Huangyuan government platform to ease the difficulties of small and micro enterprise security


problem for small and micro enterprises financing difficulties, difficult to guarantee, lack of liquidity, the government guarantee — county of small and medium sized enterprises credit Company Limited by Guarantee actively coordinate financial institutions to increase credit platform to build Huangyuan County, since 2009, the county has the initiative for the security and financing needs, and the good growth of small and micro enterprises to solve the financing difficulty and difficult to guarantee.

in recent years, Huangyuan attaches great importance to the development of small and micro enterprises in the expansion of employment, promote social and economic development and other aspects of the important role of increasing support. Provide a $265 million loan guarantee, the county SME Credit Guarantee Corporation four years accumulated 166 companies which provide 67 million 800 thousand yuan guarantee this year for 47 enterprises, and the implementation of the "zero default", greatly enhancing the enterprise and government credit.

as one of the many benefits from the government guarantee platform for small and micro enterprises, Tianyuan dairy factory from the original 50 square meters of small workshop to now more than milk source base production base of 40 acres of scale. Thanks to the government’s guarantee, I got 4 million yuan loan, so that the cold storage and integrated management of enterprises in order to start construction." This business owner Zhang Haiping told reporters.

to further improve the financing environment for small and micro enterprises in Huangyuan County, to meet the financing needs of enterprises, Huangyuan in July this year, with the Construction Bank to build a support loan business platform. "Loan" refers to the base to provide certain guarantees in the enterprise, the enterprise to pay a certain percentage of premium and government funding risk compensation together as a means to increase trust, construction bank to Small and micro businesses, government premium pool management institutions and Construction Bank Co decided to help pay insurance premiums for "the new credit business loan" service quality Small and micro businesses in the group enterprise loans. Help protect the loan to expand the amount of business loans can be reduced financing costs, help to better meet the financing needs of small and micro enterprises, to support its comprehensive and sustainable development.

at present, expert group has completed the 25 small and micro enterprises review, Huangyuan county to help protect Credit Management Office of the 25 companies in the information provided to the Huangyuan branch of China Construction Bank, the bank is on, then the loan intention of independent decision-making. (author: Pan Ling Dong Jinji)

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