Xining City Public Security Bureau said to the real thing than to solve the car care

  even the day, continuous newspaper reports on the "car", caused the people especially the drivers and owners of sympathy, they have to call our hotline, on the one hand to tell his once encountered "car care" story, on the other hand, the relevant departments are very concerned about the specific measures for the next step – "car care and our car care can be completely ills remediation problems? In December 22nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau personnel position: they will be the real thing, "Henzhao, an antidote against the disease", from the "root", the people hated "car care" to solve the problem.

it is understood that in December 19th, the "car" popular "equal to anything news editions, immediately attracted great attention of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, and held an emergency meeting on the afternoon of the same day, decided by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, political department, legal department of the Commission and other departments to set up a leading group for rectification, and ordered the rectification leading group stationed vehicle for rectification. According to the person in charge of the rectification leading group, the next step will be to further understand the situation on the basis of investigation and research to develop a practical, feasible and effective corrective measures. Through the rectification, will not be conducive to the vehicle image, disharmonious factors that influence our social economic development and social stability are excluded, the vehicle becomes popular and the public opinion, one for the tangible things of the window units, show a good image of the public security department.

December 22nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau rectification leading group and the city traffic police detachment vehicle using two day outage time, the organization of the police, the police, the newspaper reports as "learning materials", and launched a comprehensive ideological style, work style of self correction.

newspaper will continue to focus on this. Hotline: 3892887.


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