Although the idea of children’s professional experience museum is good but difficult to operate for

when we are children, for the future is always full of expectations, will imagine what they will grow up in the home. Perhaps it is because of the children to grasp this mentality, thus opening the children’s professional experience Museum has become a lot of people’s choice. However, such a business idea is very good, but it is difficult to operate for a long time.

"I’m going to be a cop."! This is my own money!" China business reporter in an interview with a children’s professional experience in Beijing Museum, the venue is everywhere to run to the excitement of the children, the professional experience of the game is very attractive to children.

"my daughter wants to be a cake maker, and here is a dream come true!" Ms. Wang with his 8 year old daughter has been trying to experience the game, her daughter is very happy, I also feel more than amusement park to play something more meaningful, during the Spring Festival we have to come."

children’s occupation experience, is simply "professional house game. Children’s professional experience museum to simulate the reality of society, the real life of all walks of life concentrated in a city, with an independent financial, security, legal and other systems. The children in the "city" in the experience when the baker, firefighters, police, nurses, doctors, journalists, photographers, models and other occupation.

is the world’s first children’s occupation experience theme park Kidzania (Qu Zhijia) in Mexico opened in 1999, ten years to become the industry leader in children’s occupation experience, its content and operation mode has been copied, modified. In 2008, China’s first children’s professional experience Park, the capital of Hangzhou, ~2010, in 2009, there are more than DO. Such as Shanghai’s eight week Town, Beijing, such as the world, the joy of Tongzhou, Hunan, Bella, Changsha, the big future, such as the. According to statistics, the current domestic children’s professional experience in the opening of the museum has 20, another 40 are under construction in the upcoming opening.

however, in an interview with this reporter found that although children’s occupation experience has gradually become the industry in China climate, but the overall level of development of the industry is not satisfactory, the vast majority of venues have yet to solve the problem of existence, are at a loss or break even state. The particularity of the Chinese market and the operator’s own problems, so that the child driven consumption of the new business model suffered embarrassment.

income single viscosity less than

is currently one of the earliest opened a number of venues are basically a single profit model the basic situation of escape. Ticket revenue is the main source of income, accounting for more than 80% of total revenue.

children’s professional experience Museum Project on the lot, decoration, equipment requirements are high, the amount of investment is huge

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