Jiefang Road community to establish a public school to improve the quality of residents

to continuously improve the overall quality of the residents, community residents to create a learning base, create a civilized community, build a harmonious community, the relevant departments in the city zone of Xining city’s support and help, the morning of July 28th, the city of Xining City District comity Street office Jiefang Road community schools classes.

recently, a number of streets in the community of Jiefang Road everywhere can be seen in the virtues of perseverance, focusing on the action of civilization, living community, create civilization……" Such propaganda slogans. Xu Xianqin, director of the Jiefang Road community, told reporters that these cultural positions have become an effective carrier to improve civic civilization and ethics, the establishment of public schools, is to improve the quality of residents help. In the public schools to start the ceremony, comity Street Party Working Committee Han Yong said that the community public school is a good form to accept civilization quality education of Ideological and moral education, the majority of residents, is conducive to the formation of advocating civilization, promote healthy society, conducive to the realization of the goal of create a civilized city.


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