How to use QQ to open micro shop promotion

open micro shop has become a choice, many entrepreneurs in the current more popular however, want to micro shop business, the more well-known, nature also needs to be related to the promotion, but QQ is undoubtedly a very good tool. Moreover, the Tencent Inc occupies more than 80% Chinese Internet market, especially the number of people who use QQ, has exceeded 700 million. Such a large user base, representing the potential of the customer base. How should the owners use QQ tools to promote it? This is a lot of business enterprises are pondering the problem.

1. through chat to promote

a common level QQ number can add 500 friends, VIP4 and above the level of the QQ number can add up to 1000 friends. QQ chat is the most direct way to promote, we can do whatever we want, do not be too restrictive. It can be said that there are many friends, there are at least a number of promotional opportunities. Shopkeepers can refer to the following processes to promote.

1. open micro shop APP, click the micro shop button.

2. into the micro shop management interface, click the share button.

3. after the implementation of the operation, pop through social software sharing interface, click the "QQ" button.

4. after the implementation of the operation, jump to send to the interface, select QQ friends or QQ group, click the "send" button. QQ friends will receive the message, and then click on the store address, you can view the home page and product details.

2. QQ group to promote the use of

an ordinary grade QQ group can add 500 people, senior group can add up to 2000 people, which is a larger customer base, the need to do more to promote the owner.

mode: the owner can use their authority to establish a theme QQ group, then invite people into the same interest or industry group, shop promotion every day, at the same time can give special discount for members of the group, to establish a stable customer groups.

owner released every day to talk about the best between 2-5, to confirm the provision of valuable information, news or information. Edit the content should pay attention to the value of a good talk about the content to attract readers and forward sharing, automatic communication will bring you more visitors and more customers.

mode two: the owner can also search the same theme QQ group, and then in the group inside the advertising on the line. But for the new group, the owner should be the first to build feelings, after the promotion as the main principle, do not come in on the big fat advertising, leaving links >

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