Henan relocation of poor households do not have the funds to do

with the rapid development of economy, many parts of our lives are in the construction of large, so in order to carry out an effective unified planning, the implementation of the demolition is also essential. The afternoon of September 22nd, governor Chen Runer chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government, the research about speeding up to resettle, improve rural minimum living subsidy standards, adjust the province’s highway network planning etc.. Relocation of poor households in Henan is no longer self relocation funds, but by the relevant measures to vigorously support.

the meeting stressed that to resettle to always focus on the goal of poverty alleviation, verify the object, proper placement, adhere to standards, the implementation of funds, accelerate, ensure that the relocation of people move out, stable, fast, timely completion of tasks.

The principle of the

meeting adopted the opinions on further accelerating the relocation of land to help the poor. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Conference on poverty alleviation and relocation site, and effectively enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, and resolutely fight to win the key battle to get rid of poverty. To resettle to throughout the relocation is to guide the thought out of poverty ", resolutely eliminate error prone and move to build metro, build a new town, in the planning, relocation, standard, measures focus on poverty, efforts to enhance the ability of the subsequent development of the relocation of the masses, to achieve accurate and stable to help the poor out of poverty.

meeting requirements, in the process of advancing to pay attention to grasp the five key links.

one is to verify the relocation of objects. To be clear, moving object is "one side of the water not to live a person" the mountains area, geological disaster area, barren flood inundated area, ecological protection area of poor filing riser.

two is the local conditions to choose the location. On the premise of respecting the wishes of the masses, adhere to the relatively centralized and decentralized placement, comprehensive consideration "is conducive to agricultural production, is conducive to the realization of employment, is conducive to the stability of poverty" selection of the relocation sites, to encourage the implementation of synchronization to realize the relocation, the relocation of the village. Not for the centralized resettlement of poor households scattered, can adopt flexible measures to flower placement.

three is strictly adhere to the relocation standards. To strictly enforce the per capita housing construction area of not more than 25 square meters of the standard, not to expand the construction area, not from the actual improve construction standards, to exceed the standard building should be earnestly, never let poverty due to the relocation of borrowing, due to the relocation of more poor.

four is the effective implementation of relocation funds. In order to alleviate the burden on the poor, the original 3000 yuan per capita funds raised by the relocation of poor households by the provincial and municipal levels of finance to share the total of 1000 yuan, the relocation of poor households no longer self financing. The province will also set up a financing platform to better solve the financing problem to be relocated.

five is the coordination group recommended

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