Smooth traffic projects affect the city’s public participation in the government have made suggestio

October 20th, the newspaper A01 version, A02 version and the A07 version of the great length of the city traffic bureau issued a smooth traffic engineering advice program, resulting in strong repercussions in the reader. In recent days, the relevant transport experts, the majority of traffic participants and the public have made suggestions to the municipal government.

smooth traffic project is to further improve the city road traffic environment, promoting economic and social development, an important project to solve the people walking traffic travel problems, its development and implementation and the life of every citizen are closely related. Citizen Li Mingjing read newspaper reports, write to the smooth traffic project a more than 1 thousand word of advice, he wrote: "in the" Xining Evening News "see" Xining intends to build the city ring road network public suggestions please "one article, feel very happy, as a member of the Xining general, the future of Xining the traffic was very pleased to see the blueprint." Mr. Wang is an old driver, according to his own driving experience also wrote three smooth traffic engineering proposal. At the same time, dozens of people by telephone to express their views on the city’s traffic engineering.

According to

reporter public call letters, sorting out their advice has five main points: one is to increase the intensity of the parking lot built convenient parking, strengthen the management of the parking lot, the parking lot was originally built without the use of the parking lot to try to sort out. The two is to adjust the layout and current Xining public transport layout, Xining bus stations too close too short, the bus on the way to increase the number of stops, and the current Xining road width, road leading to different degrees of congestion. The three is through detailed research and scientific planning, build a footbridge or channel across the street at the traffic flow intensive, avoid the phenomenon of car cut. Four is to increase traffic management and advocacy, scientific traffic signal lights, traffic signs and markings, to create a safe and smooth, civilized and orderly traffic environment. Five is the scientific planning, scientific management, the implementation of the program after the full demonstration. It is understood that the city government in the implementation of smooth traffic engineering, will fully adopt the reasonable suggestions and comments made by the public.


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