The Taoist priests down to derogatory praise different questioned

recently, because it has entered the summer, so there are a lot of movies are beginning to have emerged, which guides the film directed by Kaige Chen "in" Taoist mountain recently aired since, also received a lot of attention, at the same time people for this movie is not a derogatory praise, very controversial points many.

19, lead the people to vilify the Taoist priests down hot, but in the association Kaige Chen apology and under the frame of "Taoist mountain", netizens have denounced the discontent, the association: "the state’s" man "pancake cooking association requirements apology" and "empty" the Association asked return "apology" "Buddhist Association" although Wu Chengen apology is ridicule, but could see that everyone is backward Kaige Chen side, after all, this apology is just the reason for a curry favour by claptrap, but Kaige Chen Renzai

the original, as early as "priests down when shooting", the film has convenient communication with Chinese Association, and in accordance with the requirements of the story has been modified, so the Association for the film hold tolerant attitude. So, everything is misunderstanding, someone deliberately pick things? Well, the Internet to assist "identity as the Taoist priests down to rebuke, who is

In fact,


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