Xining Spring Festival ushered in a positive consumer market prosperity

Spring Festival approaching, Xining urban and rural residents consumption enthusiasm, consumer goods market boom, new year ushered in a good consumer. According to monitoring, the twelfth lunar month twenty-three to twenty-five, the city’s 12 large and medium-sized enterprises focus on the 3 days of sales 52 million 396 thousand yuan, an increase of 29.6%.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival, the city of 12 large and medium-sized enterprises will seize the opportunity of the Spring Festival market circulation, organizing all kinds of varieties of goods amounted to more than 30 thousand kinds of goods amounted to 12.6 million yuan. At present, the city’s shopping malls range of goods, prices stable, strong demand, passenger traffic increased significantly, showing a booming buying and selling situation. At the same time, the large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets for the traditional Spring Festival festival, have in store decorated, set up special purchases for the Spring Festival Street ", to create a new atmosphere of joy and harmony, and prolong the shopping time, and launched a rich and colorful holiday promotional activities, sales have increased significantly compared to the same period last year.


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