Evening news reports triggered a big search

– two children in the rescue of ice water to find the child was found to be rescued by the inspection confirmed that there is no serious * there is a man who was not found at the age of more than and 30

January 2 Japanese newspaper published "the public into a" water saving the drowning child caused great concern in the community, the newspaper hotline almost by readers. According to the information of enthusiastic readers, in January 2nd, two people save lives drowning was found in young children, they are 46 year old retired military officer Li Guodong and 56 year old retired railroad worker Sun Ping, as well as a more than and 30 year old male rescuer although not found, but his deeds also deeply touched everyone.

children fall Lake rescue both trapped

in January 2nd 9, there are many enthusiastic readers call for the case of the incident, but did not know the specific information of the rescuer, at about 11, enthusiastic readers call Ms. Wei finally provides effective clues for the good. According to Ms. Wei’s clues, the author and one rescuer Li Guodong contact, that he is a director of the Political Department of the Xining branch of Armed Police Command College, demobilized in 2011, is still in the stage of career.

12 am, according to the agreement with the author and Li Guodong, he came to the lake on the day before the incident, about the whole process of saving. "At that time, my wife told me that a child fell into the lake, I went to the place with my friend Sun Ping." Li Guodong recalled that when they went to the scene, found that the lake has a child and an adult struggling, two people hand beat the water. In the lake, the man should be the first to save people, may be bad water itself is also in trouble."

critical moment two people jumped into the cold lake

emergency, can not tolerate two people think, Li Guodong and Sun Ping jumped into the lake to rescue. "We pushed the man first, and then we swam and picked up the baby." Li Guodong said his height is 175 cm, but plunged into the lake after lake went over his head, the water depth of the site about 2 meters, because the child wearing a thick down jacket did not sink, and the child’s grandmother anxious almost jumped into the lake to save grandson. After four or five minutes of effort, the shore of the public will be pushed to a boat in front of them, to help Li Guodong and Sun Ping have fallen Lake children and adults rescued.

the most meaningful day in 46 years

"this is not what a man who was on the shore and pulled the boat touched me." Thankfully, love a dozens of people in the rescue did not cause any casualties, well intentioned people Li Guodong and Sun Ping in successfully rescued a drowning child and rescue after being friends promptly sent home, two people are now even cold symptoms are not. "This is the most memorable and meaningful day I’ve had in 46 years." Li Guodong said that after the encounter such a thing, he will not hesitate to save.

an enthusiastic citizen into the hotline told the author, was rescued;

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