This golden week the provincial capital of thrifty wind blowing

eleven holiday draws to a close. Reporter visited found that during the holiday, eating and drinking less consumption, more public control, more reading charging, CD-ROM action has become hot words…… Thrift concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, is becoming more people’s living habits. The central government advocates "austerity, against waste" is becoming a new trend.

shopping malls catering: frugal CD popular "austerity, against waste, a rice porridge, when thinking not easily won" to waste on the tongue, a CD you and me!"…… During the golden week, reporters in the provincial capital of victory road, West Main Street, Bridge Street, 54 street, North Street, South Gate Street, Sea Lake District food store to see, almost every store hung against the waste of advertising. In the background of advocating austerity, "disc" is not only a popular language, and has become the various restaurants to real action.

we used to undertake the hotel before dinner, many people in order to face a lot of dishes will be a result of serious waste. Today, the hotel is not only to provide free bags, encourage you to pack leftovers, and the introduction of a special meal for working-class consumption." 54 street, a general manager of the provincial capital, said mr..

10 6 at noon, in the provincial capital victory road, a hot pot restaurant, Mr. Zhao is ordering. See Mr. Zhao as a three point of the 10 dishes, the waiter immediately reminded: you point the dish is roughly enough, if not enough, you can eat again, avoid waste." After listening to the waiter’s proposal, Mr. Zhao expressed his identity, and thanked the waiter.

store placed on the dining table, civilized dining, thrifty cherish blessing signs also let mr.. Victory road in another dining club, a door will have a sign one meter high, top write "civilized dining, thrift cherish, and drew a picture to save food, to remind customers of reasonable amount of meal.

according to the person in charge of this shop, civilized dining, not only requires the right amount of customers ordering, reasonable consumption, but also on the catering industry put forward higher requirements. The official said, the store recently adjusted marketing ideas, not only to guide customers to a reasonable order, pay attention to nutrition, not extravagance and waste, but also to provide free packing lunch boxes, and canceled the minimum consumption. At the same time, the shop also increase the staff training, requiring employees to establish conservation awareness, talking to a customer when the use of the term civilization, the "thrift, civilized dining as a corporate culture, insist for a long time.

simple packaging is also decent in the promotion of fresh wind of the past, carefully decorated gift boxes, gift baskets have taken off the thick coat, turned simple pie of small fresh".

10 5, the provincial capital of the West Main Street, a supermarket, golden week promotional activities are in full swing. Red wine counter, a salesman said that the current unit to buy a lot less wine, mainly personal consumption, the vast majority of people choose to use paper bags, cheap wine.

in the provincial capital 71 Road, North Street and other places a few tea monopoly;

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