How to arrange the work of chain stores

What does

need to do to join the chain store? Followed by the diversification of the development of the catering industry, many entrepreneurs have chosen to set up shop, let us know the following, the franchise chain stores, how should we arrange the work.

The location of

location must pay attention for the system. Join the selection and business content store place of business and potential customers of all walks of life are closely related, have different characteristics and consumption object, according to the location of the market hall seal Department, lots of gold is not the only shop location selection, usually for the franchisee to provide more creative site guidance and training. In the selection of the most appropriate join headquarters under the guidance of the brand shop of this industry is the most important. Some shops in downtown areas, the business is not as good as in some of the relatively remote areas. Such as selling daily necessaries of the store, opened in the residential area of business must be more than opened in the downtown area; and as a stationery store, opened in the golden area also is clearly not ideal in the open cultural district.

publicity is essential to modern warfare in the most advantageous weapons means, but also stores xianshengduoren. The propaganda activity of the shop is a series of activities that the operator set up according to the business policy and cooperate with the business strategy. The contents of the promotional activities include the theme of propaganda, propaganda slogans, the use of media, planning activities, etc., for consumers to induce, in order to shape the image of the new store.

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