National brand from shampoo brand

As everyone knows there are a lot of shampoo brand

we all know, such as PANTENE, VS, lux, rejoice, and make the overlord shampoo carcinogenic storm unease, raise a Babel of criticism of the. The king throughout the storm ", could not help but regret and heartache, could not help but have something to say.

the overlord is one of the few industries with strong competitiveness of national brands. The "family medicine" of this wonderful creative open market, its product development and quality control, advertising planning, brand management, enterprise culture construction and enterprise behavior are focusing on the theme of "family medicine", highlighting the enterprise core value and competitiveness in the international market, anti off was highly recognized by consumers, sales steadily rose.

further think, behind the storm is king’s trading, interest, interest and then trading behind? If the king does fail, and how to


Chinese to their own rich, strong and prosperous, the enterprise brand is the mainstay, our government should pay attention to the local brand of "quicksand bottom", to transform the national brand "quicksand bottom, steel, cement, each with a conscience Chinese have a deep look forward to



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