What is the most profitable home business

is another year of graduation season, college graduates face two choices, either inauguration or entrepreneurship, and choose to return home in a small number of businesses, then the question is, what do you want to return home to make money?

A, the ecological agriculture is modern agriculture new nuggets point.

three, the use of their own experience and resources, business services.

many home business people in the city are mostly in the manufacturing industry and service industry, so they returned home after using during the work experience, ability, capital, information, social capital, development of business services, investment goods of agricultural management.

with ALI and other Internet trade with him, to open a shop online shopping agent, to help the village agricultural supplies; online shopping, help agricultural products distributors are for trading products by alipay. Specific needs to link the field of consumer market channels. It takes a long time to try and accumulate.

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