Mayor Wang Yubo investigation of environmental protection work in Xining

9 18 am, Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo investigation of the city’s environmental protection work, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Yongjun and relevant departments responsible comrades accompanied by research. Mayor Wang Yubo and his entourage inspected the Qinghai Province motor vehicle safety monitoring center, Chengbei District Yan Village contiguous rural environment comprehensive improvement project, city environmental monitoring station monitoring center laboratory and pollution source, and listened to the work report of the municipal environmental protection bureau.

mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that in recent years, the city’s air quality improved significantly, excellent days continue to increase, water pollution has been effectively controlled, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the implementation of emission reduction responsibility to create the environmental protection model city has done a lot of work, especially in the implementation of the Huangshui River outfall remediation, Xining historical legacy, "two waste chromium slag disposal" the center construction project, the comprehensive improvement of rural environment demonstration projects, clear thinking, strengthen the ability to monitor environmental monitoring and other aspects of the work earnest, to pay a lot of hard work, and achieved remarkable results.

Wang Yubo stressed that the city’s environmental protection work should adhere to the "three strict": is a serious. the city units, enterprises and individuals should attach great importance to the protection of the environment, a basic national policy. two is strictly controlled. should conscientiously implement environmental laws and regulations, do a good job planning environment and the implementation of environmental access system, from the source to reduce pollution and prevent environmental incidents. three is a strict penalties. environmental protection departments should further strengthen the regulatory responsibilities, according to the law to increase penalties for environmental violations, to protect the people’s environmental rights and interests.

mayor Wang Yubo requirements, the city environmental protection departments should conscientiously perform their duties, continue to increase the pressure to further enhance the city’s environmental quality. to strengthen the work of measures to seriously implement the total pollution control and emission reduction tasks. To seriously in accordance with this year’s emission reduction plan, to promote pollution reduction, to ensure the full completion of the task this year, emission reduction targets. two to strict environmental access, promote the transformation of the mode of development and economic restructuring. As an important starting point of economic restructuring, environmental protection should play a more active and effective role in promoting the transformation of development mode. three to intensify efforts to promote the index model to meet the requirements. The model parameters to the crucial nonattainment, continue to consolidate the indicators has been reached, hundred-percent to complete the "year" goal. four to improve the monitoring mechanism, increase the supervision of environmental violations. For all kinds of environmental violations, to actively and effectively carry out environmental law enforcement actions, especially for illegal sewage companies, to conscientiously do a good job of water, gas, sound, slag, and emissions control standards. , positive for environmental protection projects, to further improve the city’s environmental infrastructure construction, efforts to improve environmental protection capability.


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