Municipal government held the city’s industrial and information work conference

March 2, 2012, the city government held a meeting of the city’s industrial and information technology, summed up the work of the industry and information technology in 2011, the deployment of key tasks in 2012

2012 March 2nd, the city government held a meeting of the city’s industrial and information technology, summed up the work of industrial and information technology in 2011 to carry out the deployment of key tasks in 2012. The meeting pointed out that in 2011, the city’s industrial economy has maintained a good momentum of growth steadily, substantial increase efficiency, comprehensive exceeding the expected goals, laid a solid foundation for the city’s economic development, made outstanding contributions to the smooth realization of the goal of "11th Five-Year".

meeting, vice mayor Xu Guocheng and the county signed the 2012 target responsibility book. And pointed out that the county departments should earnestly implement the plenary meeting of the central economic work conference, the province’s industrial and information work conference and the thirteen session of the two municipal Party committee, municipal government, to maintain growth, accelerate structural adjustment, promote development mode change, a full year of work.

meeting the requirements of the county departments to deeply analyze the uncertain factors in industrial development, firmly grasp the initiative in work, take effective measures to change pressure into motive force, and turning challenges into opportunities, truly steady, good in quickly. Two should pay close attention to the project investment and construction, strengthen the industrial development support, take active measures to accelerate the development of new energy, new materials, bio pharmaceutical three strategic emerging industries, enrich and improve the industrial system, create new advantages of Xining industrial economy. Three to fully support the development zone and the development of various industrial parks, to help coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the construction of the project, give full play to the park window, radiation, aggregation, driven role. Four to focus on the economic operation monitoring of major projects, small and micro enterprise development work, conscientiously carry out the investigation and study, and effectively solve the practical difficulties of enterprises in technology, capital, talent, support the development of enterprises growth. To actively promote the development of circular economy, strengthen industrial energy conservation work, in accordance with the "reduction, reuse and recycle" principle, accelerate the comprehensive development and the efficient allocation of resources and recycling resources to change the single development to achieve comprehensive development.




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