Tengzhou Women’s Federation to help 80 female entrepreneurs open business venture Road

Ma said that the era of electricity supplier to the new opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Now the heroine who not only for the workplace, have also begun to enter the field of entrepreneurship, set off a storm rose business in the Internet era.

to the end of the year, the China Logistics College Business Park opened a Taobao shop female shopkeeper Zhang Defeng busy awfully. She operates Taobao shop for more than three years, as of now has successfully sold a single 25 thousand, the shop rose to crown". Now she is ready to supply, ready to welcome the new year’s day to the Spring Festival during the hot season.

80 as female business students, Zhang Defeng choose to engage in e-commerce industry, not only by the recent rapid development of the electricity supplier industry momentum effect is more, she found a lead she walked on the road of "family". "I mainly in the online business products in Tengzhou province. On the road, thanks to the help provided by the Municipal Women’s Federation, strengthened my business confidence, resolve the problem of business on the road." Mention entrepreneurial process, Zhang Defeng said sincerely.

in the public venture, the highly innovative direction, more and more people through the Internet plus into electricity supplier industry. Among these people, there are many female entrepreneurs. In order to better provide services for the majority of women engaged in the electricity supplier industry in recent years, the Municipal Women’s Federation explored "Internet plus her" model, through the typical leading and demonstration base construction, entrepreneurship training, guide entrepreneurial intention of women to join in the electricity supplier industry, has begun to help women entrepreneurs achieve success in business, for the majority of the city’s female entrepreneurial wings.

in many women entrepreneurs, there are mostly through the typical lead on entrepreneurship road. Zhu Qinghua is a member of the Municipal Women’s Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association, she in the Municipal Women’s Federation under the help of the O2O business model, online sales of plant fiber crop technology environmental protection flowerpot, success. Subsequently, she invested about 20000000 yuan in the bulk of the village, in November established a large e-commerce youth entrepreneurship Park, leading women entrepreneurship. Just over a month’s time, the park has attracted 20 women into the park, the transaction network more than 3 thousand orders, network transactions 10 million yuan, products related to agricultural products, food and other fields, Home Furnishing.

in support of women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and implementation of the Municipal Women’s Federation Tengzhou sister specialization, standardization, informationization, the integrity of the "four modernizations" service, through the creation of "Tengzhou sister electronic service platform", "open Internet plus housekeeping service mode, the establishment of user, Yuesao and nursing division 8 WeChat group convenient employment, communication between the two sides, let me the home service industry to achieve the recommended

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