The first thing to do is to satisfy the employees

every boss for understanding the shop business are different, most bosses think the customer is more important, only need to serve customers well, the business of the shop for natural fire. But if it is a successful business shop, the boss will certainly pay more attention to the staff, only the staff satisfaction, so that the success of the shop.

I opened a hot pot restaurant. But after a month, I have found myself for the Hot pot catering industry, as the new open, the waiter hands and feet are not brisk and the kitchen serving speed is not fast, all sorts of strange things of the guests, always put forward many "create all sorts of obstacles" requirement, even if they are humble and deal with guests, but the guests are still not very satisfactory, constantly accused of problems emerge in an endless stream.

also thought of asking a lobby manager to come back and be responsible for the management of the hot pot restaurant. I just paid for all the problems. But then I thought, now the lobby manager treatment requirements are very generous, pay is not thin, but also put forward a variety of conditions at all times, not satisfied to leave. Even if the use of the lobby manager, can only solve the problem, can not solve the problem of the world, then how should we do?

there is no way to mobilize the enthusiasm of all the staff, we take part in the enthusiasm to do a good job together, so that the customer can also be satisfied, the business will naturally go up. In fact, as a hot pot restaurant, who should be in the first place? Customer? In fact, the staff inside the shop is the first, not their enthusiasm for the service, where customers? They are not satisfied, there is no passion, how satisfied customers?

but how to make employee satisfaction, let them have a passion for work has baffled me. This is really a surprise. My shop is in an ordinary prefecture level city in Sichuan, the vast majority of employees from rural areas. The status of their life in the city, than those who levy migrant workers brothers very much.

some people have done such a metaphor: up earlier than the chicken, sleep later than the dog, eat worse than pigs. They are very clear, the city is a live inn, earn money, rural home is their home. Although the envy of people living in the city, but also want to stay in the city, but this hope, too slim.

this is my heart, I found that I know more than anyone else’s own employees. Quietly, I started to change staff accommodation, a four room, air conditioning, TV work meal configuration; also changed, a dish of a meal, into four dishes and one soup, weekly dinners, bonus and welfare I can keep up with me; do not ask what the outside of the lobby manager who, as long as doing good, can put up as a manager. Only their own staff to understand their own hot pot shop, the outside people do not necessarily have to adapt to the.


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