The first batch of medical assistance grants allocated

3 month 16 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to support throughout the full implementation of medical assistance policy, effective protection of the urban and rural poor people to see a doctor, in March 3rd, our province allocated in 2016 the first batch of medical relief subsidies 100 million yuan.

it is understood that in 2015, our province issued a "further notice" to improve the sound of the medical assistance system, to further expand Medicaid coverage, improve the medical relief standards, and in the province established a comprehensive system of major diseases Medical aid. Improve the health care system, and further weave dense weave the basic livelihood security network, reducing the burden of medical treatment for the masses to see a doctor. Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance requires all localities in strict accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of urban and rural medical assistance to do a good job of medical assistance, to ensure timely assistance to medical assistance objects. At the same time, all localities should strictly implement the Qinghai urban and rural medical assistance fund management approach, according to the provisions of the implementation of local matching funds, increase policy training and advocacy efforts to ensure the full implementation of medical assistance policy.


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