600 flower boxes as the United States Xining city streets

in the bus bays arranged beside the flower box, as part of the street covers "with" simulation on the lawn, in drip irrigation, the introduction of the unique crest installation field as a street tree species planted…… In May 6th, walking in the West Street, spruce tucui, Prunus cistena leaves charming, morning glory this year from the western green building a riot of colours, pay attention to important points, high starting point planning, and attention to detail, to highlight the details of "Western charm" characteristics and cultural connotations.

in recent years, Xining city streets greening construction gradually to responsible by the District, the competent forestry authorities, mainly for industry guidance on the county afforestation work, usually carry out regular inspection of the county, the monthly assessment. Xining districts and counties have come up with their own ideas, green and beautify our home round. The west area is committed to creating the charm of the area surrounded by the riotous with colour, in the area of public construction site 600 or long or short flower boxes, flower box, red purple, yellow flowers bloom; walk in victory road, the Yellow River road and other streets, people will find all the covers and these streets are different, they "put" the simulation on the lawn; in order to solve the problem of a single species comparison of Xining city streets in the area from the field to introduce a safflower green virginiana, full of small white flowers of Prunus maackii and high Ulmus ball; the intersection of triangle landscape five fork lift transformation is also being implemented in this area is committed to creating a color a rich, simple atmosphere plant street park.

This year,

west streets are still placed 16 varieties, 600 thousand flower pots, 310 thousand clove planting pier. After many years of green building, West Road, 54 street, Xinning road victory, Haiyan Road, the Yellow River road and other streets into the street, the street flower and flowering shrubs, colored leaf trees silhouetted against each other.


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