North facility agriculture with villagers rushed off

Even in winter, Jin Jia Wan Village Baoziwan town north of the greenhouse area, green vegetables, red tomatoes arouses envious, in a life. So far this year, the north of the city built a total of 1028 solar greenhouse, vegetable planting area of up to 10 thousand acres, production of up to 22 thousand tons, vegetable production has begun to take shape.

see these gratifying vegetables in the Bao Zi Zhen Jin Jia Wan Cun in the greenhouse, the villagers Zhang Yi smiled and told reporters that this year he contracted 10 greenhouses, which kind of vegetables are six or seven varieties, the largest output is the carrot and cabbage. This year he also contracted two strawberry greenhouses, each greenhouse a year down to a net profit of 50 thousand yuan.

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