Provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China railway infrastructure PPP

8 5, governor Hao Peng met with the president of China Railway Group Limited Zhang Zongyan, and attended the provincial government signed with the China Railway Group Limited PPP infrastructure project strategic cooperation agreement ceremony.

meeting, Hao Peng welcomed Zhang Zongyan line to green, to China iron long time for the development of Qinghai strong support, especially thanks to the important contribution of Qinghai Tibet railway, the second Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway and other major construction projects, Gd Tseng and Yushu in post disaster reconstruction. He said, as a large central enterprises, Chinese iron strength, advanced technology, a galaxy of talents, for many years to participate in the construction of a large number of landmark boutique projects, played a very important role in the overall development of national construction. In recent years, the sustained and healthy economic and social development in Qinghai, thanks to the central government attaches great importance to the work of Qinghai, thanks to the central enterprises, including China Railway, including the strong support of Qinghai. Hao Peng said, "13th Five-Year" Qinghai is the critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, we will set out actually from Qinghai, continue to expand effective investment, stabilize the economy stable and healthy development of the bottom line, to further promote the supply side to create favorable conditions for structural reform. "13th Five-Year" period, our province will be based on the foundation, make a short board, increase stamina, long-term benefit, the basic form of transportation structure integrated with reasonable layout, complementary advantages, smooth outside pass within a company, sincerely welcome China to increase investment in Qinghai, to promote the two sides to carry out more in-depth cooperation in railway, highway, city traffic.

Zhang Zongyan thanked the Qinghai provincial government on the long-term support of China Railway company. He said that China Railway cooperation with Qinghai has a long history, has a good foundation. For "13th Five-Year", planning Qinghai West into the Xining railway, rail transportation, city underground pipe gallery, sponge city a large number of major projects, very exciting. At present, as the State encourages the promotion of PPP construction model in the field of infrastructure and public services, which provides a broad space and new opportunities for cooperation between the two sides, China Railway Company is willing to increase in Qinghai’s investment and construction efforts, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, efforts to contribute to the development of Qinghai’s poverty alleviation and minority areas.

Provincial Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin on behalf of the provincial government and China Railway vice president Zhou Mengbo signed a strategic cooperation agreement infrastructure PPP project. According to the agreement, the two sides will through a combination of methods of government and market operation is the key to carry out cooperation, building PPP mode of investment in rail transportation, highway, city infrastructure, pipe gallery, water conservancy and environmental protection, land consolidation, low-income housing, city development and other fields, the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Han Jianhua met and attended the signing ceremony.


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