Tony Leung talk about marriage husband and wife to endure

new movie "ice hunt" release conference held in Beijing, at the press conference, Tony Leung talked about marriage between husband and wife: be patient. Is to highlight the image of a good man!


29, the movie "ice hunt" conference held in Beijing, two starring Tony Leung and Tong Dawei at the back, recalls filming in 40 degrees below zero when is not easy. In addition, as a good example of a good husband entertainment, Tony Leung also share the secret of marriage, said the couple to get along with each other to endure and support.


40 degrees below zero jump glacial lake


movie "ice" produced by Zhang Yibai hunt, youth director Xu Wei wrote and directed, narrated in the minus more than and 40 degrees cold, Zhou Peng (Tony Leung   Wang Hao (Tong Dawei ornaments) and   diggs) two police, deep ice trace the murderers story.

"can receive this movie very lucky, this is a very worthwhile to make any sacrifice of the story." Recall the filming process, Tony Leung jokingly said that although the more than and 40 degrees below zero, but it is very good for the skin, the pores are gone".

Tong Dawei first home rule motorcycle

exposes the childhood dreams of police

in the movie "ice age" in the hunt, Tong Dawei first challenge tough guy roles and there are a lot of action scenes, "my wife was very worried, let me Caution!, for I have prepared a lot of warm baby".

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