Mental retardation can also succeed in starting a month to earn tens of thousands of dollars

if you are a commonplace of young people, I believe that seeing the next story, will be moved, can harvest a lot of life philosophy, the hero of the story is three mentally retarded, they do poineering work successfully, Shangcheng District Water Pavilion site, there is one called "wisdom tree" shops, specialty coffee the cake, and plants, looks and ordinary afternoon teas not what difference.

this is a

ordinary and special store

15 square meters of small shops, decoration is very small and fresh. The left hand side is the cashier, on the edge of the refrigerator stocked with tempting cake. The right hand side is the three small round table and a sofa, a plant, biscuit, handmade soap flower put on. Welcome to!" Three young people greeted the guests with a smile. Who is this shop "master": the 23 year old Wang Mengting stood in front of the cashier, the 28 year old Ma Xiaohui in the correct information on the coupon, 30 year old Wang Zhengping was the guest to the cake packaging.

All the little

arranged in good order, also can not imagine, they all graduated from the Yang Lingzi school (school for mentally retarded children). The school has a tea bar, they worked in the face of teachers, students, parents, and this time, but in the face of the community of outsiders, the challenge for them is not small. Here is a platform for employment Shangcheng District Education Bureau, the District Civil Affairs Bureau and the district CDPF built specifically for the special children, and ordinary people to create a communication opportunities for them.

46 year old Liu Yan is the mother of Wang Mengting, with her daughter to work every day. "Wait for this day for 4 years." Liu Yan said. Just 2 months before her daughter graduated from Yang Lingzi, she bought a house on the first floor, want to open a small shop, so that her daughter can do something." Daughter to "only one person, do not" reason to refuse. Later, Liu Yan every day a half day classes, leaving half a day to accompany her daughter to the street, or go to the classmate’s house, "was not forthcoming, now can accompany her, after how to do?"

Wang Zhengping’s mother Zheng sister also have such trouble. My son fell at the age of 4, leading to brain hypoplasia. After graduating from school, his son was exposed to the community, has done security, but only half a year. "When I began to go, he is quite fresh, but a few days later, a work, he had to stay in bed, and sweating, doesn’t want to go. He said he was alone, no fun."

has a "tree of wisdom", parents seem to glow with new vitality. Every morning, the children go to work at 8:30, 5 in the evening after work, but also learned to make coffee. "We follow, does not mean they can not operate independently. Each of them did well, but, after all, is not the same as other people’s children, they recommend compliance

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