Qinghai released in 2015 the state of the Environment Bulletin of the Yangtze River in Lancang the Y

6 month 3 days, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau to the media outside the province "2015 state of the Environment Bulletin" shows that after years of the implementation of ecological protection project, Sanjiang source of regional environmental air quality is excellent, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River in Qinghai water quality is excellent, the exit section water quality compliance rate of 83.3%, three water is for the east.

Qinghai is known as "Chinese water tower" and "Sanjiang source", which is an extremely important ecological barrier in china. In 2015, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, the province to further implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on ecological protection in Qinghai spirit, adhere to the ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development, the all-round implementation of the new normal under the new environmental protection measures, actively explore and promote the reform of the field of environmental protection, continue to promote pollution prevention and control work key areas of watershed, pay close attention to the weak link to complete the task of pollution reduction, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of environmental supervision and agricultural and pastoral areas of the environment, better completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

Bulletin shows that in 2015, the province’s overall environmental quality remained stable. Sanjiang source of regional environmental air quality, ambient air quality in Qinghai Lake basin, the Qaidam Basin, the eastern city of group of environmental air quality in Xining city as the focus of the excellent rate was 77.6%; the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River in Qinghai water quality is excellent, Heihe, Datong and Golmud river water quality remained well above the bar, the Malone section of upstream water kept in good state controlled sections above, a small Gorge Bridge, and the bridge exit section of people water quality compliance rate was 83.3%; the province’s focus on centralized drinking water source water quality is good; status of environmental quality in the background radiation level; the ecological environment quality of national key ecological function areas remain stable; chemical oxygen demand ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other four major pollutants emissions control in the national plan within the index.

in the assessment of the quality of the regional ecological environment, in 2015, the province 43 counties (for the Committee) ecological environment index ranged from 17.75 to 72.21, there are 33 County ecological environmental quality are "good", the province accounted for 53.48% of the total area. Compared with the previous year, there was no significant change in the county’s ecological environment index.


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