Spring Festival highway free from the beginning of the New Year Zero

The Ministry of transport policy and regulation department, spokesman Liang Xiaoan 14, said, according to the notice of the State Council forwarded the Ministry of transport and other departments on major holidays toll free minibus embodiment, the free passage of time is the Spring Festival in 2014 the national toll road small bus for January 31, 2014 at 0:00, to February 6th 24 at the end of.

Liang Xiaoan is in the 14 State Council Information Office held a spring festival situation briefing said. Spring Festival this year, unlike in the past, new year’s Eve is not a holiday. Therefore, the highway bus free policy will start from the beginning of the new year zero.

he introduced the ordinary road to the vehicle through the toll station toll lanes of the time, the vehicle to the highway exit toll lanes of the time. During the free passage, the Ministry of transport road network center will continue to strengthen the national highway network monitoring and early warning, to coordinate the network operation of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the traffic organization and counseling work.


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