ntroduction to the main barbecue barbecue fee

many delicacy join the project let you pick hualiaoyan, of course so much delicacy project must have for your brand, I do not know how you think of barbecue for you join, recommend the main officer roast barbecue, baked barbecue, good cooking, material more carefully. A high degree of intelligence, small loss, smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic, high calorific value, low ash content, no pollution, environmental protection and sanitation; the strong technical force, the main roast officer can continue to progress, in the process of business development, in an invincible position. So how much is the main barbecue barbecue fee?

main barbecue barbecue join fee introduction:

join the cost as long as 5 to 100 thousand yuan, so the cost is very suitable to join the franchise, join the cost is a lot of franchisees can accept.

joined the main roast shop, let you no worries, you don’t need to worry about their own experience, no cooking, dishes, ingredients, because temperature all quantitative operation, even if you can’t cook can make delicious meals.

principal officer grilled barbecue, delicious taste is numerous, complete, suitable for early in the evening 24 hours full meal management. Roast barbecue and the main officer has eight hundred kinds of Korean royal flavor dietary category of classic delicacy, can satisfy the consumers dining, business, dating, family gatherings and other dining needs, a restaurant for dinner.

main officer not only rinse roast roast whole, and Korean cuisine, Hong Kong style meals and drinks desserts and other food, meet the different tastes of consumers. Only investment million yuan can invest an upscale restaurants, up to 50%-60%, can recover the short-term funds, not hoard goods, no backlog, as long as a revolving fund can ready for operation, with little or no experience does not matter.

main roast official brand, with its profound cultural heritage, the brand name and reputation effect in the barbecue industry quickly, can quickly be sought after by consumers, popular Wang, is bound to bring a huge share. Hire top international and domestic advertising companies as brand strategy consultant, international top nutritionist, cooks backing, strong brand, development, operations and has committed to the traditional Chinese Cuisine: mature experience, allow the franchisee to make money.

by the 3 main roast barbecue join cost is in everyone’s affordable range, if you think the main roast barbecue this brand good officer please post our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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