Public space in Chongqing has become a hot topic of government pushing development

if you are living in the Chongqing area, then you can not create a public space will certainly feel strange, this has become a hot topic in Chongqing. Government departments in order to create a more relaxed entrepreneurial space, is actively promoting the development of public space, then they have taken what measures? See below.

set up incubator

promote the growth of innovative enterprises

"rent a station you can register a micro enterprise, the US business novice, is really good news!" this is from the Yongchuan university student Liu Futao heartfelt emotion. Prior to this, he created a space in the Rongchang district public rental space, and quickly completed the registration of the enterprise, became the first settled in the space of small and micro enterprises.

multi-creation space not only provide a low cost and high output working environment for creating a broad platform, also give them to create a creative exchange, hatching. Chong Chong in the creation of space can exchange each other’s ideas and ideas, different areas, different perspectives can collide more intense spark.

it is understood that the Rongchang public area to create a space for a total construction area of more than 5 thousand square meters, can accommodate more than and 80 enterprises at the same time, try to run for half a month, has spawned 10 Small and micro businesses. Through the integration of online and offline, the use of the Internet thinking, to create a series of services to provide customers, the introduction of investment and other means, and ultimately the project to the market, to accept the test.

Jiangbei District in the preparation of

through upgrading, Jiangbei District has successfully build five industrial design center 1 National incubators, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City micro enterprise incubator network industrial park 10 municipal and district level incubator, cultivate the enterprise 536, providing 5200 jobs, receiving more than 2000 university graduates employment entrepreneurship. At present, the region has established with software information, intellectual economy, medical equipment, R & D and design the City Industrial Park, integrated circuits, logistics, auto parts manufacturing mainly to recommend the fish

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