Science and technology exhibition help entrepreneurial talent

science and technology exhibition can be said to be a good platform for entrepreneurs of science and technology, but also a good opportunity for business investment, in the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, science and technology exhibition can help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.


2016 in March 26th, the prime minister in Hainan, highly appreciated by the university students have invented coconut shells, and encourage young entrepreneurs to do innovative and creative representatives. Planning by the national innovation and development strategy of the achievements of contemporary science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Organizing Committee to see this news, the first time to contact Ceng Nanchun, buy patents to 1 million yuan, and will assist in the development of a new generation of products, at the same time in the contemporary science and technology innovation exhibition Shanghai Hongqiao demonstration Museum site is open to the public.

"platform" (for domestic enterprises and overseas technology zero integration, so that the domestic entrepreneurial team seamless overseas technology, capital, and provide long-term support, professional services, including technology transfer and legal consulting etc.), more introduction, exhibition of world-class high-tech products, driven by radiation, boost Chinese manufacturing power the construction of three to ten years of "three step" strategy in the dissemination and promotion of the manufacturing, intelligent digital network.

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