What are the four methods of cigarette display

even if the business is the same product, and some shops do a good job of display, and some shops just piled together, the attractiveness of the consumer is naturally different. There is no doubt that doing a good job in the shop is undoubtedly more attractive. However, some shops, although it is thought of the display, but do not know what the display method. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce four kinds. So, what are the four methods of cigarette display?


" can start a prairie fire, sparks of fire, "the Luxuries wolf" Star "style is really good!" In October 18th, the customer manager to Shanghang County four operating the Department of non-staple food Luo Yongchun shop visit, entered the shop, I was attracted by the creative style.

Luo Yongchun pay attention to the cigarette industry is famous. He said, "well done cigarette display, not only can attract the attention of consumers, but also help me to promote the promotion of cigarette brands, improve the operating profit of cigarette shops. Cigarette display role can not be ignored!" When asked about the secret of cigarette display, he said there are four main methods:

one is the price of high and low ranking method. This is the most widely used most widely used method of cigarette display, cigarette price is from top to bottom, arranged from left to right, so that a convenient cigarette consumer choice, on the other hand also allows customers to choose their own cigarette is very understanding of which class, clear.

two is a clever use of label display. A lot of peers can not see the small label that the maintenance of the label is very troublesome, I do not know a small label, the ability to. Standardize the use of price tags, you can get the trust of consumers for the first time, with a label, consumers are very clear cigarette prices, according to the demand for their own choice. The price tag should be kept clean and complete; at the time of the sale, according to the marked price sales prices, regardless of price or price of a package should be in place.

three is the new theme display. New cigarette profits tend to be relatively high, but consumers are not familiar with. When all the publicity and promotion of new cigarettes, we should pay attention to highlight the location and manner of new cigarette display. On the one hand, the brand should be displayed in the cigarette smoke cabinet or smoke cabinet central, the most eye-catching. On the other hand to take appropriate new cigarette "theme" display mode, such as "other stars", "China knot" shape "theme" display, unique, consumers are often out of curiosity, try this new.

four is a clever use of "hint language" method. Colleagues in the cigarette display can also be reasonable to use "the reminder card", "manager recommend" prompt, publicity tips. When a cigarette brand is out of stock, and guide consumers with prompt card purchase the same price or slightly higher priced alternative brands; when new cigarette OTC, "manager recommend" brand attracted the attention of consumers, play a guiding role of consumption.

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