Small business loans to help small bosses who start again

for science and technology entrepreneurs, big sketch venture has a very favorable policy support, in order to fully implement the innovation and entrepreneurship policy, naturally also pay attention to those small boss of entrepreneurship. Therefore, Pukou district has brought them preferential policies for small business loans.

and into the lobster season. In the District of Pukou Yongning Street community of Xi Ge a dragon pond, Zhang Siyang farmers are busy fishing. Zhang Siyang was a cross stitch products dealers, 3 years ago to return to the rural breeding lobster, began the two venture.

from the distribution of cross stitch to breeding crayfish, Zhang Siyang’s transformation is not the case. Reporters from the City Federation of labor micro loan guarantee center was informed that, among the small loan households, some small bosses because of various reasons, embarked on the road of the two venture. In the difficult start on the road, they refuse to be cowed or submit and perseverance, step by step through.

back to the countryside

and ordinary seasonal lobster fishing can be listed, Zhang Siyang aquaculture lobster throughout the year, available at any time. Last year, the total output value reached about 3000000 yuan lobster. Driven by Zhang Siyang, there are around 6 farmers follow the lobster, he unreservedly to teach the technology to everyone, and with everyone together sales. Now the area has reached more than 2 thousand acres lobster cultivation.

the closure of small processing plant for 12 years, to make TCM

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