farm Road(802) 388-1644WeybridgeVT05753(802) 388-1644For State RepresentativeAddison 5Republican263100.00% Democratic35,75059.21% YGERALD WOODARD392 Lost Lake Road(802) 375-9972ArlingtonVT05250(802) 375-9972For State SenatorCaledonia SenateDemocratic2,17445.17%YYMATTHEW A. CHOATE87 Cliff Street(802) 748-2629St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 535-2416For State SenatorCaledonia SenateDemocratic2,63954.83%YYJANE KITCHELPO Box 82(802) 684-3482DanvilleVT05828(802) 684-3482For State SenatorCaledonia SenateRepublican1,56950.18% YCHRISTOPHER A. PEARSON12 Brookes Avenue(802) 860-3933BurlingtonVT05401(802) 860-3933For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-5Democratic1,25049.33%YYJOHANNAH LEDDY DONOVAN38 Bayview Street(802) 863-4634BurlingtonVT05401(802) 863-4634For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-5Democratic1,28450.67%YYSUZI WIZOWATY177 Locust Terrace(802) 864-5651BurlingtonVT05401(802) 864-5651For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-6Democratic56049.34%YYKENNETH ATKINS138 Dion Street(802) 655-1280WinooskiVT05404(802) 655-1280For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-6Democratic57550.66%YYCLEMENT “CLEM” BISSONNETTE11 Dufresne Drive(802) 655-9527WinooskiVT05404(802) 598-0229For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-7Democratic568100.00% NKATHRYN “KATIE” SMITH389 East Main Street(802) 355-5753MiddleburyVT05753(   )    -For State’s AttorneyWashingtonRepublican2,804100.00%YYTOM KELLY35 Warren Street(802) 479-4220BarreVT05641(802) 476-3702For State’s AttorneyWindhamDemocratic4,817100.00%YYTRACY KELLY SHRIVER15 Cherry Street(802) 257-2860BrattleboroVT05301(802) 254-6598For State’s AttorneyWindsorDemocratic5,318100.00%YYROBERT L. SAND18 High Street(802) 295-8870WoodstockVT05091(802) 299-0189For SheriffAddisonRepublican1,455100.00%YYJAMES B. COONS14 South Gorham Lane(802) 388-2981MiddleburyVT05753(802) 388-2916For SheriffBenningtonDemocratic2,214100.00% (Winners = Bold*)                                                                                VOTING STATISTICS YCARLYNANN “CARR” ACKERMANNPO Box 279(802) 375-7225 Ext.East ArlingtVT05252-(802) 375-0221 Ext.For State RepresentativeBennington-Rutland 1Republican203100.00%YYPATTI KOMLINEPO Box 513(802) 867-4232DorsetVT05251(802) 867-4232For State RepresentativeCaledonia 1Democratic317100.00% YPATRICIA M. BLAIR60 Hoyt Drive(802) 753-7648BenningtonVT05201(802) 376-3501For State SenatorBennington SenateRepublican91458.51% Republican15,98156.33% YBRENDAN HADASH59 Buzzell Street(802) 748-8074St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 748-8074For State RepresentativeCaledonia 3Democratic36952.41%YYROBERT SOUTHPO Box 206(802) 748-5111St. JohnsbuVT05863(802) 748-0873For State RepresentativeCaledonia 3Republican24732.41% YLYNN D. BATCHELOR165 Beach Street(802) 873-3006Derby LineVT05830(802) 873-3006For State RepresentativeOrleans 1Republican38552.38%YYBOB LEWIS41 Bates Hill Road(802) 766-8824DerbyVT05829(802) 766-8824For State RepresentativeOrleans 1Republican10814.69% VIII.            For Attorney Generalcenter_img YPHIL SCOTT46 Three Mile Bridge Road(802) 223-5288MiddlesexVT05602(802) 223-5135For Lieutenant Governor YJAMES “JIM” ECKHARDT19 Rowdy Acres(802) 342-0140 Ext.ChittendenVT05737-(802) 342-0140 Ext.For State RepresentativeWashington 1Democratic614100.00% YRICHARD W. “DICK” BRYFOGLE333 Music Mountain(802) 234-6510StockbridgeVT05772(802) 234-6510For Probate JudgeAddisonDemocratic4,040100.00%YYELEANOR “MISSE” SMITH1079 West Street(802) 388-2612CornwallVT05753(802) 462-2420For Probate JudgeBenningtonDemocratic2,718100.00% NLAURA MOORE615 Higuera Road(802) 476-3373BarreVT05641(802) 345-2195For State SenatorWashington SenateDemocratic3,65917.74% IV.              For Lieutenant Governor YLORENE BUTLER99 Eldredge Street Unit #210B(802) 373-8308South BurliVT05403(802) 373-8308For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-9Democratic368100.00% YMARION B. GRAY1700 Max Gray Road(802) 456-8862 Ext.PlainfieldVT05667-(   )    –     Ext.For State RepresentativeWashington 7Democratic857100.00%YYTONY KLEIN95 Powder Horn Glen Road(802) 793-6032MontpelierVT05602(802) 223-8926For State RepresentativeWashington-Chittenden 1Democratic1,16653.24%YYSUE MINTER90 Maggies Way(802) 272-0745WaterburyVT05677(802) 244-6229For State RepresentativeWashington-Chittenden 1Democratic1,02446.76%YYTOM STEVENS12 Winooski Street(802) 244-4164WaterburyVT05676(   )    -For State RepresentativeWindham 1Democratic484100.00% YJOE BENNINGPO Box 142(802) 626-3600LyndonvilleVT05851(802) 626-3106For State SenatorCaledonia SenateRepublican1,55849.82% YJOANNA COLE108 Rivers Edge Drive(802) 660-7175BurlingtonVT05408(802) 233-3299For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-1Republican277100.00%YYKURT WRIGHT31 Vine Street(802) 658-1410BurlingtonVT05408(802) 233-0367For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-2Democratic571100.00%YYMARK LARSON64 Temple Street(802) 862-7596BurlingtonVT05408(802) 862-7596For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-2Republican124100.00% YJON KIERNAN67 Engrem Avenue(802) 236-9128RutlandVT05701(802) 236-9128For State RepresentativeRutland 5-3Democratic16573.33% YJAY PURVISPO Box 210(802) 372-4749South HeroVT05486(802) 372-4749For State RepresentativeLamoille 1Republican209100.00%YYHEIDI E. SCHEUERMANNPO Box 908(802) 253-2275StoweVT05672(802) 253-2275For State RepresentativeLamoille 2Democratic415100.00%YYLINDA J. MARTINPO Box 94(802) 888-2746WolcottVT05680(802) 888-5654For State RepresentativeLamoille 2Republican197100.00% YJOHN MACGOVERN1653 Marton Road(802) 238-3970WindsorVT05089(802) 238-3970For State SenatorWindsor SenateRepublican1,23129.66% YJUNE HORAK ROSENBERGPO Box 510(802) 326-4150MontgomerVT05471(802) 326-4150For State RepresentativeOrleans-Franklin 1Republican150100.00%YYMARK A. HIGLEYPO Box 10(802) 744-6379LowellVT05847(802) 744-6379For State RepresentativeRutland 1-1Republican132100.00%YYANDY DONAGHY146 Lakeview Hill Road(802) 287-9693PoultneyVT05764(802) 267-9693For State RepresentativeRutland 1-2Democratic37745.20% YBRANDY J. REYNOLDS325 A South Street(802) 681-5992BenningtonVT05201(802) 681-5992For State RepresentativeBennington 2-2Progressive9100.00% YMICHAEL “MIKE” YANTACHKA393 Nature’s Way(802) 233-5238CharlotteVT05445(802) 425-3960For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-2Republican159100.00% YPETER W. GALBRAITHPO Box 335(802) 365-7633TownshendVT05353(802) 258-1020For State SenatorWindham SenateDemocratic3,90536.14%YYJEANETTE WHITE35A Old Depot Road(802) 254-6071PutneyVT05346(802) 387-4379For State SenatorWindham SenateDemocratic2,96127.40% YEDWARD C. SPOONER355 Patchen Road #7(802) 233-7192South BurliVT05403(802) 233-7192For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-9Republican183100.00% NLESLIE SALMON1115 Railroad Street(802) 779-8979St. JohnsbuVT05819(   )    -For State RepresentativeCaledonia 4Republican31246.92%YYHOWARD CRAWFORDPO Box 266(802) 535-5035East BurkeVT05832(802) 626-8226For State RepresentativeCaledonia 4Republican35353.08%YYRICHARD LAWRENCE194 Bean Pond Road(802) 626-5538LyndonvilleVT05851(802) 626-5917For State RepresentativeCaledonia-Washington 1Democratic500100.00%YYKITTY BEATTIE TOLLPO Box 192(802) 684-3671DanvilleVT05828(802) 684-3671For State RepresentativeCaledonia-Washington 1Republican235100.00% YDEB NEVIL2025 Route 109(802) 644-9990WatervilleVT05492(802) 644-9990For State RepresentativeLamoille 4Republican209100.00%YYADAM B. HOWARD3210 Lower Valley Road(802) 644-6606CambridgeVT05444(802) 644-2040For State RepresentativeLamoille-Washington 1Democratic67143.68%YYPETER PELTZPO Box 41(802) 472-6524WoodburyVT05681(   )    -For State RepresentativeLamoille-Washington 1Democratic86556.32%YYSHAP SMITH369 Farm Hill Road(802) 864-5751MorristownVT05661(802) 888-9214For State RepresentativeOrange 1Progressive1047.62%YYSUSAN HATCH DAVIS75 Notchend Road, East Orange(802) 439-5103West TopsVT05086(802) 439-5103For State RepresentativeOrange 1Progressive1152.38%YYJOHN TAYLOR407 Weir Road(802) 433-6170WilliamstoVT05679(   )    -For State RepresentativeOrange 1Republican25741.65% YRODNEY P. GRAHAM859 Graham Road(802) 433-6127WilliamstoVT05679(802) 433-6127For State RepresentativeOrange 1Republican36058.35% YBOB BOUCHARD126 Leclair Drive(802) 878-4822ColchesterVT05446(802) 879-2522For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-1Republican11535.83% NMARK SNELLINGPO Box 71(802) 238-0800StarksboroVT05487(802) 238-0800For State Treasurer Democratic27,80851.37% Democratic17,57924.08% YRICHARD “DICK” NORRIS114 South Street(802) 459-0081 Ext.ProctorVT05765-(802) 353-0165 Ext.For State RepresentativeRutland 2Republican35351.23%YYWILLIAM “BILL” CANFIELD12 Pine Street(802) 265-4428Fair HavenVT05743(802) 265-4428For State RepresentativeRutland 2Republican33648.77%YYROBERT “BOB” HELM647 Route 4A East(802) 770-0262Fair HavenVT05743(802) 770-0262For State RepresentativeRutland 3Democratic404100.00%YYELDRED FRENCH521 Town Hill Road(802) 345-9187CuttingsvilleVT05738(802) 492-3304For State RepresentativeRutland 3Republican190100.00% YLANE ESDEN150 Leclair Drive(802) 999-9581ColchesterVT05446(802) 879-3624For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-2Democratic634100.00%YYKRISTY KURT SPENGLER463 Shore Acres Drive(802) 864-6567ColchesterVT05446(802) 864-6567For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-2Republican329100.00%YYPATRICK BRENNAN96 Tanglewood Drive(802) 863-3773ColchesterVT05446(802) 863-3773For State RepresentativeChittenden 8Democratic1,15950.63%YYBILL FRANK19 Poker Hill Road(802) 899-3136UnderhillVT05489(802) 899-3136For State RepresentativeChittenden 8Democratic1,13049.37%YYGEORGE TILL74 Foothills Drive(802) 899-2984JerichoVT05465(802) 899-2984For State RepresentativeChittenden 9Democratic28437.03% YKRISTIN H. SOHLSTROM40 Colby Street(802) 272-4551BarreVT05641(802) 272-4551For State RepresentativeWashington 3-3Progressive1100.00% Democratic64,51589.10%YYPATRICK LEAHYPO Box 1042(802) 229-6874MontpelierVT05601(802) 229-6874For US Senator YRONALD “RON” K. WALKER870 Baltimore Road(802) 263-9472BaltimoreVT05143(802) 263-9472For State’s AttorneyAddisonRepublican1,510100.00% YTREVOR COLBY900 Bobbin Mill Road(603) 631-3335LunenburgVT05906(603) 631-3335For SheriffEssexRepublican19735.18%YNSTEVEN GADAPEE23 School Street(802) 467-8887East HavenVT05837(802) 467-8887For SheriffFranklinDemocratic3,165100.00%YYROBERT W. NORRIS162 VT Route 105(802) 524-2121SheldonVT05483(802) 309-9262For SheriffFranklinRepublican85263.44% YCINDY WEED374 Weeds Lane(802) 933-2545Enosburg FVT05450(   )    -For State RepresentativeFranklin 4Republican120100.00%YYPETER E. PERLEY267 West Berkshire Road(802) 933-2285Enosburg FVT05450(802) 933-2285For State RepresentativeFranklin 5Democratic47551.80%YYMICHEL CONSEJOPO Box 422(802) 285-6070Sheldon SpVT05485(802) 309-2177For State RepresentativeFranklin 5Democratic44248.20% YGARY P. ALLARD356 Hastings Road(802) 598-2719WaterfordVT05819(802) 748-9514For State RepresentativeCaledonia 1Republican266100.00%YYLEIGH B. LAROCQUE2414 Old Silo Road(802) 748-3481St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 748-3481For State RepresentativeCaledonia 2Democratic367100.00%YYLUCY LERICHEPO Box 259(802) 472-5738HardwickVT05843(802) 472-5738For State RepresentativeCaledonia 2Republican136100.00% YGREGORY “GREGG” GERVAIS2300 Highgate Road(802) 309-5977St. AlbansVT05478(802) 868-9120For State RepresentativeFranklin 5Republican27039.53% YCONNIE CAIN RAMSEY221 Crescent Beach Drive(802) 863-8722BurlingtonVT05401(802) 355-9437For Assistant JudgeEssexRepublican29336.53%YYCALVIN COLBY921 Colby Road(603) 359-1075LunenburgVT05906(603) 359-1075For Assistant JudgeEssexRepublican26032.42%YYALLEN D. HODGDONPO Box 137(802) 676-3910GuildhallVT05905(802) 676-3713For Assistant JudgeEssexRepublican24931.05% Democratic18,07924.76% YJOHN L. BARTHOLOMEW23 Linden Road(802) 436-2151HartlandVT05048(802) 436-2151For State RepresentativeWindsor 4Republican169100.00% YBRUCE MELENDY110 Noel Drive(802) 748-8576DanvilleVT05828(802) 214-0243For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-1Democratic542100.00%YYBILL LIPPERT2751 Baldwin Road(802) 482-3528HinesburgVT05461(802) 482-3528For State RepresentativeChittenden 1-1Republican123100.00% YDAVID R. FENSTER40 Court Street #268(802) 388-7931MiddleburyVT05753(802) 545-6886For State’s AttorneyBenningtonDemocratic2,386100.00%YYERICA ALBIN MARTHAGE281 Nottingham Park(802) 442-8116ManchesterVT05255(802) 362-5807For State’s AttorneyCaledoniaRepublican1,534100.00%YYLISA A. WARREN511 Hudson Road(802) 748-6657WaterfordVT05819(802) 535-6052For State’s AttorneyChittendenDemocratic14,288100.00%YYTHOMAS “T.J.” DONOVAN51 Proctor Avenue(802) 652-0386South BurliVT05403(802) 236-3506For State’s AttorneyEssexRepublican860100.00%YYVINCENT ILLUZZI527 Ridgehill Drive(802) 673-9030NewportVT05855(   )    -For State’s AttorneyFranklinDemocratic3,337100.00%YYJAMES A. HUGHES5 Lemnah Drive Suite #2(802) 524-7920St. AlbansVT05478(802) 309-8395For State’s AttorneyGrand IsleDemocratic48952.13% YMARIANNA GAMACHE430 Maquam Shore Road(802) 868-3009SwantonVT05488(   )    -For State RepresentativeFranklin 5Republican41360.47%YYBRIAN SAVAGE17 Linda Avenue(802) 752-9314SwantonVT05488(802) 868-3566For State RepresentativeFranklin 6Republican30455.07%YYNORMAN H. MCALLISTER712 Hanna Road(802) 285-6363FranklinVT05457(802) 285-6363For State RepresentativeFranklin 6Republican24844.93%YYALBERT “CHUCK” PEARCE84 Magoon Road(802) 848-7813 Ext.RichfordVT05476-9639(802) 848-7813 Ext.For State RepresentativeGrand Isle-Chittenden 1-1Democratic89355.09%YYMITZI JOHNSONPO Box 144(802) 363-4448South HeroVT05486(802) 363-4448For State RepresentativeGrand Isle-Chittenden 1-1Democratic72844.91%YYROBERT C. KREBS134 East Shore Road(802) 372-4567South HeroVT05486(802) 372-4567For State RepresentativeGrand Isle-Chittenden 1-1Republican30248.09% Democratic36,44367.43% NKEITH PILLSBURY25 University Terrace(802) 862-3575BurlingtonVT05401(802) 734-9344For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-4Democratic49645.30%YYKESHA RAM31 North Prospect Street(802) 881-4433BurlingtonVT05401(802) 881-4433For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-4Democratic30427.76% YLUCIEN G. GRAVELPO Box 63(802) 888-1115WolcottVT05680(802) 888-1115For State RepresentativeLamoille 3Democratic284100.00%YYFLOYD NEASE517 Maple Hill Road(802) 229-1399JohnsonVT05656-9793(802) 635-9211For State RepresentativeLamoille 4Democratic287100.00% YFRANCIS H. RENAUD1267 Route 131(603) 675-9000WeathersfieVT05156(603) 359-3553For State RepresentativeAddison 1Democratic93949.92%YYSTEVEN MAIER122 Green Mountain Place(802) 388-7669MiddleburyVT05753(802) 388-7669For State RepresentativeAddison 1Democratic94250.08%YYBETTY NUOVOPO Box 1113(802) 388-2024MiddleburyVT05753(802) 388-2024For State RepresentativeAddison 2Democratic637100.00%YYWILLEM JEWETTPO Box 129(802) 349-9490RiptonVT05766(802) 388-0320For State RepresentativeAddison 3Democratic68553.31%YYDIANE LANPHERPO Box 165(802) 598-2660VergennesVT05491(802) 877-2230For State RepresentativeAddison 3Democratic60046.69% YPAUL E. GIBBS JR.589 Brockway Mills Road(802) 885-5029SpringfieldVT05156(802) 885-1822For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-2Republican10517.13% Democratic18,27625.03% YCHARLOTTE DENNETT3538 Upper Pleasant Valley Roa(802) 644-5898CambridgeVT05444(   )    -For Attorney General NDANIEL P. WHITEPO Box 134(802) 775-5604RutlandVT05701(802) 775-5604For State RepresentativeRutland 5-3Republican111100.00% YROBERT J. LAKE440 Clearwater Road(802) 860-2200ShelburneVT05482(802) 985-8054For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-1Democratic47744.58% YTODD L. BUIK198 Railroad Street(802) 893-7506MiltonVT05468(802) 893-7506For State RepresentativeChittenden 9Democratic48362.97% YROBERT “ROB” CRAIG632 Snake Road(802) 866-5570NewburyVT05051(802) 866-5570For State RepresentativeWindsor-Orange 2Democratic1,47250.38%YYMARGARET CHENEYPO Box 521(802) 291-2779NorwichVT05055(802) 649-3039For State RepresentativeWindsor-Orange 2Democratic1,45049.62%YYJIM MASLAND714 Pero Hill Road(802) 785-4146Thetford CeVT05075(802) 785-4146For State RepresentativeOrleans 1Democratic34741.91% V.               For State Treasurer YDAVID LIGHT7644 US Route 2(802) 372-4877North HeroVT05474(802) 372-4877For State RepresentativeGrand Isle-Chittenden 1-1Republican32651.91% YJAMES WESTON175 Towers Road Extension(802) 879-0991Essex JuncVT05452(802) 879-0991For State RepresentativeChittenden 7-1Democratic36244.04%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Jim Condos, Montpelier*                                                          36,443        66.3%                                          Charles Merriman, Middlesex                                                    17,605        32.1%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                881          1.6%                              Total votes counted                                                                              54,929                  B          Progressive Party                                          Peter A Cooper, Brattleboro*                                                        318        90.9%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                 32          9.1%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   350                  C          Republican Party                                          Jason Gibbs, Duxbury*                                                            14,600        56.3%                                          Chris Roy, Williston                                                                  11,127        42.9%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                194          0.7%                              Total votes counted                                                                              25,921                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Secretary of State                                                      81,200 August 24, 2010 Primary Election ‘ Canvassing Report ‘ Page 3 YRICHARD DAVIS679 Weatherhead Hollow Road(802) 251-0915GuilfordVT05301(802) 254-2240For State RepresentativeWindham 1Republican207100.00% YTIM PERSONS319 Crepeault Hill Road(866) 778-5780St. JohnsbuVT05819(866) 778-5780For State RepresentativeCaledonia 3Republican29338.45%YYGARY REIS1640B Main Street(802) 748-8132St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 748-8132For State RepresentativeCaledonia 3Republican22229.13% YJUDITH MCLAUGHLIN4181 State Park Road(802) 933-6549Enosburg FVT05450(802) 933-6549For State SenatorGrand Isle SenateDemocratic2,017100.00%YYRICHARD “DICK” MAZZA777 West Lake Shore Drive(802) 862-4065ColchesterVT05446-1539(802) 863-1067For State SenatorLamoille SenateDemocratic1,654100.00% YRONALD AUDET JR.926 Lower Elmore Mt. Road(802) 888-3502MorrisvilleVT05661(802) 888-4488For High BailiffOrangeDemocratic2,176100.00% YBOB BAIRD65 West Road(802) 483-2963North ChitteVT05763(802) 483-2963For State SenatorRutland SenateDemocratic3,69337.77%YYBILL CARRISPO Box 886(802) 236-7733RutlandVT05702(802) 236-7733For State SenatorRutland SenateDemocratic3,34234.18% NCHRIS PERKETTPO Box 346(802) 989-0575MiddleburyVT05753(802) 989-0575For State’s AttorneyLamoilleRepublican997100.00%YYJOEL W. PAGE304 Clif Reynolds Road(802) 888-7945JeffersonvillVT05464(802) 644-2010For State’s AttorneyOrangeRepublican1,309100.00%YYWILL PORTER199 Whitney Hill Road(802) 685-3036TunbridgeVT05077(802) 889-9837For State’s AttorneyOrleansRepublican1,281100.00%YYKEITH W. FLYNNPO Box 556(802) 334-2037Derby LineVT05830(802) 873-9921For State’s AttorneyRutlandRepublican2,59071.84%YYMARC D. BRIERRE300 Colonial Drive(802) 786-2531Rutland ToVT05701(802) 773-1715For State’s AttorneyRutlandRepublican1,01528.16% YTOM BURDITT1118 Clarendon Avenue(802) 438-0031West RutlaVT05777(802) 438-0031For State RepresentativeRutland 1-2Republican31247.78% Republican21,208100.00% For Secretary of State Republican3,54514.79% YHERB FONT-RUSSELL24 Griswold Drive(802) 855-8437RutlandVT05701(802) 779-7370For State RepresentativeRutland 5-3Democratic6026.67% VII.             For Auditor of Accounts YSAM YOUNGPO Box 10(802) 321-0365West GloveVT05875(802) 321-0365For State RepresentativeOrleans-Caledonia 1Progressive7100.00% YCHARLIE BUCKNAM434 Eastman Road(802) 748-5525 Ext.E. HardwickVT05836-(802) 533-2926 Ext.For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic11,64116.03%YYTIM ASHE45 Lakeview Terrace(802) 318-0903BurlingtonVT05401(802) 318-0903For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic9,68913.34% YANGELA CHAGNON23 Matthew Avenue(802) 578-1207 Ext.BurlingtonVT05408-(802) 578-1207 Ext.For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-3Democratic63949.57%YYJASON P. LORBER231 Park Street(802) 863-9429BurlingtonVT05401(802) 863-9429For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-3Democratic65050.43%YYRACHEL WESTON78 1/2 Pitkin Street(802) 999-6623BurlingtonVT05401(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-4Democratic29526.94% Republican25,333100.00%YYTHOMAS M. SALMON1115 Railroad Street(802) 535-1555St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 535-1555For Attorney General NLORIE A. CARTWRIGHT826 Western Avenue(802) 579-2676BrattleboroVT05301(802) 579-2676For State RepresentativeWindham 3-1Democratic36754.53% YRICHARD BAYER20 B South Main(802) 578-2475AlburghVT05440(802) 796-4432For High BailiffLamoilleRepublican776100.00% YJOHN P. MONETTEPO Box 570(802) 334-5087DerbyVT05829(802) 334-2370For Probate JudgeRutlandDemocratic4,252100.00%YYKEVIN P. CANDON20 Marolin Acres(802) 775-7511RutlandVT05701(802) 775-2034For Probate JudgeRutlandRepublican2,989100.00%YYCHRISTOPHER H. HOWE988 Cedar Mountain Road(802) 265-3595Fair HavenVT05743(802) 265-3881For Probate JudgeWashingtonDemocratic6,600100.00%YYGEORGE K. BELCHER5 Marvin Street(802) 828-3405MontpelierVT05602(802) 223-3774For Probate JudgeWindhamDemocratic5,497100.00%YYROBERT M. PUPO Box 1938(802) 257-2898BrattleboroVT05302(802) 254-8361For Probate JudgeWindsorDemocratic5,852100.00%YYJOANNE ERTEL420 Randall Road(802) 457-1503WoodstockVT05091(802) 457-4163For Assistant JudgeAddisonDemocratic4,003100.00%YYBETSY GOSSENS59 Lake Dunmore Road(802) 388-5350SalisburyVT05769(802) 352-9058For Assistant JudgeAddisonRepublican1,619100.00%YYFRANK BROUGHTON4204 VT Route 125(802) 758-2477BridportVT05734(802) 758-2357For Assistant JudgeBenningtonDemocratic2,28851.42%YYJIM COLVINPO Box 681(802) 442-3157BenningtonVT05201(802) 442-3157For Assistant JudgeBenningtonDemocratic2,16248.58%YYWESLEY L. MOOK228 Washington Avenue(802) 442-5028BenningtonVT05201(802) 442-5028For Assistant JudgeCaledoniaRepublican1,23742.55%YYWILLIAM P. “BILL” KENNEDY17 Brunelle Street(802) 748-6600St. JohnsbuVT05819(802) 748-8232For Assistant JudgeCaledoniaRepublican35012.04% Republican14,60056.75% YPATTI J. LEWIS449 East Road(802) 229-9380BerlinVT05641-5388(802) 223-6319For State RepresentativeWashington 4Republican68351.16%YYTHOMAS F. “TOM” KOCH326 Lowery Road(802) 476-4141BarreVT05641(802) 472-2688For State RepresentativeWashington 4Republican65248.84%YYFRANCIS “TOPPER” MCFAUN97 Sunset Road(802) 479-9843BarreVT05641(802) 522-7530For State RepresentativeWashington 5Democratic1,57348.36%YYMARY HOOPER882 North Street(802) 793-9512MontpelierVT05602(   )    -For State RepresentativeWashington 5Democratic1,68051.64%YYWARREN F. KITZMILLER138 North Street(802) 229-0878MontpelierVT05602(802) 229-0878For State RepresentativeWashington 5Progressive2100.00% YMARK S. YOUNGPO Box 38(802) 948-2813OrwellVT05760-0038(802) 948-2813For State SenatorBennington SenateDemocratic2,26243.64%YYBOB HARTWELLPO Box 1105(802) 362-5757ManchesterVT05255(802) 362-5757For State SenatorBennington SenateDemocratic2,92156.36%YYDICK SEARS343 Matteson Road(802) 442-9139North BenniVT05257(802) 442-9139For State SenatorBennington SenateRepublican64841.49% YJUSTIN R. NILES90 Meadow Lane(802) 733-1268ShaftsburyVT05262(   )    -For High BailiffCaledoniaRepublican1,190100.00%YYDEAN SHATNEY288 School Street(802) 748-6666West BurkeVT05871(802) 467-3065For High BailiffChittendenDemocratic6,43456.80%YYDANIEL L. GAMELIN123 Canyon Road(802) 863-7375ColchesterVT05446(802) 879-1037For High BailiffChittendenDemocratic4,89443.20% YSALLY FOX80 Bartlett Bay Road(802) 860-6428South BurliVT05403(   )    -For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic6,1058.41%YNFRANK “GUYER” GEIERPO Box 2131(802) 324-7512 Ext.South BurliVT05407-(802) 355-1976 Ext.For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic13,04517.97%YYVIRGINIA “GINNY” LYONS241 White Birch Lane(802) 863-6129WillistonVT05495(802) 863-6129For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic11,10815.30%YYHINDA MILLER64 DeForest Heights(802) 862-7008BurlingtonVT05401(802) 318-8692For State SenatorChittenden SenateDemocratic9,98313.75% YJAY MICHAUD354 Ledgewood Drive(802) 999-8553WillistonVT05495(802) 999-8553For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-1Democratic84351.31%YYBILL ASWAD74 Ridgewood Drive(802) 862-2067BurlingtonVT05408(802) 862-2067For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-1Democratic80048.69% YMARY DALY71 Ely Road(802) 333-9972FairleeVT05045(802) 333-9972For State RepresentativeOrange-Addison 1Democratic80454.55%YYPATSY FRENCH886 Harlow Hill(802) 728-9421RandolphVT05060(802) 728-9421For State RepresentativeOrange-Addison 1Democratic67045.45%YYLARRY TOWNSEND45 South Pleasant Street(802) 728-9046RandolphVT05060(802) 728-9646For State RepresentativeOrange-Addison 1Republican32238.98%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Christopher A Bray, New Haven                                                 26,328        46.9%                                          Steve Howard, RutlandCity*                                                   27,808        49.6%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                             1,970          3.5%                              Total votes counted                                                                              56,106                  B          Progressive Party                                          Marjorie Power, Montpelier*                                                        222        58.3%                                          Boots Wardinski, Newbury                                                            101        26.5%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                 58        15.2%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   381                  C          Republican Party                                          Phil Scott, Berlin*                                                                    15,981        56.1%                                          Mark Snelling, Starksboro                                                         12,389        43.5%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                105          0.4%                              Total votes counted                                                                              28,475                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Lieutenant Governor                                                   84,962 YAGNES CLIFT34 Victory Drive(802) 658-0690South BurliVT05403(802) 310-9520For State RepresentativeChittenden 3-10Democratic470100.00%YYHELEN HEAD65 East Terrace(802) 862-2267South BurliVT05403(802) 862-2267For State RepresentativeChittenden 4Democratic659100.00%YYANNE T. O’BRIEN2406 Hinesburg Road(802) 434-4250RichmondVT05477(802) 434-4250For State RepresentativeChittenden 5-1Democratic739100.00%YYKATE WEBB1611 Harbor Road(802) 233-7798ShelburneVT05482(802) 988-2789For State RepresentativeChittenden 5-2Democratic533100.00%YYJOAN G. LENES197 Governor’s Lane(802) 985-8515ShelburneVT05482(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 5-2Republican173100.00% YBRIAN CAMPION1292 West Road(802) 375-4376BenningtonVT05201(802) 753-7705For State RepresentativeBennington 2-1Democratic72858.90%YYTIMOTHY R. CORCORAN, II8 Corey Lane(802) 447-0929BenningtonVT05201(802) 447-0929For State RepresentativeBennington 2-1Republican131100.00%YYJOSEPH L. KRAWCZYK JR.286 Ridge Lane(802) 442-8613BenningtonVT05201(802) 442-8613For State RepresentativeBennington 2-2Democratic43456.22%YYANNE LAMY MOOK228 Washington Avenue(802) 442-5028BenningtonVT05201(802) 442-5028For State RepresentativeBennington 2-2Democratic33843.78% Democratic62,319100.00%YYJEB SPAULDINGPO Box 222(802) 229-8216MontpelierVT05601(802) 229-8216For State Treasurer YMIKE HEBERTPO Box 120(802) 254-3619VernonVT05354(802) 254-3619For State RepresentativeWindham 2Democratic344100.00%YYANN MANWARINGPO Box 1089(802) 464-2150WilmingtonVT05363(802) 464-2150For State RepresentativeWindham 3-1Democratic30645.47%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Peter Welch, Hartland*                                                            65,920        98.6%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                913          1.4%                              Total votes counted                                                                              66,833                  B          Progressive Party                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                141      100.0%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   141                  C          Republican Party                                          Paul D Beaudry, Swanton*                                                      10,797        43.8%                                          John M Mitchell, RutlandCity                                                      9,631        39.1%                                          Keith Stern, Springfield                                                               3,545        14.4%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                659          2.7%                              Total votes counted                                                                              24,632                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Representative to Congress                                        91,606 YMIKE MCCARTHY32 South Main Street Apt. 9(802) 233-7587St. AlbansVT05478(802) 233-7587For State SenatorFranklin SenateRepublican2,02460.65%YYRANDY BROCK2396 Highgate Road(802) 868-2300St. AlbansVT05478(802) 868-2300For State SenatorFranklin SenateRepublican1,31339.35% NJOCELYN STOHLPO Box 220(802) 828-2244RandolphVT05060(802) 828-2244For State RepresentativeOrange-Caledonia 1Democratic331100.00%YYCHIP CONQUEST409 Bible Hill Road(802) 757-3803Wells RiverVT05081(802) 757-3803For State RepresentativeOrange-Caledonia 1Republican263100.00% YRICHARD B. MIDDLETON2304 Main Street(802) 928-3033Isle LaMottVT05463(802) 928-3343For Assistant JudgeGrand IsleDemocratic75559.36%YYSHERRI POTVIN317 Old West Shore(802) 372-8400North HeroVT05474(802) 999-2663For Assistant JudgeGrand IsleRepublican349100.00% YDOUGLAS A. GAGE41 Hazel Street(802) 773-0616RutlandVT05701(802) 773-0616For State RepresentativeRutland 6Republican243100.00%YYCHARLES “BUTCH” SHAW910 Markowski Road(802) 483-2339FlorenceVT05744(802) 483-2398For State RepresentativeRutland 7Republican210100.00%YYJOE ACINAPURA45 Park Street(802) 247-8403BrandonVT05733(802) 247-8403For State RepresentativeRutland 8Democratic329100.00%YYJOHN W. MALCOLM1822 Rupert Mountain Road(802) 325-3424PawletVT05761(802) 325-3424For State RepresentativeRutland 8Republican157100.00% YED STONE138 Wildwood West(802) 425-3277CharlotteVT05445(802) 425-3277For State RepresentativeChittenden 2Democratic91546.21%YYTERENCE “TERRY” MACAIG82 Pamela Court(802) 878-3872WillistonVT05495(802) 878-3872For State RepresentativeChittenden 2Democratic1,06553.79%YYJIM MCCULLOUGH592 Gov. Chittenden Road(802) 878-2180WillistonVT05495-7762(802) 878-2180For State RepresentativeChittenden 2Republican32650.62% Progressive22268.73% YMARJORIE POWER67 Independence Green(802) 229-0782MontpelierVT05602(802) 229-0782For Lieutenant Governor NKIMBERLY B. CHENEY143 South Bear Swamp Road(802) 223-4000MiddlesexVT05602(802) 223-3181For State SenatorWashington SenateDemocratic5,57727.04%YYANN E. CUMMINGS24 Colonial Drive(802) 229-0345MontpelierVT05602(802) 223-6043For State SenatorWashington SenateDemocratic2,90914.11% NWALTER E. HASTINGS864 South Windsor Street(802) 356-5203South RoyaVT05068(802) 356-5203For State RepresentativeWindsor-Orange 1Republican165100.00%YYDAVID M. AINSWORTH86 VT Route 14(802) 763-8017South RoyaVT05068(   )    -For State RepresentativeWindsor-Rutland 1Democratic373100.00% NMATT DUNNE314 Clayhill Road(802) 295-5009HartlandVT05048(   )    -For Governor YANTHONY COTTERPO Box 872(802) 746-8713PittsfieldVT05762(   )    -For State RepresentativeWindsor-Rutland 2Progressive16100.00%YYSANDY HAAS360 South Main(802) 767-4751RochesterVT05767(802) 767-4751For State RepresentativeWindsor-Rutland 2Republican224100.00% YFRED K. BASER35 Mountain Street(802) 453-2378BristolVT05443(802) 453-4391For State RepresentativeAddison 4Republican32741.44% YD. JUSTINE SCANLON120 Soule Street(802) 442-7001BenningtonVT05201(802) 442-9474For Probate JudgeCaledoniaDemocratic1,903100.00%YYERNEST TOBIAS BALIVETPO Box 114(802) 684-3666 Ext.DanvilleVT05828-0114(802) 684-3666 Ext.For Probate JudgeChittendenDemocratic13,324100.00%YYSUSAN L. FOWLER14 Catella Road(802) 951-5133Essex JuncVT05452(802) 878-6495For Probate JudgeEssexRepublican494100.00%YYALLEN D. HODGDONPO Box 137(802) 676-3910GuildhallVT05905(802) 676-3713For Probate JudgeFranklinDemocratic3,429100.00%YYLARRY BRUCEPO Box 467(802) 524-4112St. AlbansVT05478(802) 524-3090For Probate JudgeGrand IsleDemocratic815100.00%YYLINDA PETRY EFFEL4 Robinson Point Road(802) 372-8816Grand IsleVT05458(802) 372-3161For Probate JudgeGrand IsleRepublican343100.00% YWILLIAM ROBERTS1130 Barry Road(802) 524-5911FairfieldVT05455(802) 452-5811For State RepresentativeFranklin 2Republican29127.20% YJACK ANDERSON2812 Westerdale Cut Off Road(802) 457-1822WoodstockVT05091(802) 457-2398For Assistant JudgeWindsorDemocratic4,71850.49%YYDAVID SINGERPO Box 243(802) 738-9939HartlandVT05048(802) 436-2943For Assistant JudgeWindsorRepublican1,661100.00% YCHERYL MAZZARIELLO HOOKER11 Royce Street(802) 353-7288RutlandVT05701-4432(802) 775-5462For State SenatorRutland SenateRepublican2,24126.85% YANDREA OCHS37 Needham Hill Road(802) 948-2670OrwellVT05760(802) 948-2670For State SenatorAddison SenateRepublican1,75762.88% Republican9,63140.17% YTONY MORGAN472 Dewey Avenue(802) 282-5374West RutlaVT05777(802) 438-5069For State RepresentativeRutland 1-2Democratic45754.80%YYDAVE POTTERPO Box 426(802) 438-5385North ClareVT05759(802) 438-5385For State RepresentativeRutland 1-2Republican34152.22% YROBERT MACILVANE552 Granby Road(802) 328-4041GuildhallVT05905(   )    -For High BailiffGrand IsleDemocratic885100.00%YYCAROL B. TREMBLE88 Kibbe Point Road(802) 372-6313South HeroVT05486(802) 372-4805For High BailiffGrand IsleRepublican295100.00% YRICHARD MORTON1089 Marlboro Road(802) 275-3915BrattleboroVT05301(802) 257-2780For State RepresentativeWindham 3-2Democratic539100.00%YYMOLLIE S. BURKE62 West Street(802) 257-4844BrattleboroVT05301(802) 257-4844For State RepresentativeWindham 3-3Democratic536100.00%YYSARAH EDWARDS127 Main Street 4A(802) 257-4630BrattleboroVT05301(802) 257-4630For State RepresentativeWindham 4Democratic99852.14%YYMICHAEL J. OBUCHOWSKI72 Atkinson Street(802) 387-5509Bellows FalVT05101(802) 463-3094For State RepresentativeWindham 4Democratic91647.86%YYCAROLYN W. PARTRIDGE1612 Old Cheney Road(802) 874-4182WindhamVT05359(802) 874-4182For State RepresentativeWindham 5Democratic1,34649.96%YYDAVID L. DEEN5607 Westminster West Road(802) 869-3116WestminstVT05346(802) 869-3116For State RepresentativeWindham 5Democratic1,34850.04%YYMIKE MROWICKI299 South Pine Banks Road(802) 387-8787PutneyVT05346(   )    -For State RepresentativeWindham 6Democratic684100.00%YYRICHARD J. MAREKPO Box 476(802) 365-9107NewfaneVT05345(802) 365-9107For State RepresentativeWindham 6Republican88100.00% YLEIGH J. DAKINPO Box 467(802) 875-3456ChesterVT05143(802) 875-3456For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-2Democratic64549.20%YYALICE M. EMMONS318 Summer Street(802) 885-5893SpringfieldVT05156(802) 885-5893For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-2Democratic66650.80%YYCYNTHIA MARTIN903 French Meadow Road(802) 886-8470SpringfieldVT05156(802) 886-8470For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-2Republican25641.76% YHILARY COOKEPO Box 1232(802) 257-1611BrattleboroVT05302(   )    -For State SenatorWindsor SenateDemocratic5,25134.28%YYJOHN CAMPBELLPO Box 1306(802) 295-1111QuecheeVT05059(802) 295-6238For State SenatorWindsor SenateDemocratic5,22434.10%YYRICHARD “DICK” MCCORMACK127 Cleveland Brook Road(802) 234-5497BethelVT05032(802) 234-5497For State SenatorWindsor SenateDemocratic4,84431.62%YYALICE W. NITKAPO Box 136(802) 228-8432LudlowVT05149-0136(802) 228-8432For State SenatorWindsor SenateRepublican1,39733.65% YDAVID HARRINGTON17 Platinum Plain(802) 477-3933BarreVT05641(802) 476-5238For State SenatorWashington SenateRepublican2,05629.45% YSARAH E. BUXTON190 Caron Circle #3(802) 233-0274South RoyaVT05068(802) 233-0274For State RepresentativeWindsor-Orange 1Democratic22136.23% YLISA ERWIN-DAVIDSON323 N. Derby Road(802) 334-2571NewportVT05855(802) 272-6952For State RepresentativeOrleans 1Republican24232.93% YBETSY DUNN2 Cindy Lane(802) 878-6628 Ext.EssexVT05452-(802) 878-6628 Ext.For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-1Democratic59355.42%YYDEBBIE EVANS53 Greenfield Road(802) 878-4317EssexVT05452(802) 878-4317For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-1Republican320100.00%YYLINDA K. MYERS51 Forest Road(802) 878-3514Essex JuncVT05452(802) 878-3514For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-2Democratic76454.45%YYTIM JERMAN5 Sycamore Lane(802) 878-2972Essex JuncVT05452(   )    -For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-2Democratic63945.55%YYLINDA J. WAITE-SIMPSON76 Beech Street(802) 872-0499Essex JuncVT05452(802) 881-8528For State RepresentativeChittenden 6-2Republican30951.67% NCHRIS ROYPO Box 53(802) 846-8323WillistonVT05495(802) 879-7322For Auditor of Accounts YGEORGE BILODEAU170 Fontaine Road(802) 527-0313 Ext.GeorgiaVT05468-(   )    –     Ext.For Assistant JudgeFranklinDemocratic1,99539.29% YGEORGE NED SPEAR154 Campbell Bay Road(802) 868-2929 Ext.West SwanVT05488-(802) 363-6616 Ext.For Probate JudgeLamoilleRepublican974100.00%YYJAMES R. DEAN MAHONEYPO Box 194(802) 888-7707Hyde ParkVT05655(802) 888-5080For Probate JudgeOrangeRepublican1,301100.00%YYBERNARD “BERNIE” LEWIS226 Hebard Hill Road(802) 728-9604 Ext.RandolphVT05060-(802) 728-3675 Ext.For Probate JudgeOrleansRepublican1,303100.00% YMIRIAM “MUFFIE” CONLON61 Clarendon Avenue(802) 223-2440MontpelierVT05602(802) 223-2440For Assistant JudgeWindhamDemocratic4,54755.94%YYPATRICIA W. DUFFPO Box 6385(802) 579-1167BrattleboroVT05302(802) 579-1167For Assistant JudgeWindhamDemocratic3,58144.06% YJOSEPH S. SPANO175 Country Hill(626) 991-5198BrattleboroVT05301(626) 991-5198For Assistant JudgeWindhamRepublican1,185100.00% NMICHAEL ROOSEVELTPO Box 179(802) 748-5525GreensboroVT05842(802) 533-2162For Assistant JudgeCaledoniaRepublican1,32045.41%YYROY C. VANCEPO Box 186(802) 751-0287DanvilleVT05828(802) 684-3488For Assistant JudgeChittendenDemocratic6,45529.52% YCARL J. HAAS48 Campbell Road(802) 775-3905RutlandVT05701(802) 775-3905For State RepresentativeRutland 5-4Democratic284100.00%YYGALE COURCELLE50 Hazel Street(802) 775-0262RutlandVT05701(802) 775-0262For State RepresentativeRutland 5-4Republican168100.00% NMAURICE F. MAHONEY69 Joy Drive(802) 652-7031South BurliVT05403(802) 658-6353For Assistant JudgeChittendenDemocratic6,53829.90% NPETER A. CADYPO Box 22(802) 775-3229PittsfordVT05763(802) 483-6322For Assistant JudgeRutlandRepublican2,27539.65%YYJEAN H. COLOUTTI10 Hillcrest Road(802) 775-4394RutlandVT05701(802) 773-6242For Assistant JudgeRutlandRepublican1,99034.68% YAUDREY J. BRYANT28 Pearl Street(802) 372-3820Grand IsleVT05458(802) 372-3820For State’s AttorneyGrand IsleDemocratic38340.83%YNDAVID G. MILLER147 High Street(802) 524-5211St. AlbansVT05478(802) 524-9052For State’s AttorneyGrand IsleDemocratic667.04%                   A          Democratic Party                                          Susan Bartlett, Hyde Park                                                          3,759          5.1%                                          Matt Dunne, Hartland                                                                15,323        20.8%                                          Deb Markowitz, Montpelier                                                        17,579        23.9%                                          Doug Racine, Richmond                                                           18,079        24.6%                                          Peter Shumlin, Putney*                                                          18,276        24.8%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                560          0.8%                              Total votes counted                                                                              73,576                  B          Progressive Party                                          Martha Abbott, Underhill*                                                             257        69.6%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                112        30.4%                              Total votes counted                                                                                   369                  C          Republican Party                                          Brian E Dubie, Essex*                                                            28,452        98.6%                                          Combined Write‑in votes                                                                416          1.4%                              Total votes counted                                                                              28,868                  TOTAL VOTES CAST For Governor                                                                  102,813 Democratic60,011100.00%YYWILLIAM H. SORRELLPO Box 809(802) 343-3015MontpelierVT05601-0809(802) 343-3015For Attorney General YJOHN F. BEHANBecks Drive(802) 447-8618BenningtonVT05201(802) 447-8618For SheriffBenningtonRepublican886100.00%YYCHAD D. SCHMIDT571 Skyboro Road(802) 442-4900 Ext.PownalVT05261-(802) 823-4672 Ext.For SheriffCaledoniaRepublican1,276100.00%YYMICHAEL H. BERGERONPO Box 84(802) 748-6666BarnetVT05821(802) 633-3632For SheriffChittendenDemocratic12,957100.00%YYKEVIN M. MCLAUGHLIN51 Clymer Street(802) 863-7386BurlingtonVT05401(802) 862-7222For SheriffEssexDemocratic197100.00% Progressive257100.00% YLARRY C. ROBINSON70 Joseph Lane(802) 365-7766NewfaneVT05345(802) 365-7766For Assistant JudgeWindsorDemocratic4,62749.51% Progressive10131.27% YJeb  Spaulding NRICHARD “RICH” DURHAM125 Kennedy Drive Unit #4(802) 310-7327South BurliVT05403(802) 862-0081For Assistant JudgeChittendenDemocratic6,21528.43% Democratic7,89210.90% NSTEPHEN A. MCDONALD275 St. Albans Street(802) 527-5777EnosburghVT05450(802) 370-9107For Assistant JudgeFranklinRepublican1,737100.00% YLENNY ZENONOSPO Box 95(802) 754-2806 Ext.OrleansVT05860-(802) 754-2806 Ext.For SheriffEssexRepublican36364.82% YELIZABETH COPPOLA54 South Street(802) 885-1288SpringfieldVT05156(802) 376-8487For State RepresentativeWindsor 1-2Republican25241.11% I.                For US Senator YED LARSON117 Towne Hill Road(802) 224-9177MontpelierVT05602(802) 224-9177For State SenatorWindham SenateDemocratic3,94036.46% Democratic15,32320.99% YGENE H. MARTIN1126 Jefferson Hill Road(802) 922-3591South RyeVT05069(802) 584-3809For High BailiffOrleansRepublican1,046100.00%YYJULIAN “JAY” STANWOOD25 Juniper Street(802) 334-7394NewportVT05855(802) 334-7394For High BailiffRutlandRepublican2,628100.00%YYFRANK L. WILK, JR.PO Box 166(802) 773-9008North ClareVT05759(802) 773-9008For High BailiffWashingtonRepublican2,521100.00% NDEB MARKOWITZ4 Pearl Street(802) 951-1155MontpelierVT05601(802) 279-0362For Governor Republican1,361100.00%last_img read more

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:Record-high renewables growth is transforming Australia’s electricity landscape, pushing out coal plants and lowering prices and emissions.Solar and wind output during the fourth quarter within the five jurisdictions that make up the National Electricity Market increased 39% from a year earlier, the Australian Energy Market Operator said Monday in its quarterly report. That helped cut power-generation emissions 5% to the lowest in data going back to 2001 and slashed wholesale prices by almost a fifth.“Record variable renewable energy generation growth in 2019 is expected to continue into 2020, as the large amount of new capacity currently being accredited is likely to reach full generation by mid-2020,” AEMO said in the report. “During December 2019 (and into January 2020), extreme heat, generator and transmission line outages, and bushfires tested the NEM power system and led to price volatility.”Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government has faced increased criticism over its lack of a coherent climate policy following the devastating bushfires that swept across the country this summer. Over the weekend it confirmed its staunch support of the coal industry in the face of a growing backlash against the fuel by giving financial backing to a study into a new plant.In Western Australia, which is not part of the national market, a 47% year-on-year increase in wind generation in the quarter outpaced growth in coal and rooftop solar, according to the report.[Rob Verdonck]More: Solar is beating out coal in Australia, pushing down emissions Record growth in Australian renewables is pushing down electricity prices, threatening coallast_img read more