The two time he failed the three venture he was still full of enthusiasm

most of the media reported the entrepreneurial success experience, may make some new customers that entrepreneurial success rate is very high. Here we need to emphasize that the entrepreneurial road flat is a single plank bridge, from here zhuihe failure than the success much more.

2015, the Yibin youth Li Jiao is the ups and downs of the year, in this year he started three times, failed two times in the depressed do not even know exactly how to go ahead, 2016 will be doomed is not easy, but he is still on the tiptoe looking forward to the unknown.

Li Jiao although fail many times, but he never like today, thanks to the experienced failure. The 26 year old he has a stable and more flexible working time, family condition is acceptable, but my spare time is always ready to desire, and strive to create their own career. So in daily work, he continued to absorb learning all kinds of knowledge of management, economics, business design, as long as he is interested in the things he always wanted to find out to get through, he said "the substantial their confidence to face challenges."

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