Suining chicken to lead the villagers were fairly well off

entrepreneurship can not only activate the regional economic development potential, but also with the future trend of China’s industrial development to match. Suining city in order to attract foreign drift home to return to business, tailored to a number of good policies to achieve the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship to promote everyone to get rich.

"work outside all year round, really homesick. Before the love culture in the home, after returning home, I decided to choose the mountain chicken breeding." The day before, the reporter saw in Linghai Zhao Decai Chai Shan Gou Cun Huai Pengxi County, see the growth of the Yellow Mountain is on the hillside behind him.

in Chai Shan village, originally overgrown farmland, now a business incubator of Zhao Decai. Working out of him for 10 years, 2014 in the mobilization of the village committee, decided to return to business, home rented 600 acres of land, the introduction of Yellow Mountain range. The yellow mountain range throughout the mountain forests, grazing, eating insects, Manshan run free.

aimed at the market demand

"now home development, the business environment is good, home to a career, work and family two." Zhao Decai said, in Beijing, Guangdong, before Xinjiang and other places to work, live around, leave the hometown the day. With the increase of the age, always want a little closer to home, so home business has become the inevitable choice of his.

mountain for the breeding of yellow chicken, Zhao Decai is very optimistic about the market. "I chose the mountain because it is stocking chicken, in line with public high quality of life of consumer demand, low cost……" He said, with the people’s living standards and improve the quality of life, people are more and more high demand for green food, mountain chicken and ordinary chicken, highlighting the features. "Ordinary chicken feed for 3 months you can slaughter, I breed mountain chicken eat grain to slaughter 6 months, not only good meat taste, nutritional value is also high, don’t worry about marketing."

"now breeding the batch of Mount Huangshan chicken and more than and 200, have been booked, waiting for customers to take delivery of the goods. I take the method of batch culture for breeding, slaughter has 5 batches of mountain yellow chicken, sold only more than 8 thousand, this year is expected to more than 1 only mountain chicken slaughter." Zhao Decai said with a smile.

by the policy of Dongfeng

led the villagers were fairly well-off

"the chickens are sold to Suining, Chengdu and other places, excluding the cost of a chicken, you can earn 35 dollars, annual income of more than 30 recommended

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