Clothing store how to prevent passive marketing

Whether it is Taobao

, or store, how many people do clothing business fortune. Because of this, it will attract a lot of investors into the clothing market. However, since the investment in the clothing business, naturally need to purchase. This purchase is a university asked, a careless, it is possible to allow investors to business can not adhere to.

short, clothing looks very simple, anyone can do, now do what things are difficult, only your body in which you will feel the competition is so fierce, if you do not have a good marketing strategy. If you don’t learn how to do what you want, you don’t have much to do with your business. So, how to prevent the purchase of clothing store passive marketing?

to prevent passive marketing

clothing store purchase, do not enter the wholesale market, in the first store to see, but also to prevent him from taking a pile of goods out, otherwise, hit the bad business, will lead to their own quite passive.

shop sales into the album

clothing store purchase, if it is to shop sales or supplemented, preferably in the album style, otherwise, if there is no pictures, photography and image processing technology is not high, only limited to the store, that can be hard to find.

initial purchase not too much

clothing store purchase, if it is the first purchase, the less the better! After all, it is slowly out of practice, the first purchase, the vision will not be too good!

m not into a lot of

clothing store purchase, the medium is the most easy to produce the inventory. This, perhaps a lot of seniors will not agree, but my shop and the store is indeed the case, which also makes me feel puzzled!

purchase security

clothing store purchase, do not hesitate to fancy timely start; don’t be afraid of trouble, the goods must be kept in a safe place, now this society, mean to do bad things to many people, a lot of people from the! Be careful to sail the ship for a thousand years, for fear of trouble, will be hidden!

don’t be influenced by wholesaler attitude

clothing store purchase process, do not be affected by the attitude of wholesalers, I come to purchase, not to buy a smiling face, he gave his face is his thing, money in my pocket, I would like to give to whom! You don’t look so good, I don’t give you any more!

beware of entering inventory

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