To win more customers shop promotion tactics

a shop will be taken to promote such a means, not only to allow the store to increase sales, but also to allow the number of customers in the store more. Speaking of which, you have to start a shop take promotional tactics. On a weekend in New York, I walked along the 34 street from Manhattan to the East and saw a cultural and electrical goods store.

attracted my attention is a small telephone, when this style is still rare in china. In addition to this small phone is priced at US $14, there is a special offer: if you buy the phone, pay $14 for a period of time, the store will return $10. In other words, the actual price of a phone is $4. I immediately selected two.

at the checkout counter, the waiter gave me two forms to fill in. Fill out the form and pay $28, I left the store.

buy two of their favorite phone, I am very happy. Still, I doubt whether the store will deliver on its promises.

a month later, I received an envelope with a check for $10 and said it was money to return a phone. Bought two telephones, should return $20, why not store a place? In this regard, I feel very confused.

another month, I got second checks for $10. At this point, my attitude towards the store has changed from the initial suspicion to complete trust. From then on, I naturally or half unconsciously to "propaganda", together with my colleagues to come to the United States have also begun to go to the store to buy goods.

actually, this promotion is not just for the store attracted customers so simple, a promotion that is undoubtedly attracted a lot of customers, so the hands naturally have a more adequate funding. So, I think, this kind of promotional tricks New York shop both the discounted price of "human", to attract customers, and put into their own hands to a period of time to focus on customer funds, to ensure they have sufficient liquidity, very clever.

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