Hangzhou to create a unique entrepreneurial tea culture

most of the foreign entrepreneurs start from the cafe starting point, and the formation of a wave swept the world. Hangzhou from the Chinese traditional culture of tea, to create a unique "tea culture".

"for the first time since the summer of 2014 Premier Li Keqiang Davos forum for public entrepreneurship, innovation" entrepreneurial innovation since the surging tide, the wind blowing, the time has come to a!

"tea is the national drink, Hangzhou for tea". Beijing is different from Zhongguancun’s "entrepreneurial coffee", asked Hangzhou tea fragrance business, welcome eight party guests.

Hangzhou superior natural conditions bred the world famous Longjing green tea, innovation ecosystem health is the key to nurturing entrepreneurship tea ", mainly include five basic elements: one is the sun. Hangzhou science and technology innovation, deepen the reform of the "30" hang ten reform "," information economy 35 "and the rule of law construction of Hangzhou Hangzhou law ten", "new talent of 27", "twelve gold", perfect the policy system of public record. Two is the soil. Hangzhou public space has reached 66, of which a total of 14 into the national science and technology business incubator management service system, accounting for the national 1/5, the creation of the establishment of the public space alliance, becoming a customer and create a public space of the circle of friends". Three is water. A number of venture capital institutions agglomeration Hangzhou, derivative search network, where the capital investment, money exchange, O2O investment and financing platform, while billions of innovation fund in Hangzhou, double to add a fire. Four is the air. Thanks to the good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, Hangzhou born Lu Guanqiu, Feng Gensheng, Ma Yun and other famous entrepreneurs, has been driving the transformation and upgrading of the window innovation of private economy, high levels of entrepreneurial talent livable "paradise Silicon Valley", first choice of capital and talent to the Internet business. Five nutrients. Provide strong intellectual support for many colleges and universities to Zhejiang University as the representative of the Hangzhou public record. Entrepreneurship Forum, business salon, entrepreneur global training camp, business mentor reception day and other activities, constitute a three-dimensional entrepreneurial counseling system.

The main battlefield of

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