What are the first southwest entrepreneurship Summit

southwest region will be another big business event. From the West China Metropolis Daily Chong Chong China Charity initiative to lead the first pioneering southwest business summit will be held this month, 28, the domestic well-known entrepreneurs and corporate bigwigs will come to Chengdu.

polymerization of more than more than 1 thousand entrepreneurial team, a more than and 80 venture project financing, the establishment of service business school, Huaxi golden ant……

in 2015 across the country "the wave of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples", WCC hit off Chinese · New Youth Action "campaign is like a the fleet, sailing in the forefront of entrepreneurship. Activities start more than 8 months, entrepreneurial projects from 0 to build up to more than 1 thousand, some unknown entrepreneurial team, through the creation of China to the national competitive arena. The fate of entrepreneurial team change, so many people remember the Huaxi Dushi bao".

in the southwest of the summit on entrepreneurship, domestic cutting-edge Internet startups CEO, well-known academic experts and business chiefs will have appeared, for entrepreneurs, teacher guidance. At the same time, we will publish the first blockbuster "creating wealth" list, disclosing confidential level data valuation of start-up companies, and record the startup success every gem collection books, and formally launched gold, Huaxi ants business school curriculum suits, and benchmarking Alibaba "Lake University EMBA class, so that entrepreneurs in" do not forget to "learn" at the same time".

2015 in May 4th hit off Chinese "since the platform launched, up to now, more than more than 1 thousand aggregate entrepreneurial team, has more than and 80 entrepreneurial projects successful matchmaking. In the eight games held "Huaxi exchange" venture capital docking activities, a total of 138 projects NiuDao, 8 projects completed investment contract, including ten million investment contract, 5 projects have been to the final stage of financing.

in 2015 after a company merger, capital market ups and downs, industry reshuffle, as a strong power to attract countless eyes venture capital and talent field. In the establishment of more than 8 months, the WCC "hit off Chinese" before focusing on the most recommended

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