Upgrade to the north area of pension services

In July 5th, the reporter learned from the North District Civil Affairs Bureau, North District recently went through a series of measures to carry out a comprehensive upgrading of the old-age service system in the District, the district day care center has achieved full coverage.

it is understood that the northern part of the city’s total population of 300 thousand people, more than 60 years of age accounted for about 12.47% of the total population, the population has entered the aging. Therefore, Chengbei district has established a special working group on the formation of home-based care services, District, street, three community home-based care services network, in the area over the age of 60 were service object registration and archive management. Each community within the jurisdiction of the implementation of the management and operation of 20 thousand yuan of funds, the purchase of special electric motorcycles for the elderly to provide room service, purchasing, maintenance and other on-site services.

At the same time,

also set "Chengbei district north of the city area to carry out community home-based care services pilot implementation plan", relying on the day care center, three bridges, Mao Shengsi bridge, the new community pilot, the establishment of community home care service station, according to the elderly service needs and economic conditions, for more than 70 years of age, life can not take care of themselves in in the city without the children to take care of the subsistence allowances, focus groups, "three", the elderly and disabled elderly to provide free services for free service object, by way of government procurement of services provided by domestic companies, and community service, the monthly service project, the cost borne by the government subsidies directly to the home and community.


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