Summer tourism has become xiangbobo from January to July the tourists and the income growth

days ago, reporters from Xining City Tourism Department, from January to July this year, Xining city received domestic and foreign tourists 6 million 697 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase of 14.3%; the total tourism income of 4 billion 878 million yuan, an increase of 26.6%, achieved a double growth in tourism and income, so that "xiadou Xining has become the domestic and foreign tourists recognized incense bobo.

according to the introduction, from the beginning of the year, Xining city will establish a "big tourism" this propaganda concept, from the publicity area into city marketing; from the promotion of tourism products to promote the city’s political, economic and cultural, around 200 km ring summer tourism circle "rich tourism resources integration, publicity, marketing. The tourism sector according to different periods and different seasons, determine the different promotional content; the organization of the city part of the A-class scenic spots and tourist enterprise personnel to Hefei, Wuhan, Changsha, Guiyang and Chongqing, to carry out tourism promotion, fair and other forms of publicity and promotion activities; in addition, according to the different tourist groups and different consumption demand in the public to carry out the "Qinghai Qinghai Tour" tour of Xining "tourism promotional activities; for Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia tourists to promote our province self driving tour, tourism circle xiadou boutique tourist routes. Enhance the pertinence of tourism publicity, achieved good results. (author: Yang Jian)

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