Xining Province one hour tour around the six major tourist holiday holiday town

high-speed road through, about an hour to arrive. In the fast traffic boost, clear Guide, the ancient city of Huangyuan, Huangzhong red culture, Haiyan, colorful landscape chase, mutual aid, our province Xining city ring popularity one hour tourism circle of the "big six" county tourism surge "tourism market eleven" Golden Week show hot weather.

according to the Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics, "6 eleven days before the holiday, Guide tourists 40000 people, tourism income of 10 million yuan. Through the tunnel to solve the problem of restricting the development of tourism in Guide bottleneck, from Xining to Guide two hours to shorten the distance to one hour, and a significant increase in road safety factor. In Guide, the Yellow River water rippling autumn scintillating, rich and colorful picking sightseeing activities attracted tourists participation.

is located in the north shore of the Qinghai Lake in Haiyan County, and the Xining high-speed distance is about an hour. Here is the famous city of gold during the golden week to attract a large number of tourists after another, six days of nearly ten million tourists, tourism revenue of $about six hundred thousand. Go to the Qinghai Lake in the necessary land, has a "small Beijing" reputation of Huangyuan County, from Xining to about 40 minutes, the location advantage has greatly boosted the county during the golden week holiday tourism, with the "tea horse are called" the charm of the ancient city of Huangyuan Dan Junggar, tourists increased significantly over the previous year.

from Xining to Huang and two mutual aid County high-speed journey shorter, only about thirty or forty minutes. The colorful culture of Tu nationality and the profound religious culture and art of Huangzhong are very attractive. Six days before the golden week, is located in Kumbum Monastery, Huangzhong 5A scenic tourists nearly sixty thousand people. Mutual aid native land park nearly thirty thousand tourists, tourism revenue of nearly $seven million.

north from Xining high-speed road about forty minutes, you can reach the dense forest, fresh air tour, Datong County, two famous scenic spots and classic mountain kite ditch. During the golden week, the two scenic spots of greenery is still strong, become a good place for urban and rural residents of our province leisure holiday, hiking, close to nature, green mountains and rivers of prosperous holiday tour.


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