Look at the magic story of Chobani Greek yogurt

what is the best seller of milk drinks? Yogurt. That’s right, people have a complete impression of yogurt, probably from Mosley’s ad: the secret of longevity village. Not only in China, but also in other countries. In the United States, a man named Hamdi · Wulukaya Turks have swept the world of Greek yogurt.

Wulukaya called yogurt industry Jobs, he founded the company in 2005 Chobani known as the yogurt industry in Apple Corp. In 2012, Chobani revenue reached $1 billion, ranked by FasCompany as one of the most innovative global 50 companies, par Facebook.

2015, Chobani was valued at $5 billion.

with the help of Chobani yogurt, Ulukaya has become a billionaire, but five years ago this yogurt brand almost no income. At present, the United States yogurt Market is about $6 billion 500 million, the share of Greek yogurt accounted for 36%. In the state of New York, Chobani has 28 plants, plus Fage, General Mills and other yogurt manufacturers, New York state has become a Silicon Valley of yogurt.

"it’s hard to imagine what you used to drink before you tasted Chobani yogurt." Customer evaluation Chobani.

traditional yogurt is a disaster

Wulukaya grew up in Turkey, can eat mellow yogurt, every day he Wulukaya said: my mother used to make yogurt tastes delicious. Wulukaya 1994 came to the United States to study English, in New York state, his father once he went to the United States, the United States complain that feta cheese (goat cheese) is really too terrible, so Wulukaya in Johnston founded a company dedicated to the production of the restaurant feta cheese company, this company still exists.

Wulukaya believes that Americans drink for decades of yogurt is simply a joke, their yogurt too thin, too sweet, too fake, people are playing with big companies, they do not pay attention to the taste and health, Greek yogurt protein content is very high, very low fat content, no preservatives, he thinks, we there is no reason to preservatives added to food, I want to tell those guys, you’d better be careful now, the customer is different from the past, if you don’t do the right thing, sooner or later they will punish you one day.

even the biggest competitor Fage yogurt, Wulukaya is not polite, Fage.

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