What are the open shop sales skills

as a store sales staff, we must learn some sales skills, not only to do a good job to meet the buyer’s preparation, but also know how to communicate with customers. So, open shop what sales skills? The following steps may give you an answer.

first step: buyers active contact online sales staff

open shop what sales skills? Build a harmonious atmosphere with customers by meeting customers and talking with customers. A good beginning will facilitate further communication with customers. Women’s buyers online inquiry, there are several basic desire to buy. The initiative to ask the product is to confirm that the product is not available, for the product of other unclear issues will also gradually involved with the depth of communication. At this point, the requirements for online sales staff is a timely response to the buyer’s inquiry. Polite and warm communication will give buyers a good first impression

second step: ask clothing product details

open shop what sales skills? Although the clothing shop in the description of the product are as detailed as possible, it is inevitable that the buyer does not know the details of the problem. In the process of communicating with online sales, buyers will ask for details. We must pay attention to details, often customers answer will reveal their preference to naturally or half unconsciously on a product, but also raised questions about their interest in the. These questions may be about the price, about the clothing size, on the courier, etc.. These details are also buyers’ concerns, the lifting of these concerns can be better to allow buyers to order.

third step: joint sales

open shop what sales skills? If buyers have a single wish, may be appropriate to recommend other styles or all-match and clothing accessories. The collocation of clothing is the problem of a lot of females, good dress is tie-in. Joint marketing can help buyers solve the problem with the mix, but also conducive to their sales performance.

fourth step: urging buyers order

open shop what sales skills? Only buyers orders, an online transaction clothing process is the end. Let the buyer orders, online sales staff can not be too eager to perform, can not be very indifferent, in their own authority, you can encourage buyers to order, give the other points, or gifts.

fifth step: happy ending trading process

open shop what sales skills? Different with the store, an online clothing sales staff, to communicate with many buyers, so when the order confirm each other, can quickly end communication into the communication process under a buyer in. Thanks to the buyer

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