The nineteenth National Putonghua promotion week closing East City Guide

9 14, the nineteenth session of the National Putonghua promotion week closing ceremony in Ledu sea area of East city held, deputy head of deputy minister of the Ministry of education, the National Language Committee, director of the national tuipuzhou leading group Du Zhanyuan, vice governor Kuang Chung attended and spoke.

approved by the State Council, since 1998, the third week of September each year is the promotion of Mandarin awareness week, when the country launched a series of promotional activities. The tuipuzhou theme of "promoting and regulating the use of the national common language, help build a well-off society". Programme of activities of the provincial language developed practical, to more than 2 promotional posters around the issue, and organize the Haidong city two city language evaluation and acceptance. Organized around the Mandarin language standardization lectures, lectures, written language units of self-examination, popularizing into the community, "the classic reading writing and calligraphy competition, Mandarin speech contests, social workers and other rich and colorful activities of Putonghua test.

Du Zhanyuan stressed that this year, the State Council issued "on the promotion of Putonghua instructions," the 60 anniversary, but also the national common language act, the implementation of the 15 anniversary. Just issued the "national language" 13th Five-Year "career development plan", "the popularization of the national common language to write the plan as the primary goal and key tasks. "13th Five-Year" period, we should vigorously carry out the national common language popularization tackling the job vigorously promote national rural areas and ethnic minority areas of Mandarin language enhance penetration.


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